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I had paid for website renovation and design services, which came with one rough draft and a final draft. You could pay extra to have a version beyond the final draft if you want any additional adjustments.

I sent in what I wanted my rough draft to look like, and received no response. A week later, I received an email saying they are still waiting on the rough draft, so I submitted it again. A week after that, I was told my website was complete and that they were grateful for my patronage. I told them I had only sent in one draft because they never got my first message. They said they did, and showed proof that they received both, but allowed me a “third” draft for free so that they could admit to being wrong without being wrong.

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(One day on my dinner shift in the cafe I work in, I was taking orders from the registers along with my coworker. An older woman comes to my register while another lady was helped by my coworker and order a meal and a dessert that was about 10 dollars and hand me a twenty. I give her a ten dollar bill and she sits down and gets her meal. She then also bought a drink and hands me another twenty and I gave her the change as well. While taking out orders, the older woman calls for me.)
Customer: I didn’t get my change for my meal.
Me: Oh I’m sorry. But are you sure? I do remember handing you a ten dollar bill when I took down your order.
Customer: I’m sure *she then takes out her wallet and pulls out her money and shows me her dollar bills. She starts getting suspicious* I have the change you gave me for the drink but I don’t have a ten dollar bill here.
Me: Here, let me check the register to see if it over ten dollars then it would mean that I did not given your change.
*ten minutes later, I count the Register and it’s perfectly fine*
Me: So I’ve check the register and it does not contain an extra ten dollar so it means I did given you your change ma’m.
Customer: *starting to get pissed off and think I’m lying* Well I don’t have my change!
Me: Well, did you check if you put it in your pocket or your purse?
Customer: *checks in a pocket of her purse* It’s not here! It’s not in my purse and in my wallet! Maybe YOU dropped it around your register.
*starting to be frustrated I checked the registers counters and still no ten dollar bill. So, I go ask the lady who was help by my coworker that overheard the situation with the other lady*
Customer 2: Yeah, I did see you giving her a ten dollar bill when she was over there. I think she may have dropped it in her purse or on the floor.
*So I go back to the Customer 1 and told her what Customer 2 had said. Customer 1 seems bitter keeps eating in silence and I go check everywhere else that could possibly be but then I gave up since I was in the clear and was not my fault so I start helping other customers. Five minutes later as I was giving a customer a key to use the bathroom…*
Customer 1: Excuse me.
*I turn around and see that in her hand was the ten dollar bill. Turns out it was inside in part of her purse that she didn’t check the first time like everyone had suggested that it may have been in.*

So then she pick up her plate and dropped it off at the tray where dirty plates were put in and without any word and left without at least an apology. And I have not seen her ever since.

Because Fasting All Day Isn’t Hard Enough Already

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(I am in eighth grade. My family is Muslim and it is the month of Ramadan, one where we have to fast between dawn and sunset. My last meal was the Suhur [predawn meal] and I’m on my last class, which is gym. By this point I’m very hungry, and don’t have the most energy for gym. My teacher stops me after class one day.)

Teacher: [My Name], I notice you’ve been slowing down for the past week or so in running laps. You all right?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m fine. Just haven’t been eating much during the daytime.

Teacher: “Why’s that?”

Me: “My family is fasting right now for Ramadan, so I can’t really eat anything after 5:30ish.”

Teacher: “Well, no wonder you’re going so slow. How much longer does this Ramadan thing last? Until then you can sit on the bench, all right?”

(I do as I am told for the next week. The Monday of the fourth week of Ramadan, I get called into the principal’s office. When I get there, there is another teacher I’ve never had, the school nurse, and someone that I will later learn is from Child Protective Services.)

Principal: “Do you know why you’re here today, [My Name]?”

Me: “No, what did I do?”

Nurse: “You haven’t done anything wrong. We’re here to talk to you about your eating disorder.”

Me: “Disorder? I don’t have any eating disorder.”

Principal: “Now, [My Name], you don’t need to lie to us. Your teacher reported that you haven’t been eating at all, and that your family is encouraging this dangerous behavior. We called in someone who can make sure you’re well taken care of.”

(At this point I’m thoroughly confused, and think that my gym teacher has said something to them.)

Me: “I don’t have an eating disorder or anything like that! I just haven’t been eating during the day for Ramadan.”

CPS Worker: “Wait, did you say Ramadan?”

Teacher #2: “Don’t be silly, that’s just a made up thing that people use to not feed their family.”

CPS Worker: “Er, Principal [Name], may I have a word with you for just a moment?”

(At this point, the adults talk among themselves for a few minutes. After hushed arguing, the nurse comes back to talk to me.)

Nurse: “Go on back to class. There’s just been a misunderstanding is all.”

(I went back to class even more confused than before. It wasn’t until a couple of years later, when my own little brother was in that middle school, that I found out what happened. Apparently, my gym teacher was making idle talk with some other teachers, and the teacher I didn’t know said something to the principal. I also found out that he didn’t believe that Islam was a real religion, and didn’t bother to include the holiday in his story to the principal. My brother later told me that the teacher always glared at him, due to our last name.)

You Just ‘F’d Yourself

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I’m put in a partnered presentation with a guy that I, unfortunately, know very well. I am dreading the experience, as he has always had it out for me, for reasons unknown. He tries to stir up arguments a few times, but we both manage to focus on the assignment.

The night before, I review the project just before going to bed. All seems fine and dandy — I give myself a pat on the back for a job well done before going to sleep.

The next day, we get to our class and end up presenting second. His first few slides are great, I have to admit. He may annoy the h*** out of me, but he is smart. But when I get to my slides, after I read the text, some… interesting images show up.

Screen-caps of XXX… adult filmography slide onto the screen, accompanied with a soundtrack of moans and groans. My face turns bright red. What’s worse, the teacher is known for being very strict and very prude. He begins shouting at me for the images, no matter how much I insist it isn’t my fault.

Luckily, my friend is much more familiar with the program, so she directs it to a page that shows the edits of the presentation and when. Sure enough, the guy added the images and sound effects early this morning.

I ended up getting an A, and he got an F and an in-school detention. Justice is served!

Sizing Up To Be A Nice House

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(After years of scrimping, planning, and renting a tiny room in a small condo to save money, my husband and I are buying a house. We’re still constantly staggered by how big it feels, especially compared to what we’re used to. He takes a picture of me in front of it, and then shows me the picture on his phone.)

Husband: “You look so small!”

Me: “Yes, but in my defense, almost EVERY house is bigger than me. Not just this one.”

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