Getting White Privileged Information

| San Jose, CA, USA | Bigotry

(One of my cashiers, a Jewish man, is helping me ring up a customer and get her on the road with her car. She’s a regular and known to have a difficult personality, to put it mildly, but she likes me. She’s white, and I’m an Asian woman. We’re in the California Bay Area – a fairly diverse and extremely liberal pocket. My cashier notices her address is in a town that’s over an hour from our dealership.)

Cashier: “That’s a great place to live! I used to live in [Town nearby].”

Customer: “Oh, nice! So you know your way around.”

Cashier: “I do. You come pretty far, don’t you? Isn’t there another dealership in [City adjacent to her town]?”

Customer: “Yeah, but they don’t have [My Name]. I love her! She’s why I keep coming here. I’ve tried three other dealerships but they don’t have anyone like her. I just wish you were closer to me.”

Cashier: “[My Name], have you ever been to [Town]? I think you’d like it.”

Customer: “Oh, yeah! It’s great; you would love it! It’s so nice. It’s all white people; there’s really no—”

(She suddenly realizes who she’s talking to and clams up, going a little green. My cashier, much more gracious than me, continues the conversation as though she hadn’t just wedged her foot in her mouth while ushering her out the door. The moment she’s out of earshot.)

Me: “WOW.”


Your Patience Needs A Lot Of Mileage

| MA, USA | Extra Stupid

(A customer comes in during the morning rush in the service department. We get a lot of questions from customers that don’t understand that the maintenance interval is EITHER determined by time OR mileage, whichever comes first.)

Customer: “I just bought my car, and someone called me telling me I needed service. I don’t need service now!”

Coworker: “Okay, if you’re not at the service mileage, we recommend that you have service done every five months anyway so you don’t miss your free services.”

Customer: “I don’t care. I just want you people to stop calling me! It disturbs my husband. He has Alzheimer’s, and he can’t tell when to come in for service, Please don’t call me anymore!”

Coworker: “I can add you to the do not call list.”

Customer: “Please.”

Coworker: *processes change to customer’s contact preference* “Okay, you’re all set.”

Customer: “So, how do I know when to come for service? Will you call me and remind me when I get to the mileage?”

Me & Manager: *cringe*

This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 57

| GA, USA | Extra Stupid, Money

(I am an Internet sales consultant in an automotive dealership. Someone expresses interest in one of our used vehicles online, so I call them to follow up. Here is how the conversation goes.)

Me: “Hello, I’m looking for [Customer]?”

Customer: “Yes, this is [Customer].”

Me: “Hey, [Customer], this is [My Name] at [Car Dealership]. I saw you were interested in our 2007 [Make & Model] and I wanted to see how I can help!”

Customer: “Oh, great, yeah. I really, really, like that car. Um… I wanted to know what the qualifications were in order to get it?”

Me: “So you’re interested in financing?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay! We generally just start by having you fill out our credit application. We’re not a ‘buy here, pay here’ place, so we do finance through real banks… Have you ever financed a vehicle before?”

Customer: “No, this will be my first time.”

Me: “Do you have any other lines of credit open?”

Customer: “Uhhh… yeah, uh, I got an old cell phone bill that is now with a place called the uh… credit bureau.”

Me: “Oh, so like a collection account.”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah yes that.”

(I emailed him a credit application and I’m waiting to see just how bad it is.)


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Has A License To Be An Idiot

| San Jose, CA, USA | Criminal & Illegal, Transportation

(I work in the service department of a car dealership. We are sometimes able to provide loaner vehicles to customers if the repairs needed on their vehicle fulfill certain requirements. If a customer uses a loaner vehicle they complete a contract similar to if they rent a car which requires us to see their driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a credit card. A customer has been told they qualify for a loaner vehicle needed after their vehicle was towed in for repairs and diagnosed. She barges in, looking grumpy.)

Customer: “I’m [Customer]; I’m here to pick up a loaner car.”

Receptionist: “No problem! We were expecting you so your advisor has already pulled up the vehicle; we’ll be able to get you on the road soon.”

Customer: *impatiently* “GOOD! I’m in a hurry. It is SO inconvenient that I had to come ALL the way here to pick up a car. I have things to do, you know!”

Receptionist: “We definitely understand; it’s tough when your car breaks down. We’re glad we can get you this loaner so at least you can get around again while your car is being fixed. I just need to see your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a credit card so we can do your paperwork.”

Customer: “WHAT?! What do you mean you need to see that stuff?”

Receptionist: “…Are your documents in your car? We can have one of our porters get whatever is needed out of your vehicle.”

Customer: “NO! I didn’t bring any of those things because NOBODY TOLD ME I would need them! SOMEBODY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME! THIS IS TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL!”

(One of my coworkers finishes with his customer and is tired of hearing her berate our receptionist, who has done nothing wrong. He approaches the desk.)

Coworker: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I couldn’t help but overhearing. It sounds like you were here to pick up our loaner vehicle but you don’t have your driver’s license or insurance information?”


Coworker: “Was someone else going to drive the loaner car?”


Coworker: “Ma’am… I’m pretty sure the State of California told you to bring your license and insurance with you EVERY time you plan to drive a car.”

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Relatively Stupid

| Perth, WA, Australia | Liars & Scammers

Caller: “Hello, I was hoping to speak to [Boss]?”

Me: “Oh, he’s actually gone home for the day! Would you like me to take a message for him?”

Caller: “No. I’m a relative and it’s incredibly important I speak to him.”

Me: “Well, if you’re family, would you like me to put you through to [Boss’s son]?”

Caller: “Who?”

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