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I do frames for a living in a popular retail store. I had a customer (probably in his mid 60s) come up to my counter and asked for the framer. I let him know that I was the framer and asked how I would be able to help.
The customer laughed and said I was cute for trying to pass off as a framer. When he realized I was not joking, he asked for *a* manager. (We have several managers for many departments and I was it for the framing one.)

He: I need to talk to a manager.
Me: I’m one of them. What can I help you with?
He: I really don’t like your attitude, you’ve been lying to me the whole time.

He goes to find someone else and he sees an associate. I can see the associate pointing to me.
He comes back.

He: Is there another manager I can speak to?
Me: Yes. *I spoke on the radio for the other manager to come.

Other manager (also female): how may I help you?

He got so red out of anger.

He: Management is a man’s job. Do you have any man I can speak to?
Me: we do not.

He starts screaming how this company was going to fail because we had no men as managers and that we were sexist for not hiring men. (We have 3 but they were off).

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(I work at a relatively popular fast food chain, which is conveniently set up right next to a nice grocery store. Typically speaking I wind up doing my grocery shopping after getting off work, so of course still in my uniform for the fast food restaurant. It’s worth noting the two uniforms for my restaurant and the grocery store are completely different in almost every way, including mine having a hat with them not. I’m presently shopping in one of the isles)

Customer: Excuse me, can you direct me to the desiccated coconut?
(Generally speaking I’m a nice person, so I decide to try to help despite not working there)
Me: I’m not sure… I think I’ve seen coconut stuff around, maybe a few isles this way?
Customer: (getting huffy) You work here, don’t you? Why don’t you know where it is?
Me: I’m sorry, I’ve never even heard of desiccated coconut before. As for working here…
(I tip my hat down, showing the name of the fast food restaurant I work at. The customer turned red, covered his mouth with his hand, and quickly turned to walk away.)

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We have a small upstairs area in our library, not a second story but a fenced in platform, where we have stations where patrons can plug in their laptops. A regular who’s a major trouble maker comes down. I’m just a clerk so according to headquarter’s rules I’m not allowed to confront patrons about bad behavior.

Regular: “There’s a woman eating ice cream upstairs.”

Me: “Alright, I’ll talk to our librarian.”

I speak to the librarian who goes up to look and finds no one eating. A minute later the regular comes down.

Regular: “So I guess it’s okay to eat in the library then.

Me: “No ma’am, the librarian couldn’t find anyone eating.”

Regular: “She’s up there eating ice cream. Is this because I’m white and she’s black?!”

Me: “No ma’am, there was just no one eating to be found.”

The regular snorts and goes back upstairs and starts yelling at the woman she’s accused of eating. Another coworker goes up and tells them both if they can’t behave they’ll have to leave. Yes, the other woman was eating, but not ice cream, she was eating chips.

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(I recently rang up one of my more eccentric regular customers. He always says or does something odd, but he’s harmless and I always enjoy helping him.This happened during a slow time of the day when there was no line, just he and I.)

Me: “Alrighty, that will be $1.26.”

Customer: “Okay…I have change…”

(He pulled out a very old looking change purse chock full of nickels, dimes, and quarters. He put $1.25 worth of quarters on the counter, and then started digging concernedly through his change purse for a penny. He couldn’t find one.)

Customer: “Do you have a penny?”

Me: *looking around* “No…I’m sorry, I don’t.”

(At that moment the phone rang, so I answered it while waiting for him to find a penny. I could hear him muttering “penny, penny” to himself as he looked around the ground nearby and back through his change again. I hung up, and waited while he looked. I knew I COULD have just told him it’s alright to forget the penny but I became fascinated; would he give in and break one of those nickels?…or was that somehow inconceivable to him? I soon had my answer…)

Customer: *Grunts* “Well…I’m a penny short.” *shoves his coin purse back into his pocket and pushes the quarters toward me*

Me: *biting my lip to keep from laughing* “Okay, thank you, have a good one!”

(I don’t know if I witnessed some kind of OCD or just an extreme penny pincher, but it was definitely interesting.)

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Our bookstore also sells movies and music. One night, I get a call:

Me: “[Store], [My Name] speaking.”

Caller: “Hello, I was wondering what your policy is for movies.”

Me: “We give you thirty days with receipt, but they have to be unopened.”

Caller: “What do you mean?”

Me: “If you tear the plastic sealing the movies off, we won’t take it back.”

Caller: “But I just want to watch it and return it!”

Me: “We don’t do that. We’re a store, not a rental place. Have you tried Blockbuster?”

Yes, I’m dating this story!

Caller: “But I found you in the Yellow Pages, and it says you do!”

Me: “No, sir. [Store] is a store. I can promise you that we’ve never rented movies.”

He grumbled and hung up. We got three other calls in a similar vein that night.

The manager eventually found that our store had been listed under the heading “Renting OR Buying” for movies. I guess “OR” and “AND” mean the same thing to some people?

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