Siri Should Answer Every Unreasonable Customer Ever

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(I approach the bus stop to find an old man yelling at his iPhone. This is more or less what goes down.)

Old Man: “Da** it, what bus goes home?”

Siri: “I don’t know your home address.”


Siri: “I don’t know your home address.”


Siri: “I don’t know your home address. Tap your name to add it.”

Old Man: “No, you’ll steal it!”

Siri: “Who, me?”

Old Man: “YES, YOU!”

Siri: “And you.”


Siri: “Well… I’m still here for you.”

Old Man: *yells in frustration*

Siri: “What’s that again?”

(Without warning, the old man chucked the phone across the street and stamped off down the sidewalk.)

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I Am 17, Going On 15…

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(I am a bus driver.)

Customer: “One child’s ticket to [location].”

Me: “How old are you?”

Customer: “Fifteen.”

Me: “Full fare, please.”


Me: *calmly points to the “Happy 17th Birthday” badge on her top*

Customer: *blushes*

Me: “So, full fare?”

Customer: “Yeah…”

Exactly Where Did She Grow Up

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Woman #1: *American accent* “Hey! May I just ask you what you are doing?”

Me: “Waiting for a bus.”

Woman #1: “Really?! And what do you do?”

Me: “To wait for a bus?”

(She nods.)

Me: “You… just stand around, waiting.”

(She looks at me really enthusiastically, and then moves on to questions like, is it a hobby, how long do people wait, and if “bus” [with actual air quotes] is some sort of animal native to the UK. After a few minutes another woman appears and tells her they’re leaving. The first woman shakes my hand and she joins her group. The other woman stays behind to talk to me.)

Woman #2: “Sorry about that, she’s had quite a… closed childhood, and not everything is quite there. She seems to think even the most mundane thing over here is strange and exotic. Thank you, though, for entertaining her. Most people have just walked away, acting really offended.”

Don’t Beer And Bus

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(I work for a popular travel center. It’s a fancy way of saying it’s a big truck stop that serves both semi trucks and regular vehicles. This store also happens to be a stop on a commercial bus route so we get really big rushes of people when the buses stop there. The passengers on the bus are not allowed to purchase or consume alcohol because a drunk passenger can cause disruptions and potentially compromise the safety of the driver and passengers. We sell beer at our location and must refuse the sale of it to passengers and inform the bus driver if they try to buy it. A customer approaches the register.)

Me: “Good afternoon. Are you riding the bus today?”

Passenger #1: *has beer and an empty cup* “Yep, I am heading to [Location].”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir; unfortunately, I cannot sell you this beer.” *slides the beer behind the register*

Passenger #1: “Why not? I was just going to put it in this cup.”

Me: “I am sorry, but we cannot sell beer to bus passengers.”

Passenger #1: “Well, I won’t bring it on the bus, then; I will just drink it before getting on the bus.”

Me: “Again, I apologize but it is against the law in the state of Florida to drink alcohol on the premises.”

(Passenger #1 gets frustrated and pays for his other stuff complaining the whole time. Passenger #2 is next in line and has listened in on the entire conversation.)

Me: “Good afternoon. Are you riding the bus today?”

Passenger #2: “Nope.”

(I have worked here long enough that I can generally tell when the people are lying and all of the bus drivers brief their passengers on the policy.)

Me: “Okay, then.”

(I ring him up and when he leaves, I call our maintenance guys to keep an eye on him over our headphone/radio walkie-talkies. Maintenance usually monitors the bus passengers whenever a bus arrives. The maintenance guy catches the passenger with the beer outside, waiting with the other passengers, so I call over the driver and point the guy out. The driver kicks him off the bus. Passenger #2 comes back to my register.)

Passenger #2: “I want to return this beer.”

Me: “I am sorry, sir. According to state laws, we cannot accept returns on beer, alcohol, or tobacco products.”

Passenger #2: “Well, when does the next bus come? This is bull-s***! Can I take the next bus?”

Me: “Our company does not have a contract with bus company so we do not posses their schedules, so we do not exactly know when next bus for [Destination] will arrive. Usually when they do come, it is at the driver’s discretion to allow you on the bus or not.”

Passenger #2: “So what the f*** am I supposed to do?”

Me: “I am sorry, sir, but those are the policies. The driver may not take you if you still possess or consume that beer, and it is against the law to consume the beer on the premises.”

Passenger #2: “Then give me my money back!”

Me: “As I have stated before, sir, I cannot do that; it is against the law.”

(By now I have a small line forming behind him with one of my coworkers on break trying to pay for her lunch behind him.)

Passenger #2: “Then what the f*** am I supposed to do?”

Coworker: *behind Passenger #2* “Throw it out and remember to follow the rules next time!”

(The guy is mad and makes a show of slamming the beer into the trash before stomping outside and waiting for the next bus, which does not come until later that night. The driver comes in and asks us a couple of questions.)

Driver: *to me* “Why is that guy outside… really?”

Me: “He tried to buy beer and got kicked off of the bus.”

Driver: “I figured that much. He tried to say that you guys told the other driver to kick him off for no reason.”

(The driver let him on with a warning about lying to her and trying to buy another beer.)

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During the years I lived in Indiana, I didn’t have a car and depended on the bus system completely to get around. Normally this wasn’t a problem. However, there were a few occasions it was NAW-worthy.

One day, I needed to get to the bank after work. This required catching two buses one after the other and relied on both being on time, along with my coworker, who had to clock in before I could leave.

My coworker was five minutes late, and I ran the full quarter mile to the bus stop (which included going up two flights of stairs and through a building; side note that I am not a very athletic or even very active person). Miraculously, I still made it to the stop with just under two minutes to spare.

And yet as I came stumbling/sprinting up to the stop, I saw the bus pulling away from the curb — early, and into a red light! Not only did the driver have no reason to pull away from the curb because of the light, she was still a good minute and a half from even arriving at the stop!

Normally, I would’ve let it go, but I *had* to get to the bank, so I wound up all my courage and stepped over to knock on the bus door (it wasn’t fully away from the curb, so there was no traffic hazard). The driver skewered me with a furious death scowl and shook her head. All through that red light, I had to stand on the curb staring at the bus I desperately needed to be on, and could’ve been on if not for my careless late coworker and the sadistic early bus driver.

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