We Don’t Want To Think Where Gummi-Berry Juice Comes From

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We’ve stopped at a gas station for drinks and snacks. My husband is purchasing an energy drink while I’ve got water and gummy bears.

Me: “That stuff is going to kill you.”

Husband: “Energy drinks are good for you.”

Me: “They’re half poison.”

Husband: “Because gummy bears are healthy?”

Me: “These are completely natural. Made from 100% pure gummy bear.”

Clerk: “We catch them fresh in the wild every week.”

Husband: “I really don’t know what to say to that.”

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They Did Not Accept The Grace Period With Grace

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I work in a pet-grooming salon where we’ve been fully booked for appointments for two weeks at a time through the summer months. Since some customers aren’t used to this, they’ll show up for appointments that they’ve misunderstood the date of, or in some cases to intentionally try to bully us into taking their dog in despite not having time to groom them.

A customer walks in at 3:50 pm on a Saturday.

Customer: “I’m a little late for my 3:30 appointment.”

I check the appointment book.

Me: “I don’t see your appointment here, but since you’re more than fifteen minutes after when you say it was, we wouldn’t be able to take your dog in anyway. We’ll have to reschedule.”

Customer: “What? You don’t see me at all? I called to reschedule my appointment from Thursday and I was told to come in on Saturday!”

I do remember speaking with this client on the phone and scheduling both her original and rescheduled appointments. I look through the book for three weeks out but don’t see her. Then, it occurs to me that her appointment was last week.

Me: “I’m very sorry. I do remember seeing you in the book, but it isn’t for this week. If you want, I can squeeze you in before my other appointments on Tuesday; otherwise, you’ll have to reschedule for two weeks out.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous! It’s very difficult for me to get here! I have an appointment!”

Me: “Like I said, ma’am, even if your 3:30 appointment was written here, we couldn’t take you in because you were twenty minutes late and we have a grace period of only fifteen minutes or else we get very behind.”

The customer huffs and leaves, returning with an older woman.

Older Woman: “It’s very difficult for us to get here; you need to take in our dog! It’s not our fault you didn’t write down our appointment!”

Me: “Like I explained before, even if your appointment were here, it’s too late after for us to take you in anyway. The best I can do is offer you Tuesday morning.”

Customer: “Fine. Why didn’t anyone call me to tell me I didn’t have an appointment? You should have called me!”

The customers leave. I turn to my coworker.

Coworker: “Did that really just happen?”

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Maybe Just Find Another Spot Next Time?

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No real harm was done in this situation; it was more of an unfortunate series of events.

My boyfriend, a friend, and I are out to lunch at a very busy restaurant in the middle of a bustling city. By some miracle, we manage to score a metered parking spot directly outside the restaurant — entirely unheard of in the history of time.

We go inside to eat and can see the car through the large window. About halfway through our meal, the spot in front of our car opens up. Shortly, another car pulls in.

The person driving the car begins to parallel park and backs the car into the spot. Inch by inch, they back up until the bumper of their car literally hits mine. The people in the car — a man and woman in their late sixties — seem unaware as they get out. 

My boyfriend runs outside to ask them to move a few inches forward. The couple looks confused, and then they see the cars touching and hop back in the car to move it forward.

My boyfriend comes back inside. We watch as they pull forward a few inches, decide that was too far, and reverse back… directly into my car again.

My boyfriend goes out again and talks with them. They appear deeply embarrassed and move the car forward an appropriate amount this time.

They then come inside the restaurant where we are eating. As they pass our table, the wife glares. She is clearly deeply embarrassed and directs that into anger.

“Maybe if you had parked fully in your spot, we wouldn’t have had to wedge in,” she says. Her husband pulls her away to their table, appearing mortified. 

As my car was perfectly fine except for a tiny scratch on the bumper plate border, my boyfriend, friend, and I had a good laugh about it. The waitress even thought it was funny.

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Unfiltered Story #199797

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I work at a fast food restaurant that serves burgers among other things. We have multiple burgers, including our garden burger that is commonly confused for our vegetarian sandwiches, but is easy to distinguish. This occurs during a lunch rush, and since I am in the mindset of getting customers in and out quickly, I’m used to asking questions fast in order to accomplish this. A women approaches my register, where the interaction occurs:

Customer: “Hi, I’d like to order a burger with a veggie patty.”

Me: “Oh, do you mean a garden burger? That’s our veggie patty burger.”

Customer: “No, I want a burger with a veggie patty. I don’t want to pay the extra charge for a garden burger.”

(The garden burger does have a slightly higher charge due to the ingredients that make up the burger)

Me: “Umm, I’m not quite sure-”

Customer: “Just ring me up for what I said. It’s cheaper that way and I’ve ordered it like this before.”

Me: “I’ll have to check with my manager about what he wants me to do.”

(The woman nods and I go over to my manager, who is handing orders to customers as they come out. I explain the situation and he tells me that I do have to ring it up as a garden burger, which I was thinking, but maybe she meant putting it on a different bun like the hamburger’s bun. The main difference is a potato bun versus a whole wheat bun.)

Me: “Okay, so you were wanting to do a garden burger on a potato bun?”

Customer: (becoming visibly frustrated) “Oh my god, what don’t you understand about this? I want a freaking burger with a veggie patty; how hard is that! Just give me what I freaking asked for or I’ll make sure that I get you fired for your incompetence!!”

Me: (taken aback) “Um, if you want, I can get you my manager so he-”

Customer: “YES! Go get your manager, maybe he’ll get me what I want.”

(I go to my manager again, and explain that she wants to explain her order to him. He agrees, and asks me to hand out orders in the meantime. I hand out orders for about five minutes, when I see the woman walk off. Thinking my manager had successfully taken her order, I walk back to my register. However, as I approach my register, I see him voiding the entire transaction.)

Me: “So you couldn’t get her order?”

Manager: (shaking his head) “Nope. I told her the same things you had, she had no issue telling me that. Then she demanded that I give her the meal for free because of all the trouble she went through. I told her I couldn’t do that, so I made her leave.”

Waitstaff Don’t Ask These Questions For Fun, You Know

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My friend is the bad customer here. A few friends and I are eating late at night at a diner. My friend orders a ham and cheese sandwich and modifies the order some way, but I don’t remember exactly what he changes.

When the waitress stops by and asks how everything is, my friend smiles.

Friend: “Yeah, good, thanks.”

We all ask him why he didn’t speak up and he shrugs. At the end of the meal, the waitress brings the bill.

Waitress: “Okay, guys, here you go.”

Friend: “Well, actually, as you can see, I didn’t even eat this. It was gross, since you guys got my order wrong, and I couldn’t eat any of it.”

The waitress looks confused.

Waitress: “I’m sorry. When I asked if everything was all right you said yes, so I assumed…”

She looks at us for confirmation and we glare at my friend. He rolls his eyes.

Friend: “Yeah, well, clearly, it wasn’t. I didn’t eat it, so I’m not paying for it. And the fact that your kitchen got this basic modification wrong is horrible communication.”

We gaped at him, utterly confused by this sudden behavior; he is usually very temperate. The waitress apologized and went to remove his food from his bill. The rest of us rushed to pay our bills, so we could leave as fast as possible once he was done with his.

The waitress came back and my friend inspected the bill carefully to ensure he was not charged for it.

We left the waitress a big tip and berated my friend as soon as we were outside.

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