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Odder Banter Will Turn You Into Bantha Fodder

, | Learning | April 1, 2016

(I am a young Rodian looking to make a name for myself as a bounty hunter, so I have enrolled in Jango Fett’s Bounty Hunting School for beginners.)

Jango: “Morning, class. Today we will be learning how to lull your bounty into a false sense of security. Once you have confronted your bounty, it wouldn’t hurt to engage in a bit of alpha male banter as that always makes you sound cool.”

Me: “But surely it’s more important to secure your bounty first as there’s always a chance they could catch you off-guard.”

Jango: ”Nonsense! I’ve been a bounty hunter for longer than I remember so I know what I’m talking about!”

Me: “But surely the opportunity to catch your bounty so off guard so as to even have time for ‘banter’ is so rare, that really we should be focusing on simply rendering our bounty’s unarmed as a priority?”

Jango: “Are you questioning my years of experience!?”

Me: “I guess not. I’m just worried the situation could get out of hand.”

Jango: “Your fears are unfounded. It’s not like they’ll shoot first or anything…”