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(I work at a food company and get lots of stupid calls passed over to me all the time, this one takes the cake. A Thai lady called and this conversation was conducted in Thai)

[Co-worker passes me a call she was on]
Me: Hello, how can I help you?
Lady: Did you find out?
Me: I’m sorry, can you tell me again what was the issue?
Lady: My friend from the Phillipines sent over information from a radio show that canned fruit from Thailand has HIV. I love to eat canned lychee so I need to know if this is true.
Me: Ah, I’ve heard of that rumor before. It was often sent as forwards.
Lady: I went to the local supermarket and there was NO canned fruit.
Me: That’s not possible ma’am. There are no issues with canned fruit from Thailand.
Lady: It’s from a radio show, let me send it to you. Do you have LINE? (messaging app)
Me: Sorry I do not have LINE. There are no issues with our product ma’am.
Lady: YOU NEED TO CHECK THE NEWS! We’re all going to die.
Me: There are no issues ma’am.
Lady: Are you Thai?
Me: Yes
Lady: Oh, because your Thai isn’t great. Were you born here?
Me: Yes
Lady: Well my son was born here and works on WALL ST. His Thai and English is perfect.
Me: I’m sorry my Thai isn’t good enough for you.
Lady: I don’t normally speak to anyone who doesn’t speak Thai clearly.

(I let her rant and then hang up. Needless to say, I was on FIRE after that)

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I am organizing some merchandise on top of a table when I hear a voice from behind me and very close to my ear that makes me jump.

Customer: Letter opener.
Me: OH! My goodness, I’m sorry?
Customer: letter. Letter opener.
Me: Are you asking if we have letter openers?
Customer: I suppose.
Me: We might have some if you’ll follow me to this case.
Customer: If you insist.
Me: nope, looks like our last one was sold.
Customer: I suppose I’ll…
Me: …. beg pardon?
Customer: Yes. Goodbye.
Me: Adieu?
Customer: Ugh.

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We are a small boutique who specialize in vintage and new furniture, as well as some fun and interesting gift ideas. A woman comes in and approaches the counter immediately.

Woman: “Hi, I need napkins for a party.”
Me: “I’m sorry, we don’t carry napkins.”
Woman: “Well you should. I need them.”

Then she left, looking annoyed.

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I worked at a discount retail store. I was the only cashier available at the moment and i had a line of costumers. costumer walk to the register and asked me where are the toothbrushes. we had a display of toothbrushes on sale and they were visible from the register and they were right at the begging of isle. it was a big display and you couldn’t miss it.

me: we have a sale on toothbrushes right now and the display is right at the begging of the aisle 2. just keeps walking and they will ne on your right side.
*two minutes later i hear a scream
costumer:you dont have any toothbrushers where, do you even know what am asking for?
*like i said the display was visible from the register.
me: oh from where you are just walk 5 steps turn right and they will be right in front of you.
*he walked mire than five
costumer: i dont see anything.
me: toothbrushers are on your right
costumer: i dont see them
me: sir, they are right on your right side, right next to you.
*turns to the left
me: your other side
*makes a whole turn, a 360 degrees turn lands right on the same spot.
*by now am a bit frustrated but i started to tell him again that the toothbrushes are right next to him.
costumer: forget it am just going to find it myself and walks into the aisle.
*ppl i line keep telling me good luck with the special one as they pay and walk out the store. finally another cashier comes i to help me and the guy is now in line wait to pay.
me:i see you finally found the toothbrushes.
costumer: yes and not thanks to you. you know i would like to talk to your manager because you need to learn to explain things better. you need to learn how things work you had me looking on the wrong spot where i was standing where is no right side on that spot right side does not exist how to you expect me to find them on the right side if it doesn’t exist.
me and coworkers: *speachless

Seriously, Who Does This?

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There’s a guy at my gym who sometimes tries to chat me up. I’m polite but nothing more, as I’m not interested.

One night, I’m leaving the gym just as he’s arriving. We exchange greetings for a few seconds and I set off on my walk home without a second thought.

Halfway there, I stop to wait for a traffic light and just happen to look over my shoulder.

He’s right behind me.

I scream, “Why are you following me?!”

He has the nerve to stand there smiling and ask, “Oh, did I scare you?” as if it’s perfectly normal to follow a woman late at night — or any time, for that matter.

I raise my fists into a fighting stance and scream again, “BACK OFF, MOTHERF*****!”

He takes off running. I’m so petrified that I can’t move until he’s out of sight.

I’ve never seen him again, but I’m always uneasy he’ll show up at the gym again.

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