A Consoling Amount Of Change

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I am the customer here. I was just starting junior high so, naturally, I didn’t have a job at the time, but the announcement of a new game console had me excited. I started saving money from gifts, loose change, etc, and keeping it all in a glorified piggy bank.

Fast forward several months, about one month before the console launches, and I count out my money, and find I have enough for the console plus a couple games, even after tax. However, due to not having a chance to grab coin rolls, and the fact that stores need to manually count change anyway, the majority of this change is unrolled.

The console comes out, and my family brings me in to buy it, and I come in with this tin containing all of my saved-up change. I grab my games and the console and get up to the counter and buy them. The cashier greets me in a friendly manner and rings through my stuff, for a total around $400. I pay with the cash and gift cards I have amassed, leaving still around $200. Then I start having to dump the coins onto the counter, and I see the cashier’s eyes open wide.

They politely help count the change and we go as fast as we can, but it takes about ten minutes, at which point I think we’ve miscounted and I actually only have $350 total, meaning I have to put back one of my games. I start recounting the now-organised money, to make sure I have enough, but in my panic I can’t keep count. The cashier politely says I have enough, and rings me through just fine.

However, to this day I still think they said I had enough just so they could get me out of the store faster. Despite this, I still have that console and it’s my single favourite purchase I’ve ever made.

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( I used to work for a company that at one time had a posture of measuring employees’ performance by ‘productivity’ – how many customers they could process in a day. As a result, many people would look for ways to pass as many calls as they could off to another department to improve their throughput. Many of our customers used our equipment. If customer service sent equipment out the customer was billed for it, but if repair service sent out a repair replacement there was no charge. Repair was notorious for not wanting to handle repair replacements so in customer service we got a lot of ‘push-back’ from them trying to get us to do their job for them. One day I figured out a solution. )
Me: Hello Repair, I have a customer needing a repair replacement for <equipment>.
Repair: That’s your job, you can do it.
Me: Oh, okay. Could you give me a repair ticket number please?
Repair: You don’t need a repair ticket number.
Me: Could I get you to pull up the equipment page and help me fill it out, please?
Repair: Why?
Me: I’m having a little trouble with the form.
Repair: Okay.
Me: On your screen, could you click the box that says “repair replacement”.
Repair: Okay.
Me: Did you see the little box that says, “repair ticket number”?
Repair: Yes.
Me: The system won’t let me submit this form until I enter a repair ticket number, so could you give me one, please?
Repair: I can’t issue a repair ticket number unless I an talking to a customer.
Me: Would you like me to transfer the customer to you so you can do your job like you are supposed to?
Repair: . . . *resignation in voice* Yes.
( I then passed this technique to everyone in customer service and it was the end of push-back from repair. )

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The Buffalo Thing Never Gets Old

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(I work in a call centre for a major pizza chain. Our wings are also very popular with our customers.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company], [My Name] speaking.”

Customer: “Hi, I want to order some wings.”

Me: “No problem. I just need to start with your phone number, please.”

Customer: “Before we start, I need to ask you something.”

Me: “Certainly, sir. What can I help you with?”

Customer: “Are all your wings buffalo wings, or do you carry chicken wings, too?”

Me: “…”

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Death Is Foolish

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(I am in an Introduction to English Literature class, and there are varying types of students taking it. There are those that actually enjoy the content and those that are there just to get the English credit. We are discussing Shakespeare’s play, ‘Hamlet,’ and have to answer questions on what happens. If you pay attention in class or even go on Sparknotes, you can figure out what’s going on and the questions are super easy. Despite this, my professor still receives some weird answers, one of which he decides to share with the class.)

Professor: *reading off response* “’…but Hamlet escapes and leaves them looking foolish.’ Well, no, actually, if you recall, he left them looking rather dead.”

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This Is Why You’re Pen-sive

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(Where I work requires someone to sign a paper copy of a receipt when they do a return. A rather odd gentleman has just returned something, and I finish processing everything and hand him my pen to sign the slip.)

Customer: “Hmm, nice pen.”

Me: “Yeah, it writes nice; it’s one of my favourites.”

Customer: “Guess you’ll want it then.”

Me: “Uh… Yes. I’d like to keep my pen.” *holds my hand out for him to reluctantly hand it back*

Customer: *noticing another pen on my till that has the company logo on it* “What about that one?”

Me: “Um. Sure, I guess you can have that one this time.”

Customer: *snatches pen off the counter and stuffs it in his pocket* “Next time it’ll be that nice one.” *turns on his heel and walks out the door*

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