PIN-Headed, Part 5

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(At the store where I work, a few of the PIN-pad readers have broken and won’t show the asterisks when debit-users type in their PINs, but the PINs still go through. I have just explained this to a woman when this happens.)

Me: “Will that be debit or credit?”

Customer: “Debit.”

Me: “All right. Just go ahead and type in your PIN; the symbols won’t show up, but it is going through.”

(The customer starts typing in her PIN and then gets a very confused look on her face.)

Customer: “It’s not working.”

Me: “Oh, no, the symbols just aren’t showing it up, but it is working. I’ll just erase what you typed and—”

(The customer proceeds to cancel the transaction, so I run it through again.)

Me: “Okay, just go ahead and enter your PIN normally.”

(The customer starts typing in her PIN again and then starts to look upset again.)

Customer: “It’s not working!”

(I explained it to her again and restarted the process. This time, she picked up the pen used for signatures, and actually started trying to draw the numbers on the screen. Sadly, that wasn’t even the worst transaction of the day.)

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(I am working at the front counter when a nonchalant-looking customer approaches.)

Customer: “Hi, I have a copy of ‘A Mastery of Love’ on hold for me?”

Me: “Of course! One moment.”

(I get the book and scan it for her. As the transaction proceeds, the customer suddenly appears to become more exasperated, even though I am not doing anything wrong. She gets snippy with me when I ask if she would like her card to be run as credit or debit, and proceeds to mumble furiously under her breath as I complete the sale. I think nothing of it until…)

Customer: *abruptly and nastily* So I get to be in debt because I have to buy insurance and pay bills, while some illegal immigrant gets to go to the f***ing ER and not pay a cent for it! Fantastic!”

Me: “…You try to have a good day, okay?”

(She leaves the store, and I have to take a moment to get over the shock. To this day, I don’t know what brought on that out-of-the-blue rant, or whether or not I did anything to inadvertently trigger it.)

Bad Coworker Reaches The Tipping Point

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(We have a customer that will come in around the same time, after work, every other day. He is polite, but never makes chit-chat, always knows his order, says please and thank you, and never complains if there is a wait on anything if we are busy. On top of that, he always pays with a $20 on a $9 charge and leaves the change as a tip. For some reason, new waiters and waitresses don’t like serving him because they think he is intimidating, or rude. Most of the time they get over it, especially with the good tip and the realization that this is pretty much a perfect customer. Order, eat, leave. For some reason, he just enrages a new hire we have. She has already had attitude issues, disappeared on her third day for forty minutes on a half-day shift without telling anyone, and is just really standoffish. Nobody likes her, but we try to get along. One day, the new waitress stomps up to me with a red face and instantly starts ranting:)

New Waitress: “That guy is h***a rude; I asked how his day was and he said it was fine and gave me his order. He didn’t even try and ask how my day was going. He didn’t even look at me for more than a second when he was talking before going back to his book! So disrespectful; I’m not his servant!”

Me: “What? No! We love that guy.” *tells her about him* “Are you sure that’s him?” *points him out*

New Waitress: “Yeah, he’s rude. He isn’t going to get any refills or anything else from me! Rude a**hole! He’d better tip me like you say!”

(The customer never gets a refill of his drink and has to catch a passing busboy to get his bill. He doesn’t cause a scene, and to be honest I forget he’s there until I see him at the till.)

Me: “Was everything okay? How was your meal?”

Customer: “It was fine. I never got a refill on my drinks, and had to ask someone else for a bill, but the food was good, as always.”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry about that! Do you want to speak to a manager?”

Customer: “No, it’s fine; you didn’t do anything, but may I have my change?”

(He left without giving a tip. It was literally the first time anyone I know had seen him do that. The new waitress threw a fit, called us liars, and made a scene. The manager tried to calm her down and try and figure out what happened between her and the customer. After a lengthy rant at all of us for “tricking her and sticking her with an a**hole customer!” she tossed her apron down and left. Our customer came back, like clockwork, the day after, and was just as polite and courteous as always, and I got a huge tip. Thank you, Super-Customer, whose name I never got the whole time I saw you! You always made our day better AND you drove away a terrible employee!)

The Moaniest Place On Earth

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(Years ago, my aunt generously invited me, my two cousins — our age group was somewhere around five or six — and all our parents to come spend time with her and then to go to Disneyland. This was a very expensive gift from her, even decades ago. However, when we get there, my cousins decide they don’t want to go to Disneyland; they want to go to Magic Mountain. They start whining about it. I have never been to Magic Mountain OR Disneyland before, so I am curious about both. My cousins begin to whine so much that we are all asked separately:)

Aunt: “[Our Names], would you like to go to Disneyland, or Magic Mountain?”

All Of Us: “Magic Mountain.”

Aunt: “Well, you know, I’ve actually already paid for the tickets to Disneyland.”

(I apparently thought about that, then shrugged:)

Me: “Oh. I didn’t know that. Okay then, let’s go to Disneyland. I’d like to go to Disneyland too.”

Cousins: “I don’t care! Disneyland is for babies! We want to go to Magic Mountain!”

(My cousins whined and complained the entire time we were at Disneyland, about how boring it was, how it was for babies, and how Disneyland stunk. I do remember how even I got thoroughly sick of their complaining, and told my parents that I didn’t want to wait in line with my cousins anymore. I had a great time, and even got a stuffed toy and some activity books from one of the stores. My cousins complained so much, and hated the Disney trip so much that they didn’t get anything. Years later, I learned that while I was invited to visit my aunt and occasionally go to the various theme parks over the years — I’ve been to Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Magic Mountain while growing up — my cousins were never invited back. It’s also a family saying to tell my cousins, “You would be bored at Disneyland, so stop complaining!”)

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I’m standing in line behind a few guests at a popular fast food restaurant.  The man ahead of me suddenly asks the girl on register:

Man: Do you sell socks?
Employee: Do we sell…socks?
Man: Yes, socks.
Employee: …no.

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