Should Get Them Grilled By The Manager

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(My best friend works at a bakery, which we frequent as they have good food at good prices. Today my fiancé and I go in for lunch on his day off.)

Fiancé: “I’ll have the grilled ham and cheese.”

Cashier: “That will be [total]; it will be ready in a few minutes.”

(We sit down to wait. One of the bakers is working on subs on the side, then finishes and goes into the back. We wait for about fifteen minutes before she comes back out and sees us.)

Baker: “Are you waiting for a sub?”

Fiancé: “No, I’m waiting for a grilled ham and cheese.”

Baker: “We don’t do those.”

Fiancé: “What do you mean? It’s on the sign right there.”

Baker: “I mean we don’t do those in summer. We don’t turn the grill on in summer.”

(The cashier looked at her strangely and then offered us a refund, which we took immediately and left. I talked to my friend later and learned they DID do grilled sandwiches in summer, it was just that this particular coworker didn’t like to do more work than necessary, and wouldn’t turn the grill on if she didn’t feel like it.)

A Pointed Conversation

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(I am the next customer in line witnessing an exchange between the customer ahead of me and the cashier. This grocery store has a points card program. All you have to do is register the card online, load your weekly offers, and show it when you shop. The man in front of me has handed the cashier his points card, but there is no point balance on the receipt.)

Customer: “What the f*** is this?! I didn’t get any points?!”

Cashier: “Oh, that just means you haven’t registered your card yet. Keep your receipt, go online and register it, and then you can bring your receipt back to collect the points.”

Customer: *now getting visibly angry* “What the h*** are you talking about? I have had this card for a month; of course it is registered!”

Cashier: *scans card* “No, sir, this card does not have an account registered to it yet; you have to go online to do that.”

Customer:You don’t know what you’re talking about! Rescan these. I want my points!

Cashier: “I don’t have to rescan them, sir. You can just take your receipt to customer service over there, and they can put the points on as soon as your card is registered.”

Customer: “You will rescan them and give me my points!

(This is where I step in:)

Me: “Hey. She told you already: go on the f****** Internet and register it, and then come back for your points. There are four other people in line that you are holding up for no reason other than your own ignorance.”

Customer: “Well, that’s all she had to say. Spoutin’ all this s*** about goin’ online.”

Me: “What did you think the Internet is?”

Customer: “F*** this!”

(He slammed down his card and receipt and walked out with his stuff. I took his receipt over to customer service and collected his points.)

Some Coworkers Make Vacations Truly Necessary

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(I’ve just come back from vacation. My coworker always finds covering for me overwhelming, so, of course, he’s grousing about it as soon as I get back.)

Coworker: “You’re always on vacation, man. It’s getting really annoying.”

Me: “Really? I’m always on vacation? Yeah, that’s why HR is always on my case about my unused vacation time.”

Coworker: “Yeah, I know. But it just feels like you’re always on vacation, because you take a week here and a week there. You should take all your vacation time in one big chunk, and just get it over with.”

Me: “Because I’ve been with the company a lot longer than you, I get four weeks of vacation time. When I’m gone for a week, you start pulling your hair out and asking me to come back early by Wednesday. Now, are you seriously telling me you want me gone for an entire month?”

(My coworker takes a moment to think about this.)

Coworker: “Well… all I’m saying is it’d be easier to plan around.”

They’re An Idiot, No Matter How You Slice It

, , , , | Right | October 14, 2018

(I work at a bakery that sells primarily fresh bread. I am opening and setting up bread when the first customer of the day walks in. Being the only sales worker there at the time, I drop what I am doing to serve the customer. Keep in mind this woman’s first language is English.)

Customer: “Do you have that one but like… as a bag of slices?”

Me: “Oh, we slice the bread here; that’s no problem.”

Customer: “Okay, but… I need like… a bag of slices.”

Me: “Um, yeah, I can just slice it for you.”

Customer: “But do you have it in a bag of slices?”

Me: “I can put that loaf in a machine that will slice it… and then put it in a bag.”

Customer: “I just want a bag of slices.”

Me: “Here. Let me show you.”

(I take the loaf, slice it for her, and present the sliced loaf in a plastic bag.)

Customer: “That’s exactly what I wanted!”

He Needs A Separate Bag For His Ego

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(I work at a store specializing in magazines and newspapers. We’re located near the business center of the city, so we get a lot of business people who tend to be haughty or dismissive. One such customer is a regular who usually comes early in the morning.)

Me: “Would you like a bag, sir?”

(The customer has earphones in, and neither looks at me nor answers. I speak a little louder, moving to catch his attention.)

Me: “Sir?”

(The customer takes his purchases and leaves without a word. A few days later, I see him again. My assistant manager is stocking gum packets near the register.)

Me: *suspecting it’ll be a repeat from the other day* “Would you like a bag, sir?”

(The customer still has earphones still in, and never looks at me or answers. My assistant manager notices there was no answer.)

Assistant Manager: “Sir, would you like a bag?”

Me: “Don’t bother, [Assistant Manager]. He never answers.”

(The customer leaves with his purchases, again never saying a word. Later that day, he returns, and flags a coworker, asking to see the manager.)

Customer: “Your clerk was very rude to me!”

Manager: “What happened?”

(The assistant manager spots the customer and comes over, giving her version of the event, as well.)

Manager: “The clerk did exactly what she had to do. You can’t come in here and act like you’re above everyone, ignore them, and then come back to complain when they don’t expect it. If you don’t show respect to my employees, you can buy your newspapers elsewhere.”

(The customer didn’t cause a scene — possibly because the manager was a tall, large man — but his attitude improved radically from then on. It was met with the courtesy and professionalism that had otherwise always been offered to him.)

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