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I was taking orders for a women’s clothing catalog and had a caller indignantly tell me that her friend in California had a catalog from this company and the item she wanted was cheaper in that catalog than in hers. I asked her what the price was in hers and she said $40. I then asked what was the price in her friends catalog. She exclaimed “$39.99!” Trying not to laugh, I asked if she had the catalog code from her friends catalog. She did and I sold her the item for the cheaper price.

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Working on reception which I do for a couple of hours a day, I received a call today which went pretty much as follows

caller: can i speak to (director)?
Me: sure, what’s it regarding please?
Caller: explains concerns in detail, based on a call she got last night
Me: OK, I will try and put you through now…(he wasn’t there) sorry, there’s no reply can I take a message and he can get back to you?
Her: you are an idiot, you work on a switchboard and i used to work in the corporate world and the fact he is not at his desk doesnt wash with me…
at that point I listened for another several minutes while she ranted and I felt suicidal.
It turns out she called my blameless colleague a [email protected]#t the previous evening, among other things!
Gotta love work.

But You Will End Up On A Website About How Entitled You Are…

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(I have refused to refund a customer as he wanted us to price match about a month after purchasing some items.)

Customer: “If you are not going to price match for me, then I won’t shop here again.”

Me: “That is your choice. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Customer: “I will be leaving reviews about your company, and they won’t be good.”

Me: “If you want to leave us a review, I can’t stop you.”

Customer: “I have 5000 friends on Facebook, you know. “

Me: “Good for you.”

Customer: “If I post bad s*** about this company, that’s 5000 customers you will never hear from.”

Me: “I can’t stop you leaving a review about your experience.”

Customer: “I also have over 15,000 followers on YouTube.”

(The customer pauses, I assume for effect.)

Me: “Congratulations.”

Customer: “Do you know how many people are going to watch it if I post a review on there?”

Me: “Quite a few, I should think. But they won’t help you get a refund.”

(The customer swore and hung up. We still haven’t found a YouTube video about our terrible refund policy.)

Some Coworkers Are A Little Darker Than Others

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(It’s been a slow night of calls, and I hear my coworker say this without any context:)

Coworker: “My soul isn’t black! It’s obsidian! Ain’t no basic color; it’s multidimensional!”

(This, among other quotes, is why I love this job.)


A Bill So High It’s Cartoonish

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(I work in a payment collection call center for a cable company.)

Me: *goes through intro script and reads off current balance*

Customer: “Why is my bill so g**d*** high?!”

Me: “Just a moment, miss. Let me pull up your bill.” *does, and sees a stunningly long list of pay-per-view purchases* “Miss, it seems like the primary contributor to your balance is a large quantity of pay-per-view orders.”

Customer: “What pay-per-view orders?! I didn’t order any pay-per-view stuff!”

Me: “Well, let me read off the order list to you, and tell me if you recognize any of this.”

(I read the list. It’s full of “Spongebob,” “Peppa Pig,” and Disney Princess movies.)

Customer: “Wait. Are you telling me those orders are nothing but cartoons?”

Me: “That appears to be the case, yes.”

(The customer heaves a gigantic, trembling sigh. I brace myself for auditory pain.)

Customer: “Just a moment, please.”

(I hear her put the phone down and dial a cell phone. There’s silence for a moment.)

Customer: “[Husband]? Do you have any idea WHAT YOUR DAUGHTER DID?!”

(Apparently, this customer’s seven-year-old daughter ordered about thirty pay-per-view cartoons without her parents’ knowledge or consent. Needless to say, the customer asked to speak to the billing department.)

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