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(I work at a company that offers cable and internet service. We recently came out with a service similar to Netflix.)

Customer: So tell me about [service].

Me: Okay. Well right now it is available as a streaming service, through you’re computer or tablets. It is $4 a month but the first month is free. You sign in with your email and password and can watch whatever content they have there. Later this week they are supposed to be launching it on our Ondemand through your tv as well.

Customer: So I can use my tv to watch it? and how do I access it?

(I go through the steps that would be needed to access it through the tv once it is available and stress a few times that it will only be available later in the week. He adds the service and I think that is the end of the conversation.)

An hour later a call comes in…

Customer: So i just added [service]. But I can’t find it on my Ondemand…

Me: The Ondemand for that service is only going to be available later this week…

Customer: Oh, okay…*hangs up*


They’re Going To Pay For That Later

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(I work in a cable office. I’ve just finished closing up my station for the day. I’ve put my drawer in the safe and closed out of the payment system. I can still swap equipment or answer basic questions if I need to. I come out of the back room at the office and see my coworker on the phone doing a complicated name change on a customer’s account, which usually takes half an hour to compete. There is a line of half a dozen people stacking up, and since my coworker is going to be by himself after I leave, I decide to hop back on quickly to help do anything but payments.)

Me: *to line* “I can help the next person not making a payment?”

Next Customer in Line: “Ooh! That’s me!”

(I look down at his hand, and I see what looks suspiciously like a payment slip wrapped around cash.)

Me: “Okay, so, not making a payment?”

Next Customer in Line: “Yeah, I’m just making a payment.”

Me: *pause* “The next customer not taking a payment.”

Next Customer in Line: *head drops and shoulders slump* “Oh…”

Customer #2: “I don’t have to make a payment!”

Me: “Great! Come on over!”

(That wasn’t so hard, was it?)

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Getting Some Eight Hate

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(This occurred when I first started my job and had little experience on the floor. My store’s assistant manager is among the most accommodating individuals on the retail side of the company, and is on the computer next to mine. A customer walks into the store, visibly upset.)

Me: “Good afternoon! Welcome to [Company]. My name is [My Name]. How can I help you today?”

Customer: *with a scowl* “I have a billing issue I need resolved. I was told my bill would be $108 and it’s at $111! This is unacceptable!”

Me: “I apologize about that, ma’am.”

(I pull up her account and flag my assistant manager down, since I don’t know how to adjust pricing yet at this point in time.)

Me: “My manager will be taking over, since he has more expertise on this sort of issue. We’ll get this resolved for you!”

(My assistant manager greets the customer and does his magic, lowering her monthly rate to $103.)

Assistant Manager: “Ma’am, I’m sorry for that miscommunication when you first signed up for services. I know how frustrating that is. We have you with a few better discounts on here to adjust the bill down to $103.”

Customer: *indignantly* “I was told it would be $108! I NEED IT AT $108!”

Assistant Manager: “Ma’am, we have you here on a better deal than that; we are at $103, where you will be saving $5 a month compared to what you were initially quoted.”

Customer: “You guys are a bunch of liars! Get it to $108 or I’ll find a different cable provider!”

Assistant Manager: “Absolutely.” *he shoots me a confused look* “Ma’am, it’ll be $108 as promised initially.”

(At this point, the customer nods and silently blazes out the door. To this day, over a year later, my assistant manager and I still laugh about the one lady that really wanted to drop an additional $5 per month for no reason!)

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HDMI 5 Is Not Alive

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(There is a big thunderstorm that knocks out my cable. I try resetting my box and it gets nothing. I notice when I unplug and plug in the HDMI cable, the TV registers that there is a signal, but it doesn’t reappear. On a whim, I swap HDMI cords with my DVD player and both HDMI cables work perfectly! This is important for the story, because I have already tried it prior to calling and have told her that. At this point, we have already reset the box again and have been through checking the chords, twice. I have told her I only have HDMI 1 and 3 working about four times before this,)

Employee: “Can you go to HDMI 1.”

Me: “I am there, and I see no signal.”

Employee: “Go to HDMI 3.”

Me: “Still no signal.”

Employee: “Now HDMI 2.”

Me: *humoring her* “Nope. Nada.”

Employee: “Go to HDMI 5.”

Me: “I don’t have HDMI 5. I only have 1 and 3.”

Employee: “So, no HDMI 4?”

Me: “No. Just 1 and 3.”

Employee: “Well, check your HDMI cables again. It looks perfect on my end.”

