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You Won’t Be-Leaf It

| Right | November 16, 2012

(I am on the bus. There was a rather severe windstorm the previous night.)

Passenger: “Why are we stopping in the middle of the road?”

Driver: “There’s a fallen tree in the road.”

(The passenger talks to his companions for a few seconds.)

Passenger: “Can you let us off?”

Driver: “Why?”

Passenger: “We’re going to move the tree.”

(The passenger is a rather skinny looking guy.)

Driver: “…Sure.”

(The passenger and his friends get off the bus, then proceed to drag the fallen tree out of the road.)

Driver: “Well, I’ll be…”

(Thanks to the passengers who cleared it, and to the bus driver who let them off to do it—since it’s against policy to let them off at any place but a proper bus stop.)

About To Be Publicly Humiliated

| Right | November 13, 2012

(Several teenagers are sitting in the back of a city bus, playing a boombox radio very loudly and clearly annoying the other riders.)

Driver: “Sir, please turn your radio down so other passengers can ride in peace.”

Passenger: *loudly* “Public transportation means PUBLIC!”

Driver: “Please, sir… for the comfort of all our passengers, please turn down the volume on your radio.”

Passenger: *even more loudly* “PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION MEANS PUBLIC!”

(At this point, the driver slowly stands up from his seat, pausing in the aisle. He is huge, at least 6’5″ tall and 220 pounds. He doesn’t say a word. Instead, he just smiles serenely, takes off his watch, and takes one step toward the back of the bus.)

Passenger: *turns off radio rapidly*

Fare The Horde

| Right | November 7, 2012

(On my Seattle bus, a passenger tries to slip in through the back door and sneak to a seat without paying.)

Bus Driver: “Please come up and pay, sir.”

Fare-evading Passenger: *smirks and ignores him*

Bus Driver: “Sir, please come up and pay.”

Fare-evading Passenger: *continues ignoring him*

(Fed up, I intervene.)

Me: “That’s you, bro.”

Fare-evading Passenger: *smirks again*

(I wait a few seconds before I get up, walk over, and pull out one of his ear-buds.)

Me:Look. I got three hours of sleep last night, I’m having a bad morning, and you are not going to make me late for work. Get your self-entitled a** up there and pay your d*** fare!”

Fare-evading Passenger: *slinks up to the front of the bus and pays*

(Note that I’m wearing a t-shirt with “Thrall” from World of Warcraft. Another passenger at the front notices and shouts back towards me…)

Another Passenger: “FOR THE HORDE!”

The Child After The Storm

| Right | September 28, 2012

(A bunch of young men are talking loudly in the bus and using a lot of expletives. They’re also with a female passenger who is apparently their friend and is black.)

Young Male Passenger #1: “Yeah, she’s such a f***ing b****.”

Young Male Passenger #2: “Because she’s a black c***!”

Young Female Passenger: “What?!”

Young Male Passenger #1: “Yeah!”

Young Male Passenger #2: “You black c***s can be f***ing—”

(At this moment, a boy of around age 7 gets on the bus. Hearing the rude conversation, the child immediately makes his way to the back of the bus and stands right in the middle of this group, as if challenging them to continue talking.)

Loud group: *stays completely silent for 5 seconds*

Young Male Passenger #1: “…Okay, never mind.”

Young Male Passenger #2: “Um… I meant… you black ladies are… pretty crazy. Yeah. Pretty crazy at times.”

(They stopped using offensive language after that, at least until the young boy’s parents called him back to sit with them!)


| Working | September 18, 2012

(I work at a job part time where I need to go to different locations often. I usually take the bus to new locations so I like to confirm with the bus driver that I am taking the right bus.)

Me: “Hi, I need to get to this location. I just want to make sure I am taking the right bus.”

(I show him a piece of paper with an address and the building name on it. I’m at a terminal and the bus driver is sitting in his seat talking to another bus driver who is standing outside the bus door.)

Bus Driver: “This bus goes somewhat close to [building name], but Bus #100 goes directly there. That bus doesn’t get here for another 40 minutes, though.”

Me: “Okay, thanks. I don’t want to be late for my job, so I guess I’ll go on this bus, then. How long of a walk do you think it is from the stop to [building name]?”

Bus Driver: “Does it matter? You’re not an old lady. You have the physical ability to walk. God, teenagers these days are so lazy and complain about anything that has to do with a little work when us older people wish we could do all the things you can but won’t! You should be a bit more appreciative!”

(The other bus driver chuckles and rolls his eyes.)

Me: “Actually, I’m 23, and I did just start learning to walk again without crutches. I’ve been off my feet for four months from a serious injury and operations which left me with a foot mostly made of metal. So, no, I can’t  walk too much, but right now I don’t really care about that. I just wanna make it to work on time. ”

Bus Driver: *sheepishly* “Oh, well, it’s about a 10 minute walk. How was I suppose to know that?!”

Me: “It’s not about what you didn’t know, it’s about not assuming all young people are lazy, a**hole. Now can you please lower your ramp so I can get on this bus?”

(He lowers his ramp and as I walk pass him limping and struggling, him and the other bus driver sheepishly apologize.)

Both Bus Drivers: “Sorry…”