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MY compnay is on a private estate but allows the public to use the route through as a shortcut for £150 pe annum; most passes are bought by parents to get to the private school on the eastern side of the estate. No-one is allowed to tailgate through the barriers at either end , they must use their access fob and we, as employees are expected to challenge people who try to tailgate behind us without using their fob.
I stopped once through our barrier because a soccer mom was tailgating me. SHe shot past the fob sensor and braked.I went to her car and told her she wasn’t allowed to tailgate.She showed me her fob so I said that just this once I’d let her though. I went back to my car and got in when a car horn beeped loudly behind me. I got out and returned to her car thinking she wanted some attention. She shouted at me to “just get out of the way”. I politely explained to her it was part of my job and she shouted at me to just move my car. Smiling I returned to my car but she then demanded I come back. She demanded my name shouting that she was going to make a complaint about me. I gladly showed her my ID and spelled my name out for her. “Right” she screeched ” i’m going to report you!”. I said that was fine and not to worry if she couldn’t remeber our conversation exactly as it would all have been recorded on the close circuit camera facing us and only 9 ft away. Her face was a picture ( I want it on a mouse mat)…..she gabbled then screamed at me that she’d doen nothing to be ashamed of. I turned , smiled at the camera , gave a thumbs up and said to the camera ” did ya get all that”. I got in my car and two days later the company suspended her access fob and banned her from having another .

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Karma Comes In Vicious Cycles

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My partner is an HGV — heavy goods vehicle — driver and his current job involves driving around the city emptying the big commercial rubbish bins that shops and the like often have at the back of their stores, so the vehicle he drives is like an oversized bin lorry.

A few weeks ago, he came home from work early, a little shaken. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me that he had had an “incident” with a cyclist. Immediately concerned that he had killed or injured someone, I made him tell me the whole story.

He was stopped at a red light on a busy crossroads in the city. The light turned green and he started to move forward, intending to go straight across. As he began to move, a cyclist shot out of the junction to his right — on a red light, illegal in the UK — and immediately turned right, up the same road my partner was headed. My partner slammed on his brakes and somehow managed not to hit the cyclist; I’m sure you can appreciate that it’s not easy to stop a large vehicle, filled to the brim in the back with waste. Naturally, he blew his horn to let the cyclist know what an idiot he’d been.

Anyway, he moved off again and headed up the road the cyclist had gone up. He saw another car ahead of him, indicating that it was going to take a side road to the left. The cyclist was rapidly catching up to the other car. As the car was preparing to turn, a second car arrived at the end of the side road and, as these side roads are pretty narrow, car #1 had to stop in order to let car #2 out first to make room.

The cyclist at this point noticed my partner approaching from behind and turned around to make an obscene gesture at him. In doing so, the cyclist failed to notice that car #1 had stopped and bam! He smacked into the rear end of the car and flew right over the top of it, landing ungraciously on its bonnet!

My partner obviously stopped, and the cyclist was fine bar a few bruises, but it still shook him as it could’ve been so much worse. He did eventually find the instant karma a little amusing, though!

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No Need To Be Patient When They’re Not A Patient

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(I’m sitting on a bench waiting for someone to come out of the clinic, watching the fountain, but it happens to be right near the turnabout for patient dropoff and pickup. The area is covered in signs — and always has been as far as I know — that say, “No parking, pickup/dropoff only.” I witness this exchange. A woman drives her car up into the no-parking area, turns it off, gets out, and starts to walk into the clinic.)

Hospital Employee: “Ma’am, this is for patient dropoff and pickup only; you cannot park here.”

Woman: “I just need to run into the pharmacy real quick. I won’t be a minute.”

Hospital Employee: “Then you need to move; there is parking nearby and this area is for patient dropoff and pickup only.”

Woman: *looks around* “I don’t see where it’s posted, ‘no parking.’”

Hospital Employee: *points to three signs, then to red-painted “NO PARKING” on the cement* “It is clearly marked in all four of these places, and on the sign as you come into this area. Please get into your car and move it.”

Woman: “I’m not moving my car. I will be back in a minute.”

Hospital Employee: *picks up a radio, speaks into it* “I need a tow vehicle at the fountain, please.”

(The woman starts screaming and yelling with a bunch of profanity and accusing the employee of trying to scam her, take her car, etc. This takes several minutes. What she doesn’t realize is that while she’s yelling at the employee, a sheriff deputy has walked up behind her and observed the situation.)

Deputy: *taps the woman on the shoulder* “Excuse me, ma’am.”

Woman: “What do you want?” *turns around and her expression changes when she sees its a deputy*

Deputy: “You have two choices: move your car, or I will issue you a ticket for parking in a no-parking zone. The fine for parking here is $85.”

Woman: “FINE! I’m never coming back into this hospital again!”

(She got into her car and drove off. A few minutes later, I saw her walking from the parking garage into the hospital, and then a few more minutes later, back out with a bag from the pharmacy and some type of frozen drink.)

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Stupidity In Reverse

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(I am working as a manager at a pizza store late at night, with just the delivery driver and myself working. The driver is out on delivery so I am on my own. I have a few orders to be picked up and I am walking out back when I see there is a car in the drive-thru.)

Customer: “Seriously, I have been waiting for ages; what took you so long?!”

Me: “Oh, my goodness! Sir, I didn’t know you were there! I didn’t hear the alarm go off.”

Customer: “Oh, I reversed in.”

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A Nail-Biting Conclusion

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(As I’m sitting bored at an intersection with a long red light, a police officer appears and knocks on my driver’s side window. I jump and roll down my window.)

Officer: “Ma’am, you can’t be texting and driving.”

(He’s pulling out his ticket book but faltering as there’s nothing in my hands and, as he obviously startled me, there was no way I could have hidden my phone without him seeing.)

Officer: “What were you doing?”

Me: “Nothing. I wasn’t doing anything.”

Officer: “Where’s your phone?”

Me: “I don’t know. I think it’s in my purse behind my seat.”

(The light’s green but I can’t go and the cars behind me are trapped because of the parked cars beside me.)

Officer: “What were you doing?”

Me: “I wasn’t doing anything.”

Officer: “What were you looking at?”

Me: *pauses to think* “My nails. I bite my nails.”

(Seems I was looking down at my fingers, absently deciding which one to munch on, and it looked like I was texting. The officer stood there for a moment or two, trying to figure out how to give me a ticket for biting my nails, but then disappeared back into his hiding spot. The light was red again and I had to sit there and wait for another cycle.)

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