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I’m the idiot customer. A week of dealing with the home office combined with an upcoming long weekend has left me mentally shut down and clocked out. I just have one letter to mail off, then my weekend begins…

POSTAL WORKER: “Alright, what are you sending today?”

Me: “…mail.”

Thankfully the worker found my mental lapse rather amusing!

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Customer emails me:
My landlord sent me an email on the 7th that they need an updated insurance certificate for my policy that expires on the 22nd.
Me: Yes. The policy wasn’t yet renewed then but I sent them an updated certificate on the 15th for the renewal so it’s all set.
Customer: But they said they didn’t have it.
Me: They said on the 7th?
Customer: Yes
Me: I emailed it on the 15th. See here’s a copy
Customer: but they said they don’t have it
Me: They said on the 7th . . . Never mind, I’ll just re-send it and cc you​

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(I worked for a couple of years in the card office of a major university. For some time, if you had to replace an ID Card, you then had to go to Parking to have your card work on the parking lots. We had signs all over the card office that said that.

Note also that the parking office is in the same big room, just across from the Card office desks.)

Customer: “I can’t believe you people. Making me come back here to have my parking reset on my card.”
Parking Clerk: “The card office should have told you to do that.”
Customer: *now yelling* “Well if this is a common occurrence, you’d think they’d have a sign…”
*customer now sees the signs up at every booth saying to get your card programmed by parking*
“Which apparently they do”
*customer then walks away. I just give him a little wave as he walks out.*

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1st Encounter

Customer: “I need to return some milk, it went bad.”

Cashier: “Where’s the milk?”

Customer: “I threw it out. It went bad.”

Typical Men Problems

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A regular and her five-year-old daughter walk in. The mother explains to me that her daughter wants a book to give to her brother, who is nineteen. The daughter walks up to me.

Daughter: “I want a book about men.”

Me: *Utterly perplexed* “I’m sorry?”

Daughter: *Insistently* “I want a book about men!”

Mother: “Do you mean you want a book with men in it?”

The daughter can’t figure out what to say next, so she just looks at me expectantly. The mother and I are completely confused. We try to figure out what the daughter is saying, and the girl only gets more frustrated that we don’t understand.

Mother: “Wait, do you mean you want a book with a picture of a man on the cover?”

Daughter: *Beaming* “Yeah! A book about men!”

I am pointing at the display rack for books on sale, many of which have men on the cover.

Me: “Why don’t you try looking over there?”

Daughter: “That’s it!”

She ran off. After she and her daughter picked out a book — a biography about a survivor on the Titanic — the mother explained to me that her son had a bookshelf full of biographies, many of which had their subjects on the cover.

At one point, her daughter must have noticed the pattern on her brother’s bookshelf! A few weeks later, the regular returned and mentioned to me that her son enjoyed the gift, though it was the last thing he had been expecting.

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