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Me: Thank you for calling [Company], you’re speaking to [My Name]. How can I help you?
Caller: Could you please repeat that? I can’t understand your American Accent!
Me: I apologize, I get that comment a lot but I am actually from Australia.
Caller: You’re from where?!
Caller: Where is that?!
Me:…..In the south of the world?

Think They Can Flounce The Bounce

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I work in a call center and we recently got a call-back on invoices that hadn’t been paid. Customers are calling to know what the charges are for until this one:

Me: “Customer care, [My Name] speaking.”

Customer: “Hi. You charged me over €30 instead of €3; I demand to know why!”

Me: “Certainly, sir, let me check your invoices and we’ll look at it together.”

Customer: “This is awful customer service. How can you charge people like this? You people are awful; your whole service is awful. I’ll sue your a**!”

Me: “Sir, I see the charge is because your monthly payment to us has been bouncing for ten months.”

Customer: “Yeah, so? Why are you charging me? It bounced; now it’s too late for you to charge me. I’m not the one that’s supposed to track my payments; you are!”

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How Em-Bra-assing, Part 7

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I work at a large cellular company in customer service. I get a call from a woman who is upset her phone stopped working. The phone has an internal piece of paper called a liquid indicator that is red after I ask her to check it, meaning that somehow, the phone got wet.

Me: “Have you ever dropped it or gotten it wet to the best of your knowledge?”

Keep in mind that I’m talking to her in July in the dead of summer.

Caller:Nope! I always keep it safe in my bra.”

Me: “Is it hot where you live?”

Caller: “Shoot, yeah! It’s hotter than Hell!”

Me: “Do you spend a lot of time inside or are you outside a lot?”

Caller: “My air conditioning is broke and I’m sweating like crazy every day!”

Finally, after PRAYING TO GOD I won’t have to say this to a grown woman, I say…

Me: “Is your bra dry at the end of the day?”

I look behind me and all three of my female coworkers look at me like I’M FREAKING NUTS.

Caller: “Well, shoot, no. It’s drenched…”

And FINALLY, THE DIM LITTLE LIGHTBULB turned on. She got quiet and finally asked when her upgrade was next available. 

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Wrong Number, Right Answer

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I work in a call centre for one of the main delivery companies, and it’s a few minutes before we close the lines for the night. I get a call from a lady whose package is clearly shipped with another carrier.

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I see that you’ve called the wrong company; you should check with [Local Carrier].”

Customer: “Hmm, really?” *Very entitled tone* “Well, what’s their number, then?”

Usually, I would make an effort for an elderly person or someone nice, but we aren’t obliged to provide our competitors’ contact information to entitled people who are clearly capable of doing a Google search.

Me: “I don’t have their number, unfortunately, but I’m sure it’s available online.”

Customer: “But you are customer service! You have to give me the information I ask for!”

Me: “Ma’am, you’ve essentially called the wrong number. I don’t have to give you any information beyond what I already did.”

Customer: “Oh, yeah? Give me your manager now!”

This makes me chuckle a little, because first of all, I have no legitimate reason to escalate the call and my manager would think I was crazy if I did, and second, the lady seems way too entitled for someone who’s calling a wrong number. Where I work, “give me your manager” is not a magic wand that gets you whatever you wish for.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I repeat, you have called the wrong number, so I cannot pass you a manager. What’s more, I am not your servant. Have a good evening, now.” *Click*

I felt a sense of relief, but also surprise at what came out of my mouth. I wish every customer would realize that they’re talking to a human being on the other side.

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A Different Kind Of Cash-Flow Problem

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We’re required to sell service plans. We’re in a call center so there’s no face-to-face contact with customers.

Coworker: “So, [Service Plan] will be [total].”

He pauses for a moment and then puts the phone on mute.

Coworker: “Yo, this dude just asked if he can pay cash.”

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