A Time For Giving You Grief

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(I am working in a bookstore for the holidays. We’ve gotten our shipment of individual and boxed Christmas cards. A man comes up and hands me a card to purchase and an envelope.)

Me: “I’m having trouble finding the barcode on this card, sir.”

Customer: “Well, I want to buy it.”

Me: “Well, without that barcode, you can’t buy it. This doesn’t even look like any of the brands that sell individual cards. Where did you find it?”

(He walks over to one of the display tables and brings back a boxed set of cards. It has clearly been ripped open.)

Me: “Sir, you can’t do that. These cards are made to sell as a group. And the total for this box of cards is…” *beep of scanner* “[Total].”

Customer: “Well, I only want one, so just charge me for one.”

Me: “I can’t do that. We have an entire section of individually sold cards right over there. If you only want one, you’ll have to pick one of them.”

Customer: “Well, I don’t like any of them. I want one of these, and I don’t want to buy the whole box when I only want one!”

Me: *fed up* “Sir, you have two choices: buy the whole box or pick an individual card from over there. We literally cannot charge you for one card out of a boxed set.”


(He storms off and I bite my tongue against the urge to say, “But you’re not IN your country right now, are you?” Instead, I sigh wearily and go back to ringing up customers. Just a few minutes later, two managers come over with a coworker, who takes over at another register as the two managers have me go into the back. Now I’m upset. As soon as the door closes behind us, [Manager #1] turns to me.)

Manager #1: “It’s okay, [My Name]. You’re not in trouble. Some guy complained to us that you wouldn’t let him rip apart a box of cards for one.”

Manager #2: “He actually demanded that we give you a public dressing down for your ‘bad customer service.'”

(I look at them both, horrified.)

Manager #1: “Obviously we’re not going to do something like that, even if you had done something wrong. He was going on and on about ‘in his country’ this and ‘in his country’ that and how we needed to fire you for such poor behavior. He’s not in his country now and that’s not how we do things here. Sooo we’re going to give you your fifteen-minute break about half an hour early today.”

Manager #2: “[Manager #3] is explaining that he has two choices and none of them involve buying the card individually from the box. He should be gone by the time your break is over, but if he approaches you again, call us. This is the ‘talk’ we told him we’d give you, and he has no further say in the matter.”

(Fortunately, Mr. In-My-Country was gone by the time my break was over.)

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The Rewards Just Don’t Stop Coming

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(It’s around Christmas and I’m shopping for my mom. I decide to go to [Makeup Store] and get her an eyeshadow palette. It takes two hours of shopping to finally decide on the right one, because I want a palette that isn’t too expensive, but that has colors that I consider “Mom-approved.” I get to the register and the cashier is new. I’m really hungry at this point and just want to get out of the store.)

New Cashier: “Can I have your number?”

Me: “I don’t have a number at this store.”

New Cashier: *does her spiel about getting a rewards card*

Me: *smile* “No, thank you.”

(I used to work in retail for seven years and was forced to do what she is doing now, so I am always polite to cashiers when declining. I also only ever asked each customer once, because I didn’t want to irritate them. When I go to pay, the new cashier accidentally hits the “cash — exact change” button on her register, prompting it to close the sale and for a receipt to be printed up. She apologizes and gets her supervisor. I say no worries; it happens to all of us at some point. The supervisor comes and rescans my items. Then:)

Supervisor: “Did you want to get into our rewards program?”

New Cashier: “Oh, she already said no.”

Supervisor: “Well…” *basically goes over the whole speech again about the deals I could get*

Me: *smiles* “No, thank you.”

Supervisor: “But you can save 40% when you buy a certain amount every month.”

Me: *still smiling* “I don’t shop here a lot. Maybe once or twice a year.”

Supervisor: “But you can shop more with these savings, and you can get [some item for free if I spent a certain amount of money].”

(My smile drops because I said no three times already. I point to my all-natural face.)

Me: “I don’t usually wear makeup — only for special occasions. This is actually a present for my mom.”

Supervisor: “Does your mom have a rewards card?”

Me: *dagger eyes* “No.”

Supervisor: “Do you want to sign her up for one?”

Me: “No!”

Supervisor: “Well, if she wants to return this item, she needs to sign up for a rewards card.”

