Surprised That Minimum Wage Doesn’t Garner Minimum Effort

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(I am on a ladder putting up candy when I see two girls eating from the bulk bin below me. I warn them not to eat candy and direct them to where the bags are. I get called away by my manager and when I look back I see the girls eating candy from their bags.)

Me: “Guys, I already warned you once.”

Girl #1: “Okay, we’re f****** paying already.”

Me: “Let me help you at the front, then.”

(The unofficial rule at our store is if a customer is eating candy while in line, we add to their total weight to make them pay for it.)

Me: “I guess I’ll just add two for the candy you already ate. Do you have a [Store Card] for a discount?”

(They do and their candy comes up to $3.87 but they are upset that I added two grams. They demand to speak to my manager so I send a coworker to get her.)

Me: “Can you move over so I can help the rest of the line?”

Girl #1: “No.”

(However, my manager is, apparently, taking too long so they go to her. I finish with the line as they speak to my manager. I don’t know what they said but my manager brings them back to the front to call her supervisor. I don’t talk to the girls because I don’t want to make them angrier but they just rile themselves up anyway.)

Girl #2: “I’m going to rip your f****** limbs off, you minimum wage b****. I don’t know why you care so much for $11.25.”

(This isn’t what we make by the way. It is clear she’s never worked a minimum-wage job in her life.)

Me: “I’m going to get security. You cannot threaten me like that.”

(I get security but they just stand around and watch. My supervisor is unavailable so the girls take down my badge number and name and leave. After, I speak to the DM about what happened and he promises to back me up if the girls make a complaint.)

Coworker: “See, this is why I just let them steal!”

Me: “But if you just let them steal they’ll walk all over you!”

Coworker: “Eh, whatever. It’s not worth minimum wage.”

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Too Late For Your Sweets Request

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(This is from when I worked at a chocolate shop. Our busiest holiday is Easter; we stay open extra hours every year to sell hundreds of chocolate eggs and bunnies. The shop is in a mall, and mall hours on Saturdays are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. There are restaurants, bars, and a few shops that stay open later, but most shops close at 6:00 pm. On the Saturday before Easter, we are too busy to close at 6:00 pm. Finally, we serve our last customer at around 7:00 pm. We close the doors and start our massive clean-up and close-out. At 7:15 — an hour and a quarter after closing time — a woman bangs on the door. Because I’m standing right there and the doors are not sound-proof, I turn to talk to her.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but we’re closed.”

Woman: “I just want to buy one of those candy apples! They’re right there behind you.”

Me: “I can’t sell you anything right now. We actually closed at 6:00 pm.”

Woman: “But they’re right there, behind you! I just want to buy one.”

Me: “I can’t ring in any purchases. We’re closed, and we’ve cashed out the registers.”

Woman: “How hard can it be to ring in ONE candy apple?”

Me: “We’d have to open the till again, then cash it out after the purchase. It would take almost 30 minutes. We closed at six, it’s been a really busy day, and we want to get home.”

Woman: “Let me give you a little advice. This is NOT how you run a business. You need to respect the customer. You are being so inconsiderate. I bet you’re out of business within the month!”

(It’s worth noting that selling one candy apple would have cost the store money, since they would have had to pay me for an extra half hour of work for a $3 purchase. Also, this happened 15 years ago. The store is still open, and it’s a very successful business!)

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