We Are All But Saplings, At The Mercy Of Bad GPS

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(I deliver pizzas, and the system we use has a map feature that shows where a delivery is supposed to go and what the best route would be to get there. It also has a feature that suggests locations if an address is entered incorrectly. Late one night, a customer phones in and has a very soft, high-pitched voice that is very difficult to understand. My coworker tries her best to put in what she thinks she hears, but the system doesn’t recognize the address. As it’s my delivery, I call the customer back to try to get her address fixed.)

Me: “Hi, this is [Pizza Place]. Our system isn’t recognizing your address, so I’m calling to see if we can fix that.”

Customer: “Okay.” *to someone in the background* “What’s our address?”

(I hear an unintelligible background voice.)

Customer: “It’s 1234 [mumble] Drive.”

Me: *pause* “Could you spell that out for me?”

Customer: “I think it’s S-A-T-O-I-N-G.”

Me: *pause* “Okay… let me read that back. That’s S as in ‘sierra,’ A as in ‘apple,’ T as in ‘tango,’ O as in ‘octagon,’ I as in ‘igloo,’ N as in ‘November, G as in ‘grape.’”

Customer: “Yeah, that’s right.”

Me: *now thinking this might be a prank* “Okay… We’ll get that out as soon as we can.”

(I typed in the address she gave, and the first address the system suggested was 1234 Sapling Drive. Thankfully, that was the correct address, but I had to really bite my tongue when I arrived. Someone CLEARLY wasn’t paying attention.)

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Phones: For Texting Back Whoever Just Called You After It’s Stopped Ringing

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(I deliver pizza at my second job. When I check on a delivery, the system prints out a receipt with the customer’s order, name, number, address, and any comments they’ve left. Usually, I’ll plug their address into Google Maps and get there with no issue, but sometimes that doesn’t work. Maybe they entered the address wrong online, the person taking the order phone misheard them, or something similar. Whatever the reason, I will call them from my cell phone to try to figure out where to go. I can’t tell you the number of times this has happened.)

Me: *arrives at the address on the receipt, realizes the address or room number is incorrect*

Me: *calls the customer from my cell phone, no answer*

Me: *scrambles for several minutes trying to figure out where to go*

Me: *knocks on door*

Customer: *opens door*

Me: “Hi, sorry I took so long. I wasn’t given the right address.”

Customer: “Oh, was that you who called? I wondered who that might have been.”

Me: *screams internally*

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