The Sweet Taste Of Support

, , , , | Hopeless | May 30, 2017

(I and a friend are sitting in a fast food place, eating our food and talking. We are both trans (MTF) and are very early in our transitions, so it is noticeable. We have just finished our burgers and are about to get up to leave, when the store manager walks over with two small desserts. She places them on the table in front of us.)

Me: “What’s this? We didn’t order dessert.”

Manager: “It’s on the house. This is just my way of saying congrats on living your lives the way you want. I have an aunt that’s a member of the LGBT community, and the stuff she has to go through on a daily basis… I can’t even comprehend. This is just my way of showing support.”

(The manager walked away, and my friend and I began tearing up. It was years ago, but it made our day, and I will never forget that kindness!)

Taking Meetings Like A Boss

, , , , | Working | May 28, 2017

(It’s 7:55 am on a Friday morning.)

Boss: “I have to go to a meeting.”

Coworker: “What kind of crazy person schedules an 8:00 am Friday meeting?”

Boss: “I did.”

Coworker: “Oh…”

Extra Sweet Resolution

, , , , , | Working | May 26, 2017

(My husband and I are shopping, and we see the cotton candy stand. As we walk up, the employee is just starting to bag up a fresh batch. He looks up when we get to the counter.)

Employee: “Can I help you?”

Me: “I’d like one bag, please.”

Employee: “Sure thing!” *reaches for a finished bag from the rack*

Me: “I’d rather have the bag you’re filling; I like it when the candy is warm.”

Employee: “Okay, just a sec.” *continues filling bag*

(The manager walks up while the employee is filling the bag, and Husband and I are chatting. He starts to do the head-tilt/hard stare thing, and then yells.)

Manager: “Earth to [Employee]! Hello! There are people here!”

(Once we explained what was going on, the manager apologized to the employee for yelling at him. And then apologized to me for yelling in front of me. And then told the guy to not tie off my bag, but just keep filling it. I got almost twice the normal amount!)

Their Kindness Is Just The ‘Tip’ Of The Iceberg

, | USA | Hopeless | May 16, 2017

(It has been a very tiring two weeks. My mother and I, both stretched to our limits mentally and physically, are eating at our favorite Chinese restaurant. We’ve both eaten here regularly for nearly 30 years. We know the owners on a first name basis, and they’ve watched me grow up.)

Co-Owner: “Hello! You’re by yourself? Your husband is not coming?”

Mom: “No, he had to stay behind. It’s been rough.”

Co-Owner: “Oh, sorry to hear that. You sit here. You want unsweet tea and [Soda]?”

Mom: “Please.”

(We get our food and start to eat, and the owner comes over to say hello. It’s a very small place, and we are currently the only customers.)

Owner: “How are you doing? You still work at [Store]? How long have you been there?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m still there. I’m just on medical leave right now.”

Owner: *concerned* “Why? What’s wrong? You sick?”

Mom: “[Owner], it’s been Hell. On the 14th, she was diagnosed with a huge cyst on her ovary and she’s going in for surgery this week, and not a week after she was diagnosed, my mother died.”

Owner: “That’s the grandmother she lives with, right? How awful!”

(My mom goes on a mini rant about everything that’s happened in the past two weeks, including how I’m now being kicked out of the house I live in because of my dishonest paralegal cousin getting my grandmother to sign ownership of the house over on her deathbed. I’ve heard it for weeks, and so I’m just sitting and quietly eating. Eventually, Mom ends her little rant with thanking them for listening and we finish our food. Mom gets up to go pay after handing the co-owner, who was waitressing, her tip.)

Mom: “Okay, [Owner], how much do I owe you?”

Owner: “You don’t pay today.”

Mom: “What?”

Owner: “You have too much to worry about. Your daughter is sick and going to hospital, your mom died, so you don’t pay today. You tell your daughter to get better.”

(Mom gave her a tip, too. That’s only part of the reason I love that place so much.)

Acts Of Kindness You Can Put Your (Chicken) Finger On

, , | AL, USA | Hopeless | April 28, 2017

(I’m the customer here. I walk in to my campus’s chicken wing place, the only on-campus food location open late. I’m good friends with the staff on both shifts at the wing bar, and I’m going in to get dinner. I’m kinda tight on cash, and the food’s quite expensive at said wing bar. The three employees — the manager and two others — greet me upon entering. I stumble and stammer a bit before getting my order out of my mouth.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager]… cash is kinda tight, but I’ll get my usual.”

(Said “usual” is a five-piece chicken-finger plate costing $10.99 plus tax.)

Manager: “Sure, hon.”

(The manager rang me up, and the total on the card reader looked off – it’s only $2.52. I’m not exactly thinking about it, so I follow through with the purchase. The receipt printed, and I find out that I’ve only been rung up for French fries. I realize immediately what my friend, the manager, had done. I stared agape at the receipt for a second, and then silently mouthed “Thank you” to her — she’s just written off an $11 order of chicken as shrinkage for me, basically giving me $14 of food for $2.52. I was not expecting this at all. I had idly said money was tight, and was fully prepared to pay full price for my food! I freaking love the people working at that place.)

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