Needs Their Whine Breaks

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(I pull up at a gas station, and notice the attendant who usually works the counter is outside, texting on her phone. I assume she must have a colleague inside the store, but when I insert the nozzle in my car, I see her run inside to activate my pump, then immediately run back outside to continue texting. While I’m filling up, I notice an old lady who arrives on foot and starts chatting with her; it seems like they know each other. When I’m done filling up and start walking towards the store, the attendant ignores me and keeps chatting with the old lady, completely oblivious to the fact that I’m done filling up and need to pay. Lo and behold, the store is completely empty, so I approach the cashier’s desk, which is right across the window from the attendant and the chatty lady. I don’t want to be rude at this point, so I go use the ATM for a minute, thinking the attendant will be back in the meantime, but when I’m done and approach the cashier’s desk again, she’s still chatting across the window. I go outside and ask in a rather annoyed tone at this point if I can pay and get going, then the following exchange ensues:)

Clerk: “Well, you were using the ATM, so I figured you weren’t in a hurry.”

Me: “So, you’ve seen me come in the store to pay and just stayed there? I’ve been here for a few minutes already.”

Clerk: “Well, just so you know, we aren’t allowed to take any breaks, so when there are no customers I just go outside to relax.”

Me: “When there are no customers? So, what does that make me, then?”

Clerk: “Look, I can’t take breaks! This job is a living hell! I can’t even go to the bathroom! What am I supposed to do? I’m only human, you know!”

Me: “Well, what you’re telling me sounds illegal, and if it’s true, you ought to report your employer to the ministry of labour. Or maybe you just ought to quit that job if they treat you like that. That’s what I’d do. But then again, you weren’t in the bathroom, were you? You were outside texting and chatting with a lady that’s clearly not a customer, seeing as she just went on her way when I came to get you. Most employers frown upon that. I know mine would, even if I certainly wouldn’t describe my job as a ‘living hell.’ So, spare me the whining and just do your job, would you?”

(She blushed and finished the transaction without a word, tossed me my receipt, then wished me a “nice day” with all the sarcasm she could muster. Haven’t been to that place since, but I sincerely hope she has since either found a better job that lets her take a bathroom break every once in a while, or understood that “work” is called “work” for a reason.)

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A customer who worked in the same mall came in with his uniform on, which is similar to ours but put close it was for another shop. He came in to browse around.

I sat behind the counter and saw someone come into the store. Instead of coming to me, the one behind the counter, she walked over to the guy. She asked him where a cellphone charger is but he was looking around and didn’t notice that she was talking  to him.

Though he did not respond, she followed him for a bit while he looked around. He finished browsing and walked towards the exit. She followed him, thinking thi was the direction and he would show her the chargers. When he left the store she clued in he didn’t work here.

She then looked at me, who was behind the counter the entire time and without asking I pointed where the chargers were.

She laughed it off but was really embarassed.

I told this my co-worker and asked why I didn’t step in.  I replied:

“I wanted to see how long this woman would follow this guy who didn’t work here.”

I am a woman working at an electronics store so I am used to people not thinking I am as knowledgable as the guys. However, I never had someone follow some guy who did not work here.

They Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

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(I have purchased a product online. After testing it for about ten minutes it stops working. I contact the company via email and receive the following response:)

Email: “Your e-mail has been received and will be reviewed by our support staff. We are currently receiving a higher than normal volume of requests due to the holiday rush. We will do our best to reply to you within 2-3 business days!

Please note that our offices will be closed on December 24th to December 26th for the holidays. All requests sent during this time period will be reviewed by our support staff once our offices re-open on December 27. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We wish you a safe and happy holiday!”

(I sent the email on March 23…)

When Your Doctor Is Gravely Concerned

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(My GP has referred me to a dermatologist in the nearest large city because of a rash on my hands. A couple of months later, I’m in his office for a regular check-up.)

Doctor: “Did that dermatologist ever get in touch with you?”

Me: “Not a word.”

Doctor: “Maybe you had better call her. Here, I’ll look up her phone number.” *fiddles with his computer for a bit* “Oh, dear, I just found her obituary.”

Me: “I guess that explains why she never contacted me.”

Doctor: “But doesn’t it make you feel good to know you’re doing better than your doctor?”

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(I work in a college bookstore where and we are working on shelving books for the fall semester. Two girls come into the store, one is blind and being led by the other.)

Me: Hello, Can we help you?

Leading girl: Yes we were hoping we could get her books for the next semester.

Assist. Mgr: Does she have her book list?

Leading girl: No but I know the books I had the same courses before. We need [book #1], [book #2] and Visualizing Physiology.

(The transaction goes smoothly from here and I return to my shelving, but I had to bite my tougne to not risk insulting the blind girl by saying, “Please tell me that the irony of the third title is not lost on you guys.” This is not intended to be an insult to the visually impaired, but irony just doesn’t get much better than this.)

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