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(I work in the offices of a factory. The accounting technician who processes the employees’ pay sits next to me. She also manages employees group insurance. We have a worker who was injured outside the job, and had to stop working for a long period. When that happens, the worker can choose to stay insured through the group insurance. However, as we don’t pay him for that period and cannot deduct the premium from his pay, he has to set up a weekly transfer from his bank account to the company’s.)

Technician: You have to go to your financial institution and set up the transfer. I believe you are with [Bank #1], right? If so, you can also do it online, it only takes a few minutes.

Injured worker: That seems complicated. Can you just do it yourself and take money directly from my account?

Technician: Unfortunately, we cannot. The bank doesn’t allow us to do that. They need you to set it up so they have the authorization.

Injured worker: Oh, okay. I’ll do that I guess.

(One hour passes. My technician gets a phone call from the injured worker.)

Injured worker: Hey, I thought about what you said and it just sounds too complicated. I was thinking maybe you could set it up yourself and take money from my account?

Technician: No, I’m sorry, but as I told you earlier I cannot. The bank won’t let me do that. You have to do it by yourself.

Injured worker: But it’s difficult. And I’d have to go to the bank, and my leg hurts.

Technician: There’s no way around it. But you don’t need to go to the bank. You can do it on [Bank website], it’s really simple and it only takes a few minutes.

(The injured worker agrees to set up the transfer himself. One week passes, and the technician notices we still haven’t received payment from him. She contacts him and asks him why.)

Injured worker: I went to my bank, and they said they cannot do that. I think you need to do it.

Technician: (*seriously facepalming at this point) What do you mean? Of course they can do it. That’s what everyone who is out for a long period does. I don’t know what you asked exactly, but never mind. Go on the bank website, and do exactly what I say.

(The technician told him step by step how to set up a transfer, even though it’s really easy. It still took 3 more weeks for the worker to set up the bank transfer.)

The Bizarre Sight Is A Gift In Of Itself

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Customer: “Can you wrap this pomegranate?”

Me: “You mean in plastic?”

Customer: “No, in gift wrap”

Me: “Um… okay.” *boss comes in to see me gift wrapping a pomegranate*

Could Have Scooted Over To The Bank

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(It’s three minutes before close and my manager is next to me closing another register. An eight-year-old girl comes up to my till with her grandparents to buy a scooter. Note that in Canada, we have $1 and $2 coins.)

Grandmother: “I’m sorry about this.”

Me: *thinking it’s about how late it is* “Oh, it’s no problem—”

Grandmother: “No, you’ll see.”

(My and my manager’s eyes bulged. The woman took out her granddaughter’s allowance that the girl had saved up to spend — all of it in coins in six plastic baggies. My manager and I desperately began counting it, taking ten minutes between us to do it. The girl had saved up $165.65 in coins to spend that day. What’s worse was that there are two banks across the parking lot from our store they could have gone to change the coins.)

Direction Deflection

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(This takes place over the phone:)

Customer: “Hi, can you tell me which side of the street your store is on?”

Me: “Absolutely, we’re on the west side.”

Customer: “Is that on the left or the right?”

Me: “That depends on which direction you’re coming from. Are you coming from the North end or the South end?”

Customer: “I don’t know!”

Me: “Well, will you come through [major Southern intersection] or [major Northern intersection]?”

Customer: “How the h*** am I supposed to know? Look, is it on the left or the right? What is so hard about this?”

Me: “If it helps, we’re in the same plaza as [Chain Restaurant], and across the street from [Chain Store].”

Customer: “No, that does NOT help! I’m new to the area!”

Me: “Do you have a GPS? I could give you the address to plug in.”

Customer: “I don’t need a GPS! I have a great sense of direction!”

Pregnant With Discrimination

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I’m four months pregnant with my son. Though I’m not very far along, I’m showing quite a bit, and it’s become difficult to sit in the normal desks of the lecture hall. One day, I get tired of squeezing into them and just sit in the handicapped desks (which have been unoccupied all semester). It happens that, on this day, we start having a guest lecturer, since our professor had to get surgery mid-semester.

The lecturer stops me after class and berates me for sitting in a handicapped spot. I explain that I don’t fit into the other desks, and that it’s the only spot that can fit me. She proceeds to tell me that she doesn’t care, that I should just sit in the normal desks.

Next class, I sit at a normal desk in the front row sideways (since that’s literally the only way I fit). After class, the lecturer once again berates me and tells me to sit properly. I once again, tell her that I’m pregnant and there’s nothing I can really do. She then proceeds to tell me to lose weight, or my baby will end up being a “fat roll.”

Upset, I email my professor, asking for advice on what to do. I don’t get a response. However, I return to class for the next lesson and sit in the handicapped spot, unwilling to be uncomfortable for a two-hour lecture. When the lecture is over and the lecturer is berating me again, and a man in a suit comes up behind her and asks her to join him in the hallway.

Turned out, my original professor was very unimpressed by this behavior, and sent a anti-discrimination representative to observe her behavior. After her proving my claims correct, the man informed her that her behavior could land her in a whole lot of trouble with the code of conduct, and get her fired. She said nothing to me for the rest of the time she lectured us. Thankfully, she was the only professor to ever care or comment that I was pregnant.

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