Arguing Over The Weekend Never Ends

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(Usually I work alternate weekends to the store manager, but if either of us need time off we will swap shifts if we can.)

Manager: “[My Name], I need the Sunday off on my next weekend. Are you able to do it? I’ve been invited to a baby shower.”

(I check my calendar and see that I’ve got plans for that Saturday, but the plans I had for that Sunday can be done the following Sunday.)

Me: “Sure, I can do it.”

Manager: “Okay, that means you have Saturday off and work Sunday, but the next week I work your Sunday, so it evens out. Is that okay?”

Me: “Yes, that is fine.”

(A few days later, I notice that she’s got me working for the whole weekend.)

Me: “Why am I on for the Saturday?”

Manager: “Well, I figured seeing that you agreed to work the Sunday that you could work the Saturday, too.”

Me: “That wasn’t what we agreed to; we were swapping Sunday shifts only.”

Manager: “I need you to work on Saturday; I need to shop for a baby gift “

Me: “I have a family function on the Saturday.”

Manager: “Can’t you change it?”

Me: “It’s a wedding, and no, I can’t.”

(I get the day off, but on the weekend afterwards when I am supposed to work Saturday and have the Sunday off, she decides she will come in on the Saturday with me.)

Manager: “Seeing as I am in today, you can work tomorrow.”

Me: “What? I’ve made plans for tomorrow.”

Manager: “But tomorrow is your Sunday on; you can’t just make plans on your day on.”

Me: “I swapped shifts because you wanted the time off last week, remember?” *I go to look at the roster* “Hold on, you’ve got me working next Saturday, too.”

Manager: “I just wanted to make sure you had a day off and weren’t working every weekend.”

Me: “So, you gave me the Sunday off, on my weekend off, to make sure I had time off on the weekend? Which means I actually work four weekends in a row instead of the three I agreed to?”

(I made sure I get the Sunday and the Saturday off, but she made sure I knew that she was doing me a favour. I made my mind up that I would no longer swap weekend shifts with her.)

Not Painting A Pretty Picture

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(I’m digging through the little-used corner cupboard in the kitchen. My mother comes in and watches for a moment, baffled.)

Mum: “What are you looking for?”

Me: “A plastic cup.”

Mum: “Why not just use one of the glass ones? The cupboard’s full of them.”

Me: “I want something that’s obviously enough not a drinking glass that no one will come along when I’m not paying attention and take a swig of my paint water.”

Mum: “Ah.”

A Roster Not Fit For Public (Holiday) Consumption

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(I have noticed that our store, which previously didn’t open on Boxing Day, has decided to open that day this year. My manager has scheduled me to work all day. She always does this for other public holidays and takes the day off herself. I don’t usually work on the day of the week that it happens to fall on.)

Me: “I’ve already made plans for Boxing Day, seeing as we normally don’t open and the fact that it’s not my normal rostered day.”

Manager: “It’s already been submitted.”

Me: “You do realise it’s not legal to force someone to work on Boxing Day?”

Manager: “Think of the money you’ll be getting.”

(My normal hourly rate more than doubles on public holidays. The next day I check the roster, and find that I’ve been removed from working that day.)

Me: “You’ve changed the roster.”

Manager: *not very happy* “Yeah, I had to; [National Manager] is forcing all managers to work to cut costs.”

(They are on fixed wage. It didn’t help much, as sales only took in an extra $40 after covering wages for the day.)

Seeing Red About Santa

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(In the lead-up to Christmas, we have several Christmas themed cookies including a Santa and a tree.)

Customer: *points* “I want that red one!”

Me: “Oh, the Santa? Sure.”

Customer: “I call it the red one because I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I won’t say Santa.”

Me: “Uh, OK. That’ll be [price].”

Customer: “I just like the look of the red one. I won’t be calling it the Santa one because not everyone celebrates Christmas, you know.“

Me: “Well, here’s your red cookie. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

Customer: “Thanks. Maybe next year you can just call it the red one instead of Santa.”

(She leaves.)

Coworker: “For someone who doesn’t say Santa, she sure said it enough.”

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(I was serving one customer when I noticed a second customer staring intently into the chocolate cabinet. When I was done I went over to serve the next customer.)

Me: “Hi, what can I get for you today?”

Customer: “Get behind me Satan!”

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