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(When I was 19, I worked in a well-known video game store in my local mall to gather some extra funds. One day, everything is going swimmingly until a man in about his 30s walks in at about 7:30 PM.)
Me: “Welcome to

, how are you doing?”
Customer: “Shut up.”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Customer: (annoyed) “I said shut up!”
(I ignore him for a couple of  minutes, when the annoyed customer comes and slams a copy of a PS4 game onto the counter.)
Customer: “I want this for free!”
Me: “No.”
Customer: “I said I want it for FREE!”
Me: “I said no.”
Customer: “THAT’S IT!”
(The agitated customer then flung the case at my face, screaming profanity at me.)
Customer: (screaming) “I WANT THAT PS4 GAME FOR FREE, YOU C****! F*** YOU, N*****!”
(He attempts to jump over the counter to attack, but fails and falls over, knocking over batteries, headphones, and a Nintendo 3DS display in the process.)
Customer: “F*** YOU, B****! I WANT A MANAGER, NOW!”
(My manager runs in to find out what happened)
Manager: “What the h*** is going on in here?”
Customer: “He attacked me! He threw a game at me and pushed me into a display!”
Manager: “[My name], is that true?”
Me: “Not at all. HE was the one who threw the game, then jumped to attack and knocked over the display.”
Customer: “You have ZERO proof I did that! The customer is ALWAYS RIGHT!”
Me: “Actually, we have security cameras, and we also have several witnesses who can give testimony.”
(We go into the security camera room, and the footage shows everything; the man throwing the game, trying to jump over the counter, and knocking over the 3DS display.)
Manager: “Hmm. It turns out [My name] was right.”
(The customer at this point begins to throw a hissy fit, not listening to us at all.)
(The manager and I at this point, have had enough, and kick him out. The man was eventually arrested for assault and disturbing the peace. Fast-forward a few years later. I have since resigned from my job for a better-paying one. After my shift, I was sitting in my apartment reading when I got a call from my manager at my video game store job. He tells me to come visit for a surprise. I arrive about ten minutes later.)
Manager: “Hello, [My name]. Remember this guy?” (points to a man)
(I looked over, and it was the man that attacked me a few years ago.)
Manager: “He walked by this afternoon when I recognized him and I called him over here. He has something to say to you.”
Customer: “I-I’m s-s-s…”
Manager: “Come on. Say it.”
Customer: “I’m sorry I threw the game at you and tried to beat you up.”
(After he apologized, I the manager gave me a free $35 Nintendo eShop gift card and sent me on my way. Nowadays, I occasionally drop by the video game store, sometimes to buy a game, or to talk to my manager. We usually have a laugh about the whole “free game” fiasco, and if I have kids, I am definitely telling them about this!)

Fry Me A River

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(I am a manager at a popular fast food restaurant. A customer comes up to the register and I take the order because I sent the cashier to get something for another customer.)

Me: “Welcome to [Restaurant]! How may I help you?”

Customer: “Give me three [signature sandwiches].”

Me: “Would you like to make those meals, with fries and drinks, or just the sandwiches?”

Customer: “Just the sandwiches, and three [sodas].”

(I repeat the order, take her money, get her order together, and hand it to her on a tray.)

Customer: “Where are my fries?”

Me: “I am sorry, but you did not order fries.”

Customer: “I ordered the meals.”

Me: “I asked you if you wanted meals, and you said that you only wanted the sandwiches and drinks. If you want, I can get you fries, and just charge you the difference between what you paid and the price of the meals.”

Customer: “You should have known I wanted fries. I am not paying more for them. GIVE ME MY FRIES!”

Me: “If you want fries, you will have to pay for them. I am not a mind reader.”


Me: “Ma’am, I asked you if you wanted fries and you said you only wanted the sandwiches and drinks. I will not give you free food because you didn’t order what you wanted.”


Me: “Not here, you’re not!”

(I just silently stared at her while she looked at me in shock, and then looked embarrassed and slunk away.)

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(On the phone with a customer)

Customer: Can I get the boneless chicken?

Me: Sure. What size would you like?

Customer: 8. And can I get those mild?

Me: Actually, we don’t put sauce on our boneless chicken. I CAN give you a side sipping cup for mild, will that…

Customer: I KNOW you put sauce on your boneless!

Me: Excuse me?

Customer: My neighbor said you put sauce on your boneless! Why is that so hard? What kind of wing place doesn’t put sauce on their wings? You put it on my neighbor’s wings?

Me: Well, we aren’t actually a wing place. We are a pizza place that happens to sell wings. And if your neighbor got sauce on his boneless then I am sorry for the miscommunication but that is not something we typically do for our boneless. It makes the breading soggy.

Customer: Well I want mild on my wings!

Me: Okay, ma’am, 8 mild boneless wings. Anything else I can get for you?

Customer: Oh, and can you make sure those are tossed?

Me: Well since we dont usually put sauce on our boneless we don’t have a real way to toss them, so…

Customer: *sighs loudly* *hangs up*

When Saying, “Thank You For Your Service,” Results In Crickets

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(My boyfriend is in the Army National Guard and has been away in training for three months. While he’s been gone I’ve been taking care of his bearded dragon. Today I’m wearing a jacket that says Army, and has his name on it. Today is also Veterans Day.)

Me: “Hello, can I have 57 crickets, please?”

Employee: “57? That’s a precise number there!”

Me: “Yes, sir! I only have a little bit of money to spare, and I did the math, and that’s how many I can get!”

Employee: “I understand! Nice jacket! Are you in the Army?”

Me: “No, sir. My boyfriend is. He’s in training now; it’s his dragon I’m buying the crickets for.”

Employee: “That’s pretty cool! My girl wouldn’t even look after my fish when I went on vacation!”

(We laugh, then he proceeds to bag up my crickets. While I knew he couldn’t get an exact amount, I notice there’s well over the amount I asked for in the bag.)

Employee: “All righty, ma’am! That’ll be $3.87.”

Me: “Are you sure? There’s way more than what I asked for; it should be almost $10!”

Employee: *smiles* “I know, ma’am. Tell your boyfriend thank you for his service. You have a blessed day!”

Me: “Can I hug you?”

(I left the store almost in tears from this man’s generosity. When I got to talk to my boyfriend later that evening, he couldn’t believe it! Now that employee gives me a discount every time I go in!)