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(It’s a really dead Sunday morning, so I’m sitting behind the customer service desk reading not always working when a customer comes up and  I hear the following exchange)
(Colleague) {Scans goods} That’ll be £25 please.
(Customer) {Hands over £45}
(Colleague) Oh, it’s only £25 {Hands back £20, before finishing transaction and handing over receipt.
(Customer) {Goes to hand back £20} But it should have been £45
(Colleague) No, it only came to £25 so you gave me too much.
(Customer) My grandad gave me this money to spend.
(Colleague) You can always spend it on something else.
(Customer) He won’t like that, I’ll just tell him that the girl wouldn’t take it. {Leaves}
(Colleague) {Turns to me with a “did that just happen expression”}
(Me) That made my brain hurt.