Me: *too speechless to even ask how that’s possible or even legal*

(Part of me just wanted to walk out at that moment and just say, “Good day! I said good day!” I wish I can say I did just that, but I was also really hungry and had just spent two hours shopping… and I hate shopping in these kinds of places. I also figured the supervisor just wanted the new cashier to open up a rewards card, as they expect certain quotas each month. So, I finished up the sale and vowed never to buy anything from that store again. Mom liked her palette, though.)

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Get Out Or They Will Be An In-Jury

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(My mom gets called for jury duty every year. One year she is placed in a sexual harassment/title-nine trial. The woman in this case just so happens to be a patient of the doctor my mom works for. The judge in this trial is peeved from the start and warns that he will accept very few excuses for not serving. He declines to accept the excuse that someone is a small business owner and it’s nearing a shopping season, or that someone is a driver and doesn’t get reimbursed by his employer — basically, if he doesn’t drive he doesn’t make any money, and jury service payments are a joke. The judge gets to my mom, who states she has a reason for being unfit for this trial, but due to legal reasons cannot say in a crowded courtroom. The judge keeps pressing and my mom insists that due to HIPPA she can’t say anything more. The judge clears the court of everyone but the opposing parties and their attorneys.)

Judge: *as snide and sarcastic as all get out* “Well, now, [Mom], the court has been cleared. What is your excuse?”

Mom: “I work for [Doctor], and she is a patient.”

(The woman in question goes wide-eyed and whispers to her attorney. Both sides agree to dismiss my mom.)

Judge: *clearly pissed that he has to do this* “[Mom], you’re excused. But you have to return to the jury room to see if your service can be used elsewhere.”

(Fine. My mom went to the jury room, where the clerks were confused. It was already past lunch; most people were completely excused if they’d made it this far. They formally excused her from service for the year. My mom had a good laugh, not only because the judge was so rude, but because the woman was known for being a pain in the a** at my mom’s office.)

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That’s One Prescription Of Holiday Cheer

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(It is just before Christmas and my son’s prescription needs to be refilled. The office gets the prescription written in a timely manner, but then my father is hospitalized. I spend the week bouncing back and forth between the hospital and getting our house ready to move him in. Finally, at the end of the week, I get everything settled so I can run over and pick up my son’s prescription so it can be refilled before it runs out over the holiday. Unfortunately, I arrive ten minutes after the office closes for the holiday weekend. I’m sitting on the curb in the parking lot… exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling like a complete failure.)

Nurse: “Are you okay?”

Me: “I screwed up. I was supposed to pick up my son’s refill this week so he wouldn’t run out over the holiday. “

Nurse: “Did anyone call you?”

Me: “Yes. I’ve just been in the hospital with my dad all week, and I finally was able to get over here. I forgot the holiday hours. It’s my fault.”

Nurse: “It’s a good thing I came out the front. I usually leave by the back door. Let’s go get his prescription slip.”

(The nurse unlocks the door, takes me inside, and signs over the prescription.)

Me: *still a bit teary* “You are the first thing that has gone right for us all week. I’m sorry I kept you late.”

Nurse: “I’m glad you caught me. Merry Christmas.”

(A heartfelt thank-you to healthcare workers. You do not get the credit you deserve.)

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(While we maintain a rather impressive selection of sale books, that does not stop customers from attempting to haggle better prices for our products. One day, an older couple and one of their friends come into the store.)

Man: “Excuse me. You carry [Expensive Film Book]?”

Me: “It looks like we do. Let me show you where it is.”

(I take the customers over to the film section and show them the book.)

Man: “Yes, how much is it?”

Me: “Forty-five dollars, sir.”

Man: *to woman* “It’s forty-five dollars.” *to me* “No discount?”

Me: “No, sir, I’m sorry.”

(The couple and their friend leave, but a few months later, they return, and they ask for the same book. Thinking that they have decided to buy it despite the higher price, I take them back to the film section, only to go through a time-warp.)

Man: “And how much is the book?”

Me: “Forty-five dollars, sir.”

Man: *to woman* “Forty-five dollars.” *to me* “No discount?”

Me: *trying not to laugh* “No, sir, I’m sorry. Still no discount.”

(I have not seen them since, but I wonder if they’ve pulled this stunt with any of my coworkers!)