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I took over from another coworker, who was going for her break. There were a few bits that needed sorting, most notably a clothing return. The customer had said she’d go pick out an item of clothing to the value of the couple she’d brought back, so I waited until she turned up.

She turned up with a trolley full of shopping…

Customer: Hi, these are my clothes I’m returning, can I exchange them for this shopping?
I explain that it’s against store policy to do so, as items have to be exchanged for something from the same area of the store. She goes and pays for her shopping whilst I serve some other customers.

Her daughter (who is about 7) asks me if I can give her mum store credit (which I can’t unless it’s due to a store error) and so I wait again for the customer to return. At this point, it’s been a good ten minutes since the customer first spoke to me.

About 5 minutes later, the daughter asks me if her mum can have a refund onto her debit card (which she can).

Eventually, the mother returns and we sort the money out. She then asks me if she can buy some clothing items…

“Nice Guys” Usually Aren’t

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(There is a girl in my college class who was in a bad car accident when she was in her early teens, which resulted in her being heavily scarred down the left side of her body — including severe facial scarring — having a pronounced limp, and missing her left arm. Psychologically speaking, she’s sound, and she’s a very independent person, though also very quiet and polite. There’s this guy in our class who’s always jumping up to help her with everything, despite the fact she asks him not to and constantly says she doesn’t need his help and that she’s okay. Over a month later, she’s kind of given up telling him to stop because 1: she doesn’t like confrontation and 2: she’s aware it’s coming from a “good place,” so to speak. Well, that’s what we all thought, anyway. It’s just before lesson, and the guy has asked to talk to the girl alone, so she goes a little bit away to chat. Since he wants to talk to the girl alone, we all watch from a respectable distance. We can see him speaking, then her putting her hand up in front of her. And we’re like, “Oh, he just asked her out and she said no.” She goes to head back, but he stops her and talks a bit more animatedly. She’s a bit more aggressive with her hand gesture back, and walks as quickly as she can back to the group. He follows quite angrily, so we start to walk towards her, as well, just in case.)

Guy: *shouting* “But why?! I’m a nice guy! I did all those things for you!”

Girl: *firmly and fairly loudly* “I didn’t ask you to! In fact, I asked you not to, and you ignored me.”

Guy: “But I still did it! You owe me!”

Girl: “I don’t owe you anything.”

(Our male teacher has arrived at the area at this point, and is also making his way over in case he needs to intervene.)

Guy: “No one else will date you! Not with those scars! You won’t get anyone better than me! I’m willing to look past those scars; don’t think you’ll find anyone else that will!”

(There’s mass shock and everyone freezes. Someone in the group, no idea who, gasps.)

Girl: “Go suck a d**k!”

(More mass shock follows, and another gasp, though there are also some titters.)

Guy: “[Teacher]! Did you hear what she said?!”

Teacher: “You can’t suck my d**k; that’s illegal!”

(The guy stormed off. He went and complained about “bullying by classmates and the teacher” to the reception, which was quickly dropped when the situation was fully explained. He quit college soon after because others found out somehow. Don’t be a “Nice Guy.”)

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(It’s lunchtime and my shift is in full swing. I’m working on check-outs and there are only a few of us serving so the queue is quite long. The customer I’m serving is about to start packing their shopping.)

Customer: “Excuse me, all of your bags have holes in them”
Me: “I’m sorry, but they’re supposed to be that way, it’s health and safety to prevent suffocation.”
Customer: “But how am I meant to pack my shopping when there are holes in the bag, give me some more!”
Me: *handing her more bags which obviously have air holes* “Here”
Customer: “These have holes in! I told you I can’t pack my shopping with holes in the bags! Cut your nails, you’re slowing everyone up”
Me: “Sorry but my nails aren’t even long and I can assure you the holes in the bags are air holes”
Customer: “Keep the d**n food, I’m going to shop somewhere else where they don’t have holes in their bags”

*Luckily I never saw her again*

Upset That You Gave Her Nothing To Moan About

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(From the ages 14 to 15, I volunteer in the local Oxfam charity bookshop. When this incident takes place, I am working on the till. A lady comes up to pay for some books.)

Me: “Hello, is that all for today?”

Customer: *takes one look at me* “Where are all the older people?” *talking about the older volunteers who work during the week*

Me: “Um, well, this is currently my shift, so I am serving customers today.”

(The lady glared at me as I rung up her books, and grumbled something about the youth of today and insolent, immature children who shouldn’t be allowed to work in respectable shops. As a teenager who is not the stereotypical “youth,” I smiled sweetly at her as she marched out of the shop. Later on, my manager praised me for handling it maturely. I then found out that that lady was the same woman who blamed my mum for starting the war because she is German, despite the fact that my mum was born in 1972.)

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