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((NB: I work at a relatively known tourist attraction, where I give tours. Nearly every day I have an interaction that goes something like this.)
Me: And if you have any questions, I’ll be waiting by the exit. Have fun!
Visitor: *Approaching me and the opened exit door* Is this where we go out?

The Stupidity Is Spreading

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Because of the health and safety lockdowns, my company has all the stores reduce their hours and have one person working the day unless it’s delivery day. The reduced hours are posted along with guidelines for shopping in the stores: no more than ten people in the store at any given point, only touch what you’re going to buy, etc.

I am sweeping the entryway and the sidewalk to get rid of debris. The store has been open for half an hour at that point, so all lights are on, the door is unlocked, and the cash register is open. Customers see me open the store door after I am done sweeping and come over. They read the sign in its entirety and then proceed to open the door. What’s the first thing that they ask?

Customer: “Hey, so, are you guys open?”

Huge mental head-desk followed, along with several other people who did the exact same thing. This is going to be a long couple of weeks.

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(I work at a pretty popular low-cost grocery store in the MA/NH area. At this particular time, it is the end of my shift, and I have been on one of the “Express 25 Items or Less” register. Another cashier comes up to my register while I am beginning the payment with my current customer, who’s an older woman and has been quite kind to me during the whole transaction.)

Me: Your total is $8.94, ma’am.

Customer: Okay. *fishes out a $10 bill and hands it to me*

Me: *checks the $10 bill and then follows through with the cash payment and hands her change out, counting it* Your change is $1.06, and here’s your receipt; have a great day!

Customer: Where’s the rest of it?! I gave you a $20 bill!!

Me: Ma’am, you gave me a $10 bill, so your change is $1.06.

Customer: No! I GAVE YOU A $20!

(At this point, I keep trying to explain to her that she had, in fact, given me a $10. The customer is getting quite upset.)

Customer: How sure are you that I gave you a $10 and not a $20?

Me: Almost positive.

(I’m about to flash my register light for an assistant/manager when one is already coming toward the block of four express registers.)

Assistant Manager: What’s up?

Me: This customer insists that she gave me a $20 for her $8.94 order, when I am pretty darn sure she gave me a $10.

Customer: I GAVE HER A $20!

Assistant Manager: (to the customer) Well, I can take her over to the customer service booth to have her drawer counted, and then we’ll know whether she gave you the right change or not.

Customer: (reluctantly) Okay.

Me: Okay.

(I grab my stuff from the register and sign out of it, leaving the next cashier as I take my drawer to the customer service booth. We had the drawer counted, and as it turns out, I had given my customer the correct change. My assistant manager explained this to the customer then and she left. I haven’t seen her in the store at all since then. She couldn’t trick me, whether it was an accident or not.)

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(I work alone at night and because there is no manager to refill my register if I run out of money, I am not allowed to give change for any bill over a twenty.)
Me: So your total is 11.89.
Customer: I only have a $50, is that okay?
Me: I’m sorry. I can only take a twenty or less.
Customer: Well this is all I have! Just take off the last item. I didn’t realize how bad this neighborhood was. How much is my total?
Me: It’s 8.99. I apologize again.
(I make his drink and food order.)
Me: I’m sorry, it’s just that without a manager on duty I can’t refill my register if I run out.
Customer: It’s ok, I was being a bad person. Please forgive me.
(He left me a two dollar tip!)

Express Lanes Provide Expressions Of Stupidity

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(I am a cashier at a large supermarket, working in the express lane with a sign: “eight items or less.” A guy pulls up with a cart full of groceries.)

Me: *politely* “Sir, this is an express lane.”

(He keeps unloading and either really doesn’t hear me or ignores me. I repeat myself, but by then half his cart is on the belt.)

Customer: “There’s no line.”

(That much is true. I start ringing him up. The fight that I feel I might start if I insist on him moving isn’t worth it to me. As we are finishing up the order:)

Me: *again, politely* “In the future, please pay attention to the sign that says, ‘eight items or less.’”

Customer: “But I was looking at that lane sign.” *pointing to the next lane* “That lane wasn’t an express lane.”

Me: “Do you mean the lane sign where the light is out telling you that the lane is closed?”

(He had the decency at least to look a little embarrassed.)

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