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I work at the largest theme park in Canada. I also work at the busiest store meaning we have more employees than other stores. This, unfortunately means that we have a much greater chance of getting a stupid employee then other stores too.

Coworker: Why don’t we get paid time and a half for working July 4th?

Me: Uh…because it’s not a national holiday in Canada.

Coworker: But we’ll get a lot of American tourists

Me: That doesn’t change the fact that we live in Canada!

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I am going into my second year at the biggest theme parks in Canada, featuring over 200 attractions. Three of my team leads last year are not returning and my managers are getting desperate. This happens during Ramadan where we lose half our staff because it is dangerous for them to work outside and fast due to the heat warnings.

Manager: (My name) can I talk to you in the back room?

Me: Okay….

Coworker: (gives me thumbs up and whispers) Looks like someone’s getting a promotion.

We get to the back room and the manager closes the door.

Manager: Okay, after much thought and deliberation we would like to promote you to the team lead

Me: Oh (trying to fake enthusiasm)

Manager: Why don’t you look happy

Me: Well…I don’t think I want it

Manager: What?! But you’ll make a dollar more than you do now, you’ll be paid above adult minimum wage (ps. it’s $11.40 in Canada)

Me: Ya but…okay here’s the deal. I have a few reasons why I don’t want to be Team Lead

(I knew they would ask me so my dad and I have been making a list that I could say when I reject them)

Manager: (still in disbelief) Okay, I’m sure I can make a solution to whatever problem you have.

Me: Really? Alright then…last year I would often leave an hour to half an hour after closing, which would be like 12:30-1AM. I do not have my full license and my dad needs to pick me up since the bus back home stops at 11:30. I know that Team Leads stay later and my dad won’t be happy to drive me at such a late hour.

Manager: That wasn’t a big problem last year for the other Team Leads

Me: Team Lead #1 and #2 have a car and full licence, Team Lead #3 lives 5 minutes away and bikes home. I live in (nearby city) and it is half an hour away by car.

Manager: I’m sure we can work it out so you have morning shifts…

I don’t believe them because I have asked for such shifts before and nothing has happened. They save the morning shifts for people living further away then me.

Me: The previous Team Leads always got heck from you guys for not leaving before midnight…

Manager: Okay…we can work on that. Schedule more people….

Me: Alright then, how about the fact that whoever is promoted to Team Lead often gets a lot of animosity towards them

Manager: You’re not here to make friends

Me: Ya but I don’t want enemies. I had problems with a girl last year and half the staff turned against me. I would’ve been fired if I hadn’t made friends who stood up for me and convinced you guys the girl was lying (she was subsequently fired btw)

Manager: (sighs) what else?

Me: I am in summer school right now, meaning I can’t work every Wednesday. One of the rules for being a Team Lead is flexible scheduling.

Manager: But we REALLY need you

Me: Sorry, my mental health and school is more important than $12.40 an hour

Manager: Okay so how about after summer school?

Me: (wants to bang head against wall)

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During the summer I worked as a merchandise associate at Canada’s largest theme park. I worked with a very diverse group of people and as such we ask each other l where we are come from. I am white and rarely get this question but sometimes people ask me.

This is a conversation between myself and a coworker who recently moved here from Bangladesh.

Coworker #1: So where are you from?

Me: Oh well my family has been in Canada for like 100 years but we’re from Germany

Coworker #1: Oh, so why aren’t you in Germany now?

Me: Oh well…I’m Jewish

Coworker #1: So?

Me: Uh…we had to leave or be killed. (Coworker still confused) You know WW2…Hitler…You know the Holocaust?

Coworker #1: No…

Another coworker who was watching/listening to this pathetic conversation speaks whatever coworker #1’s first language is to explain what I’m talking about.

Coworker #1: Ohhhh….Hitler!

Me: (laughing) Okay, you really scared me there. I was like, who doesn’t know WW2?

Now I just say I’m from Canada!

