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(I am folding shirts at a counter in the fitting room when a customer walks in.)

Customer: “I’d like to try these on.” *has ten items, our store limit is three items in a fitting room*

Me: “Sure thing, but I can only let you take three items in at a time.”

Customer: “Well that’s just inconvenient.” *drops all items on the counter, messing up my folding t-shirts*

Me: “Have a lovely day!” *screams on the inside*

Shocked That Things Cost Money

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(I work for a cell phone company. A customer calls in about her bill.)

Customer: “I already paid my first month when I activated.”

Me: “According to my records, you only paid the activation fee.”

Customer: “Yes, that is the first month’s bill.”

Me: “No, the activation fee is separate.”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Yes. Your activation fee is to activate the phone for services.”

Customer: “You mean to tell me… I have to pay to activate the phone and pay to use it for the first month?”

Me: “That is correct.”

(The customer then started laughing hysterically and hung up.)

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Not Wheely Paying Attention

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(I am parked at one of the entrances of a large mall, with my hazards on, waiting for my husband to bring out a large item we have just bought. I am in no way blocking the entrance, nor am I in any way in the lane. I am scrolling through my phone, waiting for my husband to text me that he’s on his way, when I hear a car roll up and stop beside me.)

Driver: “Get off your phone or I’m calling the RCMP! You can’t use a phone behind the wheel!”

Me: “I’m not in the lane; I’m parked, with the engine off.”

Driver: “You are still on your phone behind the wheel! I’m reporting you!”

(Before I could say anything else, he pulled out HIS phone and took a picture of me before peeling out of the parking lot, narrowly avoiding an accident. I was only parked a few more minutes before my husband and I were on our way home. Guess who we saw on the side of the road, pulled over by an undercover police car?)

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Wish You Could Curl Up Into A Ball And Die

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I had been watching a YouTube channel that deals with death and the funeral industry, and I pulled up a video on my cell to show a friend. The next morning, I went into a quiet coffee shop for breakfast. There were only two other customers, chatting quietly with the staff. I decided to do some reading while I ate and tried to open a browser with one hand while undoing my jacket with the other. Unfortunately, the video was still open on my browser and I managed to hit the play button. So, loudly, in this quiet coffee shop, these words boomed out from my phone: “Haven’t you ever just wanted to touch a corpse?”

The place went silent as I quickly muted my phone, and I got quite a few looks from the customers. I just kind of mumbled an apology, something along the lines of, “I don’t know how that video got there,” but I’m still pretty sure they thought I was a necrophiliac or something.

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Not Taking Account Of Their Stupidity

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(I work for a cell phone company. A customer calls in requesting his account number to transfer to another company.)

Customer: “I’m calling to get my account number.”

Me: “Sure! Your account number is [number].”

Customer: “No, it’s not.”

Me: “Sir, it shows me the account number right here. This is your account number.”

Customer: “No, it’s not. I know my account number.”

Me: “If you don’t mind me asking, if you know your account number, why did you call to ask me what it was?”

Customer: “Uh…” *hangs up*

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