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(I manage a family run kiosk in a mall. The name of the business is Kalya’s, but people misread it as Kayla’s everyday. Kids usually try to take pictures in front of the logo until I point it out)

*girl poses, pointing at the name while her friend snaps a picture

Me: guys it says KAL-ya, not KAY-la.

Girl #1: *snotty look* well it’s not my fault you spelled it wrong! Fix your sign!

Me: it’s not spelled wrong, you just can’t read.

Girl #2: *blushes and pulls her friend away

Flying In From Britainistan

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(My wife and child are going to a family wedding on her side in San Francisco. I can’t go due to work commitments. My wife never took my name after we got married, but my daughter has my surname. We were all born and raised in the UK but we are of Indian descent. When they reach passport control, the lady checks the passports:)

Border Control: “Has your daughter taken your husband’s name?”

Wife: “Yes, she has.”

Border Control: “Do you have the birth certificate with you to show the child is yours?”

Wife: “No, that has never been an issue before.”

Border Control: “Oh, didn’t they ask you for this when you left Pakistan?”

Wife: *rather coldly* “No, we actually came from the UK, and they said nothing.”

(The border control officer goes sheepish and mumbles an apology.)


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PIN-Headed, Part 3

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(I’ve just begun my shift as a cashier for the day. Everything is going all right. Nothing is out of the norm. I am a little rusty, considering I hardly ever cashier anymore, but I am doing pretty well. I have finished ringing up one of my first customers and direct her to swipe her card when she is ready.)

Customer: *swipes card*

Me: “Okay, you just have to answer a few questions first, and then I’ll hand you the receipt.” *turns to put her bags in her cart*

Customer: “Um, why is it asking for my PIN? I don’t have one.”

Me: *puzzled* “You don’t know your PIN?”

Customer: “No. I said I don’t have a PIN.”

(We stare at each other for a few seconds before the customer tells me to cancel the card, and then she swipes the card again, informs me that she has no PIN, and cancels it for a second time. Meanwhile, the lanes are all filling up with other customers and I’m starting to get nasty looks from people.)

Me: *trying to keep a straight face after about three minutes* “Um, ma’am? Do you have any other way to pay for your purchase? I can take any other card, cash, gift cards, etc.”

Customer: *blinks at me and swipes her card again*

(After about five more minutes of this, and six cancellations, my supervisor finishes ringing up her customers and walks over to see what is going on. Once I tell her the situation, the customer adds that it is a new card and she’s never used it before. My supervisor then informs her that I will have to suspend the transaction and have her step aside to call the number on the card to activate it while I get the line down. My supervisor walks away and I tell her I am suspending the transaction.)

Customer: “Oh, no. I don’t want you to do that. I’ll just swipe my card again.”

(She swiped her card and then keyed in a working PIN. My jaw dropped slightly while she just looked back at me with a big smile. I never said anything after that whole ten-minute charade of nonsense. I just handed her the receipt and let her leave, and then I apologized to the poor people that were waiting behind her.)

PIN-Headed, Part 2

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How They Do Business Is To Not To

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(I’m working at a small print shop. We work with small businesses; as such, we offer lines of credit to qualified customers. I am at the counter with a new customer who has yet to pay for the first job we did for them over two months ago.)

Customer: “Hi there. I need to get this brochure printed and pick it up tomorrow.”

Me: “Sure, no problem, but I’m afraid this order will be cash-on-delivery.”

Customer: “But we have an account with you!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but it is policy. Your account is past due by over 60 days, which means you are on credit hold. We will still run your job, but you will need to pay for it when you pick it up.”

Customer: “That is ridiculous! How am I supposed to get a check cut by tomorrow? Our accounting department only cuts checks once a month!”

Me: “We do accept all major credit cards.”

Customer: “Well, I’m certainly not going to put business expenses on my personal credit card. This is just stupid. I’m never doing business with your company again!”

Me: “Well, sir, being as you have never paid us a red cent, technically we have never done business in the first place.”

(The customer stormed out and we never saw him again. The outstanding invoice eventually got paid, albeit six months later. Good riddance!)

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Wish They Would Just Scoot

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(We are located on the downtown strip of an eclectic town, so we get all sorts of characters in our store. Usually, it makes the job fun and interesting, but sometimes it’s just aggravating. This is a story I watch unfold. A customer tries to drive a motorized scooter into the store.)

Coworker: “Sorry, you can’t bring that in here!”

Customer: *shouts over motor* “What? I can’t hear you!”

Coworker: “You. Cannot. Bring. That. In. Here.”

Customer: “What?! I still can’t hear you!”


Customer: “Oh.”

(He does a 16-point turn to turn around and take the scooter outside. He then places it directly in front of one of the doors.)

Customer: “Can you give me directions to the post office?”

Coworker: *trying to get rid of him as fast as possible* “Cross the street, and then take a left. It’s at the end of the block.”

Customer: “Where?”

Coworker: *explains again*

Customer: “Where?”

Coworker: *explains another three times*

Customer: “Oh…” *wanders out confused and takes his scooter the wrong way*

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