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(I’m a concierge at a condominium and I work night shifts. One coworker is the evening shift, so I take over from him when he’s working. The other is swing shift, so I take over from him when he’s on and the evening guy is off. Our security desk has little name plaques that you can set out so that people coming to the desk know which concierge is on duty. When we do shift change-over, we sometimes help each other by putting away our name plaque and taking out and placing our coworker’s name plaque in full view at the desk. My evening shift coworker [Evening Guy], is a funny guy and loves to play silly jokes. Working a weekend shift, I get off work at 11 am. I tell him I’ll put his sign out as he gets settled. I prop it upside down, it now reads as [ʎn⅁ ƃuıuǝʌƎ]. I then go to my locker and get out of uniform.

When I came back, I asked [Evening Guy] if he knew who [ʎn⅁ ƃuıuǝʌƎ] was. He was greatly confused so I showed him his sign upside down and said his name again in the same backwards fashion as I’d just said. (Like saying “Samoht” for “Thomas” being backwards and upside down.) He laughed heartily and told me that he knew this [ʎn⅁ ƃuıuǝʌƎ] and thought he was a terrible person and needed to be fired right away. He hated that guy. We had a good chuckle about it and I left, and he no doubt put his sign back the right way up.

Cut to the following weekend, when [Evening Guy] had his normally-scheduled days off. That’s when the swing shift guy [Swing Guy] was scheduled to work instead as part of his regular swing shift.

My shift was over, [Swing Guy] had taken over, and I offered to put his sign out for him. Like I’d done with [Evening Guy], I balanced [Swing Guy]’s sign so his name appeared upside down, and then I went to my locker to get out of uniform. When I came back, [Swing Guy] looked /very annoyed/.

Me: What’s wrong, [Swing Guy]? I see you flipped your sign back around right way up.

Swing Guy (SG): So it was /you/!

Me: Huh?

SG: /You/ flipped my sign upside down!

Me: Yeah. I thought it was funny.

SG: Well it /was not/!

Me: *scratching my head* What do you mean?

SG: While you were gone, a resident came to the desk needing my help and as she came over, she said, “Oh [Swing Guy], your sign is upside down. I’ll fix it for you.” and she flipped it back around. Now she probably thinks I don’t know which way is up and which way is down!

Me: *looking puzzled at the anger* I promise you none of the residents would think that. They know we can be silly sometimes.

SG: No! I bet she thinks I’m /stupid/ now and don’t know up from down!

Me: Look, I’m sorry if I upset you, but I /promise you/ she won’t think you’re /stupid/. Who was it?

SG: Mrs. [resident] from [condo unit number].

ME: Now [Swing Guy], I know Mrs. [resident]. She’s not that sort of lady. She’s very nice. I’m sure…

SG: *cuts me off* I don’t care! Don’t ever do that again! They all think I’m /stupid/ now and don’t know up from down!

Me: Uhhh, okay. Sorry [Swing Guy].

SG: You should be.

I grabbed my stuff from behind the desk and started to leave, and waited until he was so distracted, he wasn’t paying attention to me anymore. When he wasn’t looking, I flipped his sign upside down again and placed it silently so he wouldn’t realize it had been done again, and fled the building for my bus stop. XD

(For closure, he didn’t say a word about out when we saw each other next so maybe he forgot about it or maybe he tried to report me and they told him /he’s/ the stupid one, so he dropped it. I don’t know. Good times. XD)

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(When you bring clothes to a dry cleaner, the order is assigned a number. All clothes are tagged with that number so they can be reassembled, and the number is written on a tag pinned to the bag. A man comes in to pick up his suit, I enter the tag number, and tell him the total.)

Me: “Okay, so that is forty-four ninety-OOOHH NO IT’S NOT it’s sixteen sixty-two!”

Customer: *Eyes bug out at first, then laughs when I correct myself* “I was gonna say, that’s way too much for a suit!”

(I had accidentally started reading the claim cheque number instead of the actual price. Luckily that was the only time I made that mistake, and the customer in question thought it was rather funny.)