They Deserve A Cat Nap After This Rescue

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(I’m driving home from the grocery store at around 2:00 pm and I am about to pull into a left turn lane. This is a really busy street. A bunch of cars in front of me get a green light and are about to start going. One car throws their door open and drops a tiny kitten out onto the middle of the road in front of my car. I stop my car, blocking the lane, throw on my hazards, and hop out. Yes, I realize it’s incredibly dangerous, and a really poorly thought-out move.)

Me: “Here, kitty.”

(As I make noises to call the cat, a woman on the other side of the street calls out to me.)

Woman: “Is that your baby?”

Me:No! Someone just threw it on to the road.”

Woman: “If it comes this way, I’ll grab it.”

(I am able to run, grab the kitten, and wrap it in my sweater, but not without getting scratched and bitten. It calms down, and I’m able to get strapped in before any other cars come by in my lane and before the light turns green. I head home and wake my husband up.)

Me: *crying and talking fast* “Babe, I was driving home and someone dropped a kitten out of their car in front of me. I’ll totally take it to the humane society since we said we didn’t want more pets. But I’m upset and I need you.”

Husband: *calming me down* “Looks like we have a new member of the family.”

(It’s been three weeks. The vet says he’s perfectly healthy. He’s fully acclimated to our other three cats and our kids. He’s the sweetest little love bug. Thanks to the jerk who threw a kitten out of their car, we now have an amazing new member of the family.)

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(My co-worker and I were doing a tire rotation on a customer’s car. Some random lady walks towards us and stands outside the shop. At this moment, I am standing in the front of the car and my co-worker is at the rear. She ask for some help and my co-worker said something to her. We then rotated the tire and she was still there. She kept asking for help and so I decided to help her. This was also a few years back, so I don’t remember how exactly the conversation went but i remember the event.)

Lady: Is anyone going to help me?

Me: How can I help you?

Lady: I parked my car on your property and now it is not there. You guys must of towed it and I want my car back. (We have our own parking lot that can fit up to 13 cars. We did not see anyone’s car get towed.)

Me: You can talk to my manager.

Lady: Where is he?

Me: In the office, it is right over there *points to the office* (The office is not attached to the shop and many customers can’t find it despite being the only office in the lot. She goes to the office and talks with the manager. I see them walking out to where her car was. The manager returns to the office and the lady went away. I finished working on the customer’s car and went to talk to my manager.)

Me: What was up with the lady?

Manager: She parked her car on the street. It was timed parking and she exceeded that time limit. Her car got towed by the city and she blamed us because she thought that we own that street. I told her to call the police and they would notify her of the towing.

(At this point, I go back to the shop and explain the event to my co-worker. The manager also comes and we all joke about how we “own” the street.)

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I’m standing behind another customer who’s trying to pay for her hair cut at the counter. There’s a big sign on the counter: “We’re sorry, but our card reader is broken! We can only accept cash. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Customer: <takes out a credit card and hands it to the clerk>

Clerk: Oh, I’m sorry, our card reader isn’t working right now. We can only take cash,

Customer: Oh, okay. How about debit?

Clerk: Our card reader is broken. We can’t take any cards, only cash.

Customer: Well, I don’t know how to pay you then!

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(I work in a casual quick-serve restaurant in an upper-middle class neighborhood. A customer orders a plain cheese quesadilla which I proceed to label with a “K” before handing off to the cashier.)

Customer: K for quesadilla? Haha, no wonder you work in fast food.

Me: Actually it’s “K” for kids’ meal because it’s cheaper since your quesadilla was plain. But next time I’ll be sure to write a “Q” on it so they’ll charge you $8 for 2 ounces of cheese and a tortilla.

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(I work the reception desk for one of the University’s smaller departments. One day in my first year I get a call from a man trying to meet with an academic adviser. Recently our main adviser left and we’ve been transferring calls to another department that’s helping us out while we hire a new one. This week, well before the semester starts, that adviser is on vacation).
Caller: I need to speak with an adviser.
Me: Certainly. Advisement is being handled by [other department] right now, let me transfer you.
Caller: No, i already called him and they said he wasn’t and didn’t say when he’d be back.
Me: Well then you’ll have to email him.
Caller: i did that, but he hasn’t responded.
(As my father is also an adviser and was a teacher for many years, I start to lose sympathy for this guy who thinks he can just interrupt someone’s vacation).
Me: I apologize, but there’s really nothing more I can do for you. I’m sure [adviser] will get back to you as soon as he’s able.
Caller: Well can you give me his home number so I can get in touch with him?
(I’m so shocked by the lunacy of the request that I don’t even think to respond “no that’s not allowed.”)
Me: I’m sorry I don’t have that information.
Caller: (Now growing irate) You work with him every day and you don’t know his home phone number?
(Still new to this, I freeze up again trying to process everything wrong with what he’s saying).
Me: No.
(The caller hangs up irately. I tell my boss when she gets back and she has a good gripe about how some of these people shouldn’t have even been admitted to the university).