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(I work at a burger place that also serves chicken. We have different types available, and this conversation takes place far too often.)

Me: “Hi, welcome to [store], how can I help you?”

Customer: “Chicken.”

Me: “Okay, what kind of chicken?”

Customer: “Chicken!”

Me: “Yes, what kind of chicken would you like?”

Customer: “CHICKEN!!!”

Me: “Would you like a chicken BURGER, chicken STRIPS, or chicken PIECES?”

Customer: “Burger!”

Me: “Okay, that’ll be [price] at the window.” *screams internally*

You Can’t Pin That On Me!

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My partner and I are visiting my hometown to attend a wedding and see my parents. To style my hair for the wedding, I bring some spiral hairpins; imagine a metal double helix about thumb length.

As we’re packing up to leave once the weekend is over, I can’t find my hairpins, but I figure it’s no big deal and they’ll turn up eventually.

A few weeks later, I’m visiting my parents again and I find my hairpins sitting on the bookshelf. I pocket them and go into the kitchen.

Me: “Hey, Mom, thanks for finding my hair things.”

Mom: “Your what?”

Me: “These.”

I show her.

Dad: “Let me see. Aha! See, I told you those weren’t bed springs!”

Me: “Uh, what?”

Dad: “Your mother found those under the bed and was convinced they were some part of the bed frame you and [Partner] had managed to jounce loose. We spent a whole afternoon trying to find where they went before we gave up.”

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Peeling Away The Layers Of Apathy

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My friend and I decide to have lunch at the cafeteria-style restaurant inside one of our local supermarkets. My friend is very allergic to onions, which makes eating out difficult for her.  

Friend: “Do you want to split a wrap if we can find one without onions?”

Me: “Sure.” *To the counter person* “Do your Thai chicken wraps have any onions in them? My friend is allergic.”

Counter Person: “I’ll ask. Hey, [Coworker], do the Thai chicken wraps have any onions in them?”

Coworker: “No.”

Me: “Okay.” *To my friend* “Do you want any soup with it? They have Vegetable Rotini or Cream of Mushroom. The mushroom might be okay.”

The original counter server is busy with another customer so I ask her coworker, who very clearly heard our comment about the allergy.

Me: “So, which of these soups would be good?”

Coworker: “Whichever you want.”

Me: “But do either of them not have onions?”

Coworker: “How should I know?”

Friend & Me: “…”

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Y’All Ever Hear Of Sarcasm?

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I work at a major international coffee chain. I am doing this job only because I need it and living in Vancouver is expensive.

We’re at a regular all-staff meeting.

Management: “We have a new policy to save costs. From now on, when charities come in asking if we can donate food or coffee for their events, we are going to instead offer them volunteers.”

Me: *Over-enthusiastically* “So, we get to volunteer when people ask us for donations?”

Management: “Yeah! We’ll have signup sheets in here so staff can sign up to volunteer when they’re off shift.”

Me: *Still excited* “So, instead of donating food, we get to give them our free time and volunteer on behalf of [Major Company]!”

Management: “Yep. We’re glad you’re so enthusiastic about the changes.”

My coworker whispers to another barista, my friend.

Coworker: “I can’t tell if [My Name] is weirdly excited about her job or if she really hates it.”

Friend: “She definitely hates it. So much, she’s snapped.”

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I and my GF are at a hibachi restaurant. Usually when I eat out I don’= t order any beverages, but when I go to this place I splurge on a hot sake.= It is delivered in a sake bottle and glass, with enough to fill about 3 1/= 2 glasses. At the end of our meal, after drinking 3 glasses, I reach for th= e bottle and discover the waitress had already taken it away, along with my= final portion. Since this is an expense I rarely indulge in, we decide to = say something to the waitress. I’m hoping to get a small discount for = the small amount I was not able to enjoy, but instead she brings me a whole= new bottle. At that point I was a bit embarrassed, as I felt that was more= than I deserved, but since it was already poured I accepted it. I poured m= yself a new glass, and noticed a black speck flow in. I check the glass and= exclaim in surprise that it is a fruit fly! I fish it out, and since she i= s holding out her hand I place it on her finger. Upon seeing it she apologi= zes profusely, and I tell her not to worry about it. My GF and I get a good= laugh about it, I finish my sake, and on the way out the waitress apologiz= es again for the fly, which I assured her I was not upset about as it was n= ot her fault.

I ended up tipping 35%, enough extra to cover the bonus drink they didn&#03= 9;t need to serve me, so hopefully there’s no hard feelings.