Get Them To The Church On Time

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Caller: “Can I get a [premium service] taxi?”

Me: “Well, we do require a half-hour notice for that and—“

Caller: “But it’s my wedding day!”

Me: “…”

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Me: “Hi folks, we’re very sorry but our coffee grinder is currently not working, so we are unable to serve coffee for another 2-3 hours while we wait for the repairman to get it fixed.”
Customer, a female in early 20’s: “So… you can’t do any milkshakes?”
Me: “…”

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This all happened about a week after the Sydney siege in January 2015While working behind the till, an elderly gentleman comes to my till with a few items to ring up.

Me: Hello sir, how are you today?
Elderly gentleman: I see you guys sell Vegemite. Is it an Australian product?
Me: Yes sir.

As Vegemite is an Australian brand, I am already quite amused by the gentleman.

Elderly Gentleman: You people should stop selling it.

As the gentleman is speaking with a very heavy Australian accent, I get very confused.

Me: Excuse me sir?
Elderly Gentleman: See this ticker?

Shows me a Halal sticker.

Elderly Gentleman: This is Halal approved, which means Kraft (the manufacturer) supports Muslims, which means they support ISIS, which means by selling this, you people are supporting ISIS.

My manager hears what is happening, and knowing I am very outspoken about freedom of religion, comes over.

Manager: Sir, what is the problem?

Elderly gentleman tell him the story.

Manager: We’ll see what we can do.

Doesn’t Get The Fundamentals Of Waiting

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It’s lunchtime and we arrive at a casual place. The menu, the combos, and the system are a little confusing but we manage to order. The woman on the register is clearly on a working holiday, so the language and our multiple accents add to the confusion.

My companion and I sit at an outside table and comment on how her attitude didn’t help but at least we got there. After a few minutes, she comes out from behind the counter and outside to our table and says, “Your food is ready. You need to come in and get it.”

Yes, she came out empty handed to tell us to come in and get it!

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I work in a large retail warehouse, well know in Australia. We have a large nursery of plants outside, displayed on open tiered stands. A co-worker had this experience. She was at the outdoor garden entrance, which opened into the nursery, when a customer entered and walked up to her.

Customer: Excuse me do you sell plants?