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I live in Australia, where we are a proudly multi-cultural society. At the call centre I work at, there are several phones staff born overseas – Indians, a Korean, Italians, a former US citizen, even a Russian woman – most of them have been Australian Citizens for 20+ years, have children born and raised here, AND almost all of them are far more experienced than I am since I’ve only worked there a couple of years.
Which is why it always pisses me off when I get a customer calling for the 3rd or 4th time, who tells me “I’m so happy to finally be speaking to an Australian!”

There Is Sadly A Human Cost

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I work in a call center, making appointments for a home improvement store.

Me: “There is a free, no-cost in-home demonstration of the products available.”

Customer: “Is the no-cost demonstration free?”

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Wait Until He Finds Out You Stuck A Whole Cloud In There

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Customer: “Hi. I don’t want voicemail on my service anymore, so if I take the little tape recorder out of the back, will I void my warranty?”

Me: “No, sir, your phone does not have a little tape recorder in the back; your messages are recorded digitally.”

Customer: “I want your boss; you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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(I’m an order-taker for a catalog company. In the US, if a company has a physical location in a state (store, warehouse, office building, etc) then that company is required to charge a sales tax for any items shipped to customers in that state. My employer only has a handful of physical stores, but 2 of them are in Illinois.)

Me: Thank you for calling (catalog company), my name is (my name). How can I help you today?

Caller: I just placed an order a few minutes ago, and I think the lady charged me more than she was supposed to.

Me: I can certainly look that up and see what’s happening, do you have the order number handy?

(I look up the order and verify that I have the right file. When I try to read the order back, she interrupts and starts listing the charges without pausing long enough for me to ask any more questions. I have a calculator nearby, so I punch in the numbers as she lists them, making sure they match what’s on my screen.)

Caller: And that only adds up to $174.49. She charged me $184.96. She charged me too much money!

Me: It looks like there’s also a sales tax of $10.47 on th-

Caller: (Angrily) Sales tax! You can’t charge me a sales tax, I’m not in Wisconsin!

Me: We’re required to charge a sales tax for –

Caller: (Interrupting) That’s illegal!

Me: Actually, it’s a legal requirement.

Caller: I just ordered from 2 other places, and they never said anything about any sales tax!

Me: The law says we have to charge sales tax for any state we have a physical location in. If they don’t have-

Caller: It’s against the law for you to charge sales taxes!

Me: Actually, it’s against the law for us not to charge it.

Caller: You’re breaking the law!!! I’m never ordering from you again, you’re all a bunch of crooks! You can’t charge people like that! I’m telling the police about you!

Me: …. That’s certainly your right. Are there any other questions I can help you with?

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Me : Welcome to customer service, this is [My Name], how Can I help you today ?

Customer : This is [customer], I bought something on line three weeks ago, and I don’t have any news. I got people fired for less !

Me : Fine, do you have the purchase number ? We should have sent you a mail when you made your purchase.

Customer : You think I’d bother taking notes of that ? I had more important stuff to do ! And I don’t have access to my computer !

Me : (trying to conceal my annoyance) Ok, do you have your account’s ID so I can identify you ?

Customer : Are you deaf, I told you I don’t have acess to my computer !

Me : Fine, can I have your first and last name please ?

Customer : Go f*** yourself !

(She hangs up, I hear my manager bursting into laughter as she was listening. The customer calls the next day, it turned out she never validated her purchase, since she wouldn’t pay “until she made valuable use of her acquisition.” Said product was a box of chocolate.