Making A Small Issue Extra Large

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A coworker and I are on our way to clock out when an older man in the clothing department asks for help.

Me: “What can I help you with, sir?”

Customer: “I was just wondering… what does ‘SP’ mean?”

Me: “It usually means ‘small petite’.”

Customer: “So… small person?”

Me: “Ah, well, it’s meant for petite people, so I guess small, too.”

Customer: “Okay, but what does it mean?”

Me: “It’s for petite people who are a size small.”

My coworker walks away so as not to laugh out loud.

Customer: “Whatever… Well, I need an XL.”

Me: “An XL in a jacket? Shirt? Are you looking for anything in particular?”

Customer: “No, I just need an XL, okay?”

I stare at the dozens of racks and separate tables.

Me: “These clothes are sorted by brand and sorted by size, so if you need an XL, you’d need to look towards the back of the rack.”

Customer: “Okay, but that doesn’t help me. I said I needed an XL.”

He walked away in a huff, calling me useless under his breath.

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Some years ago I was employed at a fast food chain. I’m working the drive thru one afternoon and a man pulls up to the speaker.

Customer: Hi, I have a coupon for buy one (Competitor’s Burger) get one free.

Me: I’m sorry sir, but that coupon is for (Competitor). This is (Fast Food Chain).

We have a CCTV above the drive thru register that shows us the car at the speaker. I look up and see him looking around.

Customer: Aw, crap. *puts the car in reverse and leaves drive thru*

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(I’m at the front of a well-known auto parts store, asking the man at the register if they have the part I need in stock. Everything is going smoothly until a older man, who has been browsing the store for a few minutes, comes to the checkout with his items and waits behind me in line. I should note that I am a 19 y/o female who is pretty small for my age).

Employee: (typing the info into the computer) “What year is the model?”
Me: “2000.”
Employee: “And what is the size of your engine?”
Me: “A 3.2L v6.”
(He goes on to ask what part I need, etc. The man behind me seems to be watching intently. I glance at him and smile politely before turning away. I guess he saw this as an opportunity to talk to me).
Customer: Hey, little girl, where is your father? Shouldn’t he be doing this instead of you?”
Me: (I’m not sure I’ve heard him right) “Uh…excuse me?”
Customer: “You’ll probably order the wrong part or something. I think a man should be doing this, just to be safe. You wouldn’t want to order the wrong part and have something happen to you car!”
Me: *speechless for a moment* …Sir, I actually know enough about cars and their parts to work here, but if I did I’d probably be fired very soon for telling off people like you who think women can’t understand machines because of our gender! Also, I have no idea where my father is, but thank you for your concern. Good day, sir.”
(The man’s face turned bright red, and he didn’t say anything else. A few minutes later an employee came from the back and said he could help the customer at the second register, and by the time I was almost done at the counter the man had checked out and left).
Employee, to me: “Judging by the way you handled that, you could probably work here after all!”
(I still doubted it, but it was nice to hear anyway!)

This Customer Is Not A Good Catch

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I’m new to this particular employer but a retail veteran. I always do my work in “android mode,” saying only what I need to say and displaying zero emotion. I’ve been told my voice even sounds robotic. I’m working at a register today.

Customer: “How much is this?”

I look at the price tag.

Me: “$15.99 plus tax, sir.”

Customer: “That is outrageous! I can get it for half that price at [Other Store]!”

I remain silent.

Customer: “You are disrespecting me by selling this for $16!”

I say nothing.

Customer: “I demand to be respected!”

Me: “Sir, are you purchasing this or not? If not, I need to ring through the man behind you.”

Customer: “F*** YOU!”

He turns to walk away, still holding the item.

Me: “Sir, if you don’t want to pay for that, please hand it to me and I will restock it later.”


He throws the item at me and I catch it.

Me: “Have a nice day, sir.”

The customer glared at me and then walked off.

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They’re Blind To Real-World Pricing

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We advertise lower prices for glasses, including a deal where the exam and two basic pairs of single-vision glasses are less than $100. We do, of course, also carry designer frames and lens add-ons that are more expensive.

A man comes in for his exam and picks out two Ray-Ban frames priced at $160 each. I show him our lens options and he wants them both progressive lenses with anti-glare, and one a polarized sunglass. I go over material options and what I recommend for his prescription, as well as progressive styles.

Me: “So, if we did both pairs in [high-end progressive style], in that thinner, more durable material, with the anti-reflective coating, it would be $750 for everything.”

Customer: “That’s too much.”

Me: “Okay, no problem. If we kept the anti-glare coating and polarization but did them in plastic and moved you down one progressive tier, that will bring the cost down a bit. That would be $620 for both pairs.”

Customer: “That’s still too much. I thought I would get a good deal here since you have that [offer for less than $100].”

Me: “Yes, that offer is for two pairs of single-vision plastic glasses without any coatings with frames in the introductory price point. You want designer frames and lens options that are going to be additional. You can certainly pick less expensive frames and we can go over the lens options again.”

Customer: “I was looking to spend around $300. I think I’ll shop around.”

Me: “…”

So, he picked two $160 frames, and then apparently was allotting -$10 for his lenses?! He was currently in a lens similar to what I quoted him originally, so he was not new to the world of glasses and knew that progressives cost more. I have no idea what kind of logic he was using.

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