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(The grocery store where I work has a huge international section, so we get a lot of customers who don’t speak the best English. A gentleman approaches my till while I’m cleaning between customers. We pantomime for a moment to portray that I am, indeed, open.)
Me: (Joking) Yeah, it’s hard to tell. Our tills don’t have lights we can turn off to show we’re closed.
Customer: (Panicked, looking at the ceiling) You turning off lights?!
(Trying not to be rude by laughing, I explained through pantomime again that our TILLS don’t have lights on them. He thought I was telling him we were turning off the lights and closing, RIGHT NOW!)


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(I’m waiting to get off a plane, and I see a little boy and his dad playing together in their seats. Well, actually, it’s the boy making battle sounds and pretending to fight his dad, while the dad just takes it. All of sudden, the little boy looks at the person in the seat behind him and widens his eyes.)

Little Boy: “You’re going down, Megatron!”

(He then continues to have his pretend battle, while I’m dying with laughter.)

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Not Making Any Side Comments

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(The way our tills used to be set up, we had to ring in a side order before it would let us ring in the drink for any given combo. We are also trained to ask which side a customer would like. This particular day, I’m taking drive thru orders.)

Me: “Welcome to [Restaurant]. ow may I help you?”

Customer: “[Combo #1] with [drink], [Combo #6] with a large [drink]…”

Me: “I’m sorry, could you tell me what the sides are with those combos? I can’t ring anything else in before the sides.”

Customer: “Just whatever it comes with. Then a [Combo #2] with [drink] and a [Combo #5] with [drink]. You got all that?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t. I still need the side for the first combo in order to proceed with the others.”

Customer: “God, just give me whatever it normally comes with.”

Me: “We actually offer a few different options. We have [lists sides].”

Customer: “Yes, that’s fine.”

Me: “Sorry, but which one would you like? I still can’t get past your first combo without knowing; then I’ll still need it for the others as well.”

Customer: “FRIES. Your combos come with FRIES and that’s what I want.”

Me: “Thank you, but as I said, we offer several options, which is why I asked. I didn’t want to ring in the wrong items. Are the others going to be with fries as well, then?”

Customer: “YES! Why is it so hard for you to know what your own food comes with?”

(Sadly, this happens far too often…)

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Listen To Yourself Not Listening!

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(We only have three staff on at this point in the evening. I’m the only cashier, and, as such, I’m working the front and drive-thru. I have just taken a couple orders in drive-thru and am now taking orders for the front counter. Halfway through taking a front order, my headset goes off. Note, the other two staff members are unable to help, as they are also busy.)

Me: “Welcome to [Restaurant], I’ll be with you in just one moment.”

Customer: *clearly not listening* “Can I please have a—”

Me: “I’m sorry; I’ll just be with you in one moment.”

(I turn the volume down so I can pay attention to the customer I’m already dealing with. I finish with them and go back to the drive-thru.)

Me: “Thank you for waiting. How may I help you?”

Customer: “…with a large fry. Did you get all that?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I didn’t. I was with another guest, but I’m free to take your order now.”

Customer: “Then why did you say you were going to take my order if you weren’t going to listen?”

Me: “With all due respect, I politely informed you that I’d be with you shortly, twice. But now that I’m free, I’ll be more than happy to take your order.”

Customer: “Well, I shouldn’t have to repeat myself. You should have been paying attention like you said you were.”

(She ended up repeating her order, but she wasn’t happy about it.)

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In A Vicious (Motor)Cycle

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(I go to university with a girl who seems book-smart, but not at all street-smart. This is what happens one early September. I’m walking up the street when I hear her call my name. I turn and look to see her in her driveway with her boyfriend, a motorcycle in between them. I walk over to say hi, in awe of the motorcycle I have never seen them with before.)

Me: “Wow, nice motorcycle! Is it your roommate’s?”

Friend: “No, it’s mine! I just bought it!”

Me: *shocked* “Oh!”

Friend: “Yep, I couldn’t afford a car, so I got a motorcycle.”

(We go to school in a place that is known for its large amount of snow in the winter time. Driving a motorcycle in snow is difficult and dangerous, so it seems unlikely she’ll be able to use it much.)

Me: “Oh, wow! I had no idea you had your motorcycle license.”

Friend: “I don’t; I am going to practice and then get it.”

Me: “Does… Does [Boyfriend] know how to drive a motorcycle?”

Friend: “No; we’re going to learn together.”

Me: “…?”

(I run into her again not even a week later.)

Me: “Hey, [Friend], how’s the motorcycle?”

Friend: “Oh, that didn’t work out. I’m selling it.”

Me: “Oh, really?”

Friend: “Yeah, I had a scary moment with it and I can’t get myself to try again.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

Friend: “Yeah, but the good news is that the guy who sold it to me on [Website] sold it for less than it is actually worth, so I’m going to sell it for more than that and make a profit.”

Me: “Okay, then, good luck.”

(No word yet on how her theory worked out.)

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