Locked Into That Argument

, , , , | Right | January 23, 2019

(I work in a shop that sells equipment for professional-level cameras, and we mostly deal with filmmaker freelancers and companies. A customer bought a gimbal, which is a piece of tech that stabilises the camera and lets you move without the camera juddering, for his phone. He calls up to say it doesn’t work, and my coworker asks him to come in and have us look at it. Firstly, he used it for five hours and is shocked that it’s out of battery. We wait for it to charge, and explain that it has up to six hours of battery.)

Coworker: “So, what’s wrong with it?”

Customer: “When it’s in lock mode, and I turn around, it doesn’t move with me.”

(Lock mode is when it locks into place and you can move the handle around with the camera staying in the same place.)

Coworker: *testing it* “It seems okay; it wasn’t doing this?”

Customer: “Yeah, but you’re not walking. Walk.”

Coworker: *walks over nearer me* “It seems okay now.”

Customer: “No, but you need to turn around. It was when I turned around.”

Coworker: *turns around, so the locked position is pointing towards him* “Yep.”

Customer: “No, look, now you can’t see the screen. It doesn’t turn with you!”

Coworker: “Yes, the lock setting stops it from turning, so you can—“

Customer: *interrupting* “No, I want it to follow me!”

Coworker: “Okay, there’s a follow mode—“

Customer: *interrupting* “No, that moves too much. I want it to follow my movements in lock mode!”

(AI had to leave the room to laugh. According to my coworker, he continued to insist it was broken and that it should “follow” in LOCK mode and move less in FOLLOW mode. Also, there’s a conspiracy that the companies making camera equipment charge more for better quality items and keep bringing out new technology. My coworker spent an hour placating this man, and all over a ~£100 phone gimbal. The other gimbals we sell are for the same cameras used to make blockbuster films and start at ~£1000.)

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Insert Common Sense Here

, , , | Working | September 1, 2017

(My new camera doesn’t come with a manual, but there is a “quick start guide.”)

Step #1: “Insert the battery – How to insert the battery: Open door. Insert battery.”

(When I took it back to the store and showed them this, the manager took a picture of it with his phone to show everyone who works there!)

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A Picture Perfect Moment Of Misogyny

| Working | February 16, 2016

(I’m about 16 or 17 and a woman. I don’t like when people don’t take me seriously due to my age or sex so I try and go out of my way to be well spoken. Sadly, it doesn’t always work.)

Me: “I’m having some issues with my new camera. Whenever I plug it into my computer to try and upload the pictures my desktop doesn’t register the camera. It worked the first few times, but now it’s not showing up. Could it be something wrong with the cord or is it the camera?”

Employee #1: *takes camera, looks at it and takes a picture of me, and shows me the picture* “See, sweetie, your camera works fine.”

Me: *shocked into silence, I inhale slowly not knowing what to do next*

Employee #2: *rushes over* “Here, let me help you with that.”

Employee #1: *wanders off while Employee #2 helps me find a memory card reader*

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Not The Brightest Question

| Right | December 9, 2014

(I’ve been talking to this customer for about five minutes already, answering questions about telescopes that we sell, and some of the questions just end up getting a bit silly…)

Customer: “So, with these telescopes would you be able to see meteors and other stars with them?”

Me: “You would be able to see meteors though they’re going to pass through your field of view so quickly it’d be pointless trying to find them, as you’d need to be aiming at the exact spot they’re going to pass through. As for other stars, they’re so far away that they will still just look like dots of light in the night sky.”

Customer: “What about our sun? Could you look at that?”

Me: “If you wanted to suffer eye damage, you certainly could, though it’s not recommended.”

Customer: “Doctors can fix blindness though, nowadays, can’t they?”

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Attempting To Mask Out Stupidity

, , , | Right | February 3, 2014

(Our store does basic restoration services.)

Customer: “I have these photos of a masquerade ball.” *holds up photos with people with full masks on* “I need you to photoshop the masks off.”

Me: “Unfortunately, sir, it is impossible for me to remove a mask of the person.”

Customer: “But I need to know who they are!”

Me: “If you have a different photo of the peoples faces, I can photoshop their face on, but it is impossible to remove a mask on a still photograph.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous. If CSI can do it why can’t you?”

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