The Gift That Keeps On Demanding

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(After I’ve gotten the caller’s information, she asks the following.)

Caller: “I placed a $60 order earlier today, and I wanted to add one of your free gifts to it.”

Me: “Okay. What is the coupon code for your free gift?”

Caller: “Oh, I don’t have a coupon; I wanted you to just add a free gift.”

Me: “I will check and see if we have any that you qualify for.”

(I go to the coupon page on our website to see if there are any that her order qualifies for. As I’m checking that, she continues.)

Caller: “The last time I ordered, she added two free gifts to my order for me.”

(Her last order was for over $200, so it’s quite likely that she did qualify for two free gift coupons.)

Me: “I apologize; the lowest coupon amount that we have on our website is $99, and your order is only $58. If there are any more items you need to order, we can add them on to bring up your order total.”

Caller: “Don’t you have another coupon that you can add for me? Or just send out a free gift as a gesture of good will because we’re such good customers?”

(Her company averages about $300 a year in purchases. Our “good customers” spend $10,000+ per year.)

Me: “I apologize; I do not have any coupons outside of the ones available on our website. And I am not able to add a free gift to an order that doesn’t qualify for any of our free gift coupons.”

Caller: “I guess I need to talk to a supervisor, then, because you should just send us a free gift in appreciation for being such good customers.”

(I transfer her to one of our supervisors. About ten minutes later, that supervisor gets my attention.)

Supervisor #1: “She told me we should send her a free gift as a good will gesture because they’re such good customers. I told her we couldn’t do that, and she asked to talk to someone else, so I transferred her to [Supervisor #2]. [Supervisor #2] transferred her to [Supervisor #3], who ended up sending her information up to the president’s office. If they give it to her, all three of us will be lodging a complaint with [Manager].”

(Since I have the customer’s information in my call log, I look up her account a couple of hours later.)

Me: “Hey, [Supervisor #1]. They gave it to her.”

Supervisor #1: “I know. I also reported to [Manager] and am typing up a report right now.”

(The free gift was noted on her account as a “one time accommodation,” but we all know she’s going to ask for one again next time, under the “they did it for me last time” rule.)

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Me: Thank you for calling ***, my name is ***, how can I help you?

Customer: Hello, I’m trying to set up an e-payment so I can send you payment for my subscription and the bank requires your phone number. What is your number?

Me: Ma’am, it’s the same number you just called…

Customer: “I know, I looked it up on your website but I need your number so I can make payment. What is your phone number?


Digging For Personal Details

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(I work for a call center that sends utility companies to mark where their public underground lines are, so that people can dig and not hit gas lines. We have to get the information about the place where callers are digging, naturally, so that we can pass on that info.)

Me: “What is the address or street name where you’ll be digging?”

Caller: “Why do you need that?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Caller: “I said, why do you need my address?”

Me: “I need the address where you want the utility companies to mark their lines.”

Caller: “You don’t need to know that. You’re not the one marking the lines, are you?”

Me: “Um…”

Caller: “Are you?”

Me: “No, but I need it so I can give it to the utility companies so that they know where to go.”

Caller: “You don’t need my address, then. The utility people are the ones who need it, right?”

Me: *at a complete loss for words*

Caller: “Screw this. I’m not giving you my private information. I just need them to mark my lines.” *hangs up*

(I wonder how that worked out for him.)

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(I work in a contact center and during the holidays we hire seasonal people to help with our busiest days. I am on break and I notice a new hire needs help (all other floor walkers are busy and I’ve been here for two years). I walk over and attempt to help.)

New Hire: *raises hand*

Me: “I can help ya!”

New Hire: *blank stare*

Me: “Sooooo, whats up?”

New Hire: *tells me issue*

Me: *Gives solution and walks away.*

New Hire: *asks a floor walker as they walk by about THE SAME THING*

Floor Walker: “Do what (me) Told you to do. She knows her stuff”

New Hire looks at me a glares.

Floor walker winks at me and smiles 😉

No reason to be a turd when I’m trying to help.

This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 76

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(Financial institution contact center work puts you in touch with some of the crème de la crème, intelligence-wise.)

Client: “Yes, I need to transfer money into my account.”

Me: “And how were you making the transfer?”

Client: “Cash.”

Me: “You want to do a cash deposit over the phone?”

Client: “Yeah, PNC allows you to take photos of checks and send them in for deposit.”

Me: “So, you want to send us a photo of some cash and honor that as a deposit.”

Client: “Yeah, can you do that?”

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