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An older couple (late 60s) comes in to bowl. I give them their shoes and assign them a lane and think nothing more about it until about 5-10 minutes later they come back up to the desk and the older lady has a very “concerned” look on her face…)

Me: Can I help you guys? (I notice that their scoring screen still has no names or scores so I figure they needed help with the computer)

Her: Yes, we cannot get the bowling balls to come up.

Me: (confused) You mean the balls are stuck and didn’t return?

Her: No, they just haven’t come up.

Me: (still confused) Wait…have thrown a ball yet? (I knew they hadn’t because when you throw a ball, the scorer will mark a score whether there is a name in there or not.)

Her: No. The balls haven’t come up for us to use.

Me: (now very confused but thinking I got the gist of it) Well, you have to pick out a bowling ball first like from one of these racks (point to one next to desk that holds 16 bowling balls).

Her: (glancing at the balls, then the lanes, then back to me) No…we’ve come here and the balls have ALWAYS come up for us to use.

Me: *so dumbfounded, I am at a loss of words – I had no idea what to say to that*

Husband: Come on, honey, let’s go find a ball that fits you. [to me] Thank man.

Me: No problem!

(I still haven’t gotten over that one. She thought the bowling balls would automatically come up through the ball return for her to use. The only thing she may have been referring to is if a customer threw a ball down the lane while it was ‘off’, the ball would have sat there until the lane was turned on again. Then the ball would come back up. Maybe that happened to her and the ball just happened to fit her hand. Either that or she was thinking about Skee-Ball!)

Me: *facepalm*

Mmm, Bowling With Greasy Pizza Fingers  

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On Fridays and Saturdays, the bowling alley I work at closes at midnight. At 11:30, we pretty much have the kitchen shut down, and we’re cleaning. However, on this particular night, this group of five people came in at 11:30, and bought two games for each person. 

We thought that’d be it. Well, they decided to order food. Which is fine, because we usually keep one deep fryer on for this purpose. So, they decided to get a breaded tenderloin, fried pickles, and a freaking pizza with ten breadsticks! We had already shut down the pizza oven, and it takes ten minutes to heat it up. Okay, fine. 

The tenderloin was specified to only have pickles on it. So, I put just pickles on it and brought it out to the group. When I was bringing out their fried pickles, the girl who ordered the tenderloin said, “Actually, can I get ketchup and mustard for this?” I said sure, but as I was getting it for her, I was thinking, “Why didn’t you order it with your sandwich if you wanted it, then?!” 

I got the pizza out to them, and everything was fine. So, I got back to cleaning, shut everything off, and such. Then, I realized that they were not even there! They’d all gone to the bar in the middle of their game. After a while, they came out of the bar and started bowling again. Then, five minutes later, I had to go get a mop bucket. One of the guys stopped me and said, “Oh, we’ll be right back,” and they all went outside.  

I finished mopping and they came back in. I went and collected the pizza dish, so I could finish dishes before I needed to leave. One of them had the gall to say, “We’re sorry we’re staying so late.”

It was, like, 12:10 at this point. 

I finished the dishes and my boss told me I could go home. They were still bowling as I left, at 12:30. 

You’re not freaking sorry if you keep going in and out of the bar, in and outside, and keep putting money in the machine to play music.

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Stolen Broken Bowling Balls

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(This story belongs to my brother, who is also my manager at the bowling alley where I work. This lady comes in demanding his help.)

Lady: “I need help! My car was stolen!”

Brother: “Your car was stolen?”

Lady: “Yes, come here!”

(They go outside and the lady points to her car.)

Brother: “Um, I thought you said it was stolen.”

Lady: “No, it’s broken! I need your help to fix it.”

Brother: “Well, ma’am, I’m not mechanically proficient. You’re going to need to call someone.”

Lady: “No, I need you to fix it.”

Brother: “Okay, what’s wrong with it?”

Lady: “There’s a bowling ball that is preventing it from starting.”

Brother: “Well… um… Okay, where’s the bowling ball?”

Lady: “In the trunk.”

Brother: “Well, why don’t you open the trunk and get it out?”

Lady: “I don’t know how.”

(My brother then opens the trunk and gets the bowling ball and she gets her “broken car” running.)

Brother: “Will that be all?”

Lady: “No, I want to go bowling.”

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Because Men And Women Can’t Just Be Friends

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(A large group of us goes bowling one night after church. There are some new people in our group, including one particular guy who has decided to follow me around all night, attempting to enter every conversation I’m in. I’ve been able to avoid being alone with him so far, but when one friend gets up to take her turn, he slides into her seat.)

New Guy: “So, you’re [My Name], right?”

Me: “That’s me.”

New Guy: “I’ve been wanting to talk to you, but you’re pretty popular around here.”

Me: “And your name is…?”

New Guy: “Oh, sorry. I’m [New Guy]. It’s my first time. Do you guys always do big group stuff like this?”

Me: “Oh, yeah. It’s more fun that way.”

New Guy: *scoots closer* “So, are you single? Because I’d love to get to know you better…”

Me: “Um…”

(In one of those rare and perfectly-timed moments, one of my guy friends hops over the bench we’re sitting on and plants himself between me and the new guy.)

Guy Friend: “[My Name], what’s up? I feel like I haven’t talked to you all night. How’s life? How’s your bowling score?”

Me: “You know very well that you’re going to kick my butt, as always!”

Guy Friend: “Let it be known that you said it, I didn’t.” *turns to the new guy* “How’s it going, bro? Don’t think we’ve met. I’m [Guy Friend].”

New Guy: “Oh, fine. I get it.” *gets up and walks away*

Me: “Has anyone ever told you that you have insanely good timing?”

Guy Friend: *laughs* “You had that deer-in-the-headlights look.”

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(I work the front counter of a bowling alley, the customer in question has been asking me to go against policy the entire time she has been here, and has been met with repeated no’s)

Customer: (Returns Shoes to Counter) Thank you!

Me: “Have a good afternoon, and before you leave could you please make sure you put your balls back on the rack?”

Customer: “You mean all of them?”

Me: (I am actually stunned for a second) “Yes, of course.”

Customer walks away whining about how she is never coming back because she has to do my job and put her balls away.

Friends that are with her appropriately respond by asking her if she is being serious, and ends up putting her balls away.  The girl is still complaining 5 minutes later when they walk out the front door.