Enough People To Fill A Bus

| Boston, MA, USA | Friendly | February 19, 2016

(I am the idiot in this story, being unfamiliar with driving in the city I have somehow driven into the ‘BUSES ONLY’ section of the station. I spot a driver on his break and pull up next to him.)

Me: “I am so lost; can you please tell me how to get out of here?”

Driver: *points* “Follow the street along that wall as it curves up and you’ll get back to the street.”

Me: *very embarrassed* “Please tell me I’m not the only person who’s done this.”

Driver: *laughs* “Lady, you aren’t even the first person TODAY!”

Needs To Board A School Bus

| BC, Canada | Right | April 3, 2014

(I work at a bus depot which has trips running daily to Alberta. I’m not new to the job, and know pretty much all the common destinations.)

Customer: “My daughter needs a ticket to Dukin.”

Me: “Dukin? I’ve never heard of it. Where is it?”

Customer: “In Alberta! I know there’s a bus going to Dukin tonight! She took this trip last month. I know you guys go there, you know, Doo – kin. Dukin!”

Me: “It’s not in the computer. How do you spell it?”

Customer: “L – E – D… something…”

Me: “Leduc?”

Customer: “Yeah! That’s what I said: Dukin!”

(She buys tickets regularly now, and calls the city Dukin to this day.!)

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Not Ever Working, Part 5

| Canada | Working | August 31, 2012

(During rush hour, part of the subway line has unexpectedly closed down, forcing me to board a shuttle bus at an unfamiliar station. I ask an employee for help.)

Me: “Excuse me, which platform is the shuttle bus boarding on?”

Employee: “Follow the crowd.”

Me: “Sir, it’s rush hour. There are people going in every direction.”

Employee: “Not my problem.”

Me: “Can you please tell me where I board the bus?”

Employee: “No!”


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