Me: *thinking* “Yeah. The issue is your HDMI port…” *instead* “Okay. Everything looks fine.”

Employee: “And it still doesn’t work? Have you checked HDMI 1?”

(I realize this lady is not listening to me, and I predict her next steps. When she puts me on hold to “consult” with someone, I swap my HDMI cords and turn the DVD player on. I then wait for her to ask me to check.)

Employee: *returning* “Well, everything is giving a signal on my end. It must be your HDMI. Can you try making sure it is connected on both ends?”

Me: “Yeah.” *pause* “Still no signal.”

Employee: “Are you sure? Have you tried changing the inputs on your TV?”

Me: *pretends to* “Still not getting anything.”

Employee: “Have you checked all of them? Even HDMI 5?”

Me: *convinced she is punking me* “Yes. Nothing is giving a signal. But if I plug and unplug it, it is telling me that the TV senses the HDMI.”

Employee: “Hmm… It must be the HDMI cord. Are you sure you have the right HDMI?”

Me: “Yes. I only have two, ma’am. One is hooked up to the box and one to the DVD player.”

Employee: “Well, make sure you have the correct HDMI. Have you checked HDMI 5?”

Me: *fed up* “Look, it is not the HDMI cord. I have a DVD that is hooked up to HDMI 3. When I switch it to HDMI 1, the DVD player works. It is an issue with your cable box, not my HDMI cord.”

Employee: “Oh? You have a DVD player. Have you tried switching HDMI chords for the devices?”

Me: “Yes. Yes, I have.” *thinking* “Like I told you less than three seconds ago.”

Employee: “Well, that is strange… so strange… I think it is your HDMI.”

Me: “I promise you it is not. It is your box.”

Employee: *unconvinced* “Well… we can ship you a new box and have someone install it, but it could cost up to $75. Or you can pick up a new one.”

(Translation: “It is probably your fault and you can’t plug in a d*** HDMI cable.”)

Me: “I pick it up and install it myself, thanks. Can you please put the order in?”

Employee: *still unconvinced* “All right, but you have to tell them that it got damaged by the storm, you hear me? Tell them the storm is what damaged it.”

(And that is how it took me 30 minutes to order a new cable box, because the tech was so fixated on “HDMI 5” being the answer to all my problems. For the record, yes, it was NOT my HDMI cord that was the problem. The storm had fried the box.)

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Will Eventually Do A 180 On The 189

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(I work in sales at a call center for a large cable company. We also provide Internet, phone and home security services. A mailer has been sent out offering a bundle deal for all services, premium level, starting at $189.99 for two years. This is one of many calls I’ve taken:)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. My name is [My Name]. How may I help you today?”

Customer: “Yeah, I got one of these things in the mail for $189 and I want to know more about it.”

Me: “Sure! I’d be happy to go over the details of that offer with you!”

(I gather his information, going over the details of the offer while I’m looking over his account. I see he’s in a bundle very similar with premium cable, the fastest Internet we offer, and telephone for $169.99 a month. Our security is normally $40 a month, so this bundle will offer a great saving on adding that service to his account.)

Customer: “Wow, that sounds like a really good deal! All those channels and the fast Internet for $189. But do you have any specials if I don’t want the security?”

Me: “Well, sir, you’ve already got the bundle without the security. However—”

Customer: “Listen, lady, I want the deal price without security. I just got all this stuff installed two weeks ago and I didn’t know about this sale until today. I know I have two more weeks to change my services until I’m locked into this contract. So do whatever it is you have to get me this price!”

Me: “But, sir, your monthly rate is already—”

Customer: “It’s not $189. I want it at $189. Now!”

(This goes on a couple more times,  with me trying to explain his rate is $169.99 and him cutting me off before I could tell him his desired rate is $20 more.)

Me: “Let me see what I can do to get you at $189, sir. Please hold.”

(I go explain to a supervisor what’s going on with this customer and how he won’t be happy until his rate is $189.99.)

Supervisor: *laughing* “Well, it’s all about what he wants. Add something that’s $20, note the account really well and when he calls back in a month to complain about being charged for something he doesn’t want we’ll just take it off and credit it.”

(I do as told, adding a fitness channel package for $6 and a foreign language package for $14.)

Me: “Great news, sir! I was able to get your monthly rate to $189.99, plus unlocked about twenty more channels for you. How does that sound?”

Customer: “Finally! I can’t believe it took fifteen freakin’ minutes for you to do your d*** job!”

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