Aren’t Manicures Supposed To Be Relaxing?

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My sister and I are about to go on holiday to Thailand and we go to a local salon to get our nails done. We were told about this place because it does some amazing nail designs. But the owner gets my sister’s nails all wrong.

Sister: *To me* “They look wrong.”

The nails are all wonky, some shorter than the others.

Sister: “Excuse me, can you tidy them up?”

The owner makes them worse. She asks a few more times, but they stay wonky.

Me: “We’re going somewhere else. My sister shouldn’t have to pay for a bad job.”

To our surprise, the owner gets cross and grabs my sister by the arms.

Owner: “No, I’ve done a beautiful job!”

My sister tries to fight herself away, sending bottles everywhere. The owner lets go and stands in front of the door, the only exit, locking us and two other young customers inside.

Owner: “You must pay!”

Sister: “Let us go!”

Owner: “No, you pay!”

We are now scared. He rummages behind the counter. One of the other customers asks to be let go. To our horror, the owner lets her go, but locks the door behind them!

Me: *Yelling* “I’m not having this!”

I see a long black case on the floor, and my sister and I bang it against the window.

Owner: “Pay now, pay now!”

I lunge for the door, but he fights me, pushing me hard. I fall onto the sofa, see my handbag, and grab my phone. I call the police.

Me: “Help, my sister and I are being held hostage in [Nail Salon]!”

To my surprise, the owner stopped being so vicious and let the police in when they arrived. He was only fined. But there’s no way we’re going back to that store.

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Get With The Times… Whatever They Are

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They’re not posted outside the store, they’re not online — nothing. I call the number listed on their Facebook to try to figure out their hours.

Owner: “Hello?”

Me: “Oh, um, yes, hi. Is this [Antique Store]?”

Owner: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay, I was just curious if you were open today.”

Owner: “No, we’re not open today.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Are you open tomorrow?”

I’m hoping she’ll just tell me their regular business hours.

Owner: “No, we’re not open tomorrow.”

Me: “Okay… Are you open on Tuesday?”

Owner: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay… What times are you open on Tuesday?”

Owner: “[Hours].”

Me: “Okay, thank you!”

It was like pulling teeth. She made it so hard to figure out when she was open. My mom has tried to stop by twice, on late weekday mornings, and she hasn’t been open. I can’t see her staying open long when no one can figure out when they can shop there!

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All Aboard The Rocket Train

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I’m interviewing for a shipping clerk job that says there’s no experience required.

Interviewer: “So, do you think that you can do this job?”

Me: “Yes.”

Interviewer: “Are you sure? Since you don’t have any experience.”

Me: “But you train, right?”

Interviewer: “Yes!”

Me: “So, yes, I can learn.”

Interviewer: “But do you really think so?”

Me: “I mean, it’s not rocket science!” 

Interviewer: *Nodding* “Right! It’s not.”

I never got a call back. You decide why.

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Taking Some Tips From A Certain President

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I’ve applied for and am waiting to interview for a receptionist job at an office. I have experience and the interview is supposed to be at three. I’m right on time and the receptionist asks me to take a seat.

Okay, maybe the interviewer is busy.

I wait and wait. Thirty minutes go by and I’m trying to figure out how to leave. Just then, the interviewer is finally ready and apologizes for the wait. He’s a middle-aged guy with a crazed look in his eyes. We go to his office and sit.

Interviewer: *Fast* “I’m the new manager here. I just got transferred from [Nearby City] and there was a whole bunch of staff here. I fired them all! So, now I’m looking for new staff.”

Me: *Blinks* “Okay.”

Interviewer: “Yeah, they were all horrible, dreadful people and needed to be fired instantly! But I do need new people. So, you’ve worked in an office before?”

The interview went normally after that, but all the while, I kept picturing him pointing at me and saying, “You’re FIRED!” I’m sure he had his reasons for firing them, but I definitely do not want to work for someone who is so keen on taking people’s livelihoods. I went home and told my friends and family and they agreed. What do you think?

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Sometimes You Have To Hold Their Hands

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I am working as an IT specialist for a pharmaceutical billing company. One day, our Internet goes down and I am tasked with informing the department managers.

Me: “The Internet is down. We are working with the Internet provider to get it back up.”

Manager #1: “Okay. Oh! While you’re here, can you see why my email isn’t working?”

Me: “Could you provide more details?”

Manager #1: “Just before you came to my department, my email was not able to be delivered.”

Me: “…?!!”

Manager #2: “Hey, [Manager #1], state your problem again, but this time, say it slower.”

Manager #1: “My email isn’t sending to people outside the company… because… I need Internet to send emails.”

Me: “Bingo!”

The two managers and I had quite the laugh about that one!

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