Charging Up For Some Malicious Compliance

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I work for a company that provides a utility truck to employees. One of the analytics they monitor is how long the truck stays in place with the motor on. The target number is something like 3%. I am consistently stuck in traffic because I recently changed areas to the downtown area of my city and, naturally, that raises my idle percent.

My supervisor begins constantly badgering me over the raise of my idle percent, about 10 to 12% higher now. After they decide to give me a written verbal warning, I become the MOST efficient truck no-idler in our branch. I bring my percent down to a 0.00 by shutting the truck off at every stop sign, red light, gridlocked highway, and drive-thru, and I INSTANTLY shut off the truck when I get to where I am going.

This is a utility truck that is charging my two phones, laptop, tablet, and various equipment’s rechargeable batteries. All this juice-sucking and no alternator spinning putting the power back into the truck battery causes it to die. A LOT.

Company policy makes it forbidden for me to jump the truck myself, so I have to call the company to send out a tow truck to jump start it for me. I could do it myself and probably would, but they are writing people up out here for petty s***. Every time I call this tow truck, it takes a minimum of two hours for it to show up. I begin doing this multiple times a day, every day, until they figure my truck is broken. It goes to the shop, checks out, and they give it back.

I kill it again.

They end up giving me an entirely new truck. I start killing it. I repeat this process until they give me a THIRD truck and the manager calls me to asks what my daily routine is. I go through the basics and add in the whole thing about turning my engine off at every possible opportunity.

Manager: “Why the f*** are you doing this?”

Me: “My supervisor wrote me up for my idle time being too high.”

Manager: “This is completely ridiculous.”

He tossed my write-up, and I’m guessing he talked to the supervisor, because I never heard a word about idle time again and I quit caring about it.

Source: Reddit (Credit: Rocky3e33, Original Story)

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Excuse My Normal Bodily Functions

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I work in a fast-paced healthcare environment where every minute counts and I have both male and female coworkers on my shift.

We have lockers with opaque doors where we’re allowed to store our things. When I’m in the office area, I leave mine unlocked for easy access and I’ve started keeping a box of tampons in my locker. I’ve told my female coworkers that if they’re in a hurry and need a tampon, they’re welcome to just open my locker (when it’s unlocked and I’m in the office) and take one, no problem.

I get called into my boss’s office one day because a male coworker of mine complained that me keeping tampons in my locker was “disgusting” and he hated that he could see the box whenever my locker was opened. My boss is also a man.

Boss: “Some men are really sensitive to this type of thing. You should try hiding them in a different type of box, so you won’t offend your coworkers.”

Me: “What’s the point in that? My coworkers would see someone reaching into a cracker box or a Pop Tart box and taking out a tampon instead of food, anyway.”

Boss: *Huffy* “It’s for the best. You just need to do it.”

Well, fine.

I made a cover for my tampon box that said, “Mother Earth’s Bloody Nutrients Bars: with extra gooey, nutritious filling!” with a photo of a bloody bathtub, and I placed it on the box.

That was two days ago, and I saw the male coworker open my locker, trying to be sneaky. He paled when he read the box and got all angry, and I received an email from my boss soon after that my cover “wasn’t funny” and that I needed to take it down.

So, I emailed our HR person a copy of the email, as well as a summary of what had happened and photos of the lockers, the box, and the cover. I also suggested that the male coworker sit somewhere where he didn’t have a direct line of sight to my locker if it really offended him so much. She thought it was freaking hilarious and said I had “followed my supervisor’s instructions” and so I was fine.

I’m mostly angry that my time was spent on something as stupid as this and not on patient work. I’ve continued to document everything and am encouraging my coworkers, male and female, to do the same. HR is now in the loop, and they have had multiple people come forward with complaints about our male coworker and our boss, so they’re doing some investigating. Hopefully, things will change.

Source: Reddit (Credit: DrMedBayB*tch, Original Story)

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Christmas Tarts Never Tasted So Sweet

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I’m training as a cook in a fine-dining restaurant. The head chef tells me on my first day to take home any leftovers I want that would otherwise get thrown out anyway; everyone in the kitchen does it, and many servers also pack little lunch bags for themselves every day.

I’m surprised, because any other food service place I worked at before was very strict with leftovers and meals for workers, sometimes even making us pay full price if we ate stuff that was going to be thrown out or could not be sold for some reason.

One day, the chefs miscalculate the savoury tarts they need for a special dinner and we end up with two whole trays left over. After everyone has had their pick, I begin stacking the last tarts — at least fifteen or so — in a to-go container.

Head Chef: “Woah, you really like those, don’t you? Are you going to be eating them for the whole week?”

I’m nervous, because I’m still fairly new at this place and wondering if I misjudged the situation and shouldn’t take more than maybe one or two for myself.

Me: “Actually, I had an idea. I walk past [Train Station that is a well-known hangout/sleeping place for many homeless people] on my way home, and I was gonna hand them out to anyone who wants some. They’re good to eat cold, right?”

Head Chef: “Absolutely. That’s a wonderful idea. Here, let’s pack some sweet tarts, too.”

I’m relieved he’s not actually mad, and many of the homeless people are happy about the free food. A few weeks later, I come into work after a big Christmas party booking the day before, and the head chef waves me over.

Head Chef: “So, we have about twenty leftover Christmas dinners in the walk-in fridge upstairs. I told the night crew to keep them for you for the train station. Make sure to tell me before you leave, so we can heat them up and pack ’em to go, okay?”

I was a bit flabbergasted. True to his word, I found several trays of roast goose, sauce, dumplings, veggies, and red cabbage in the fridge, and he helped me with reheating and packaging them after the dinner rush.

Thanks to the attention of a very conscientious head chef, a whole group of homeless people were treated to a first-class Christmas meal. That was the point at which I realised I was quite lucky to get a trainee position at his restaurant and learn from him.

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Probably Found Out The Hard Way

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I am a scanning clerk at an auto dealership. My basic job, while simple enough to do, requires software training that nobody else but my coworker has onsite. Without us, there aren’t digital records of parts ordered, sales made, or repairs scheduled.

The health crisis is just starting to hit home in our state and businesses are cutting back and closing. My company employer is considered essential, but they’re furloughing nonessential departments. A meeting is held while my only coworker is out on a personal day.

Office Manager: “We’ll be sending home the majority of the accounting department, with the exception of [Senior Employee #1], [Senior Employee #2], [Senior Employee #3]. The sales teams will be cut down to a skeleton crew, and all other departments aside from parts and repairs will be cut down or closed.”

Me: “What about scanning? Are we part-time now?”

Office Manager: “No, you’ll both be taken off the schedule until [Governor]’s order is lifted.”

Me: “But what about the paperwork? It’ll back up and you won’t be able to access the fil—”

Office Manager: “We have it handled. Effective tomorrow, you’re both off the schedule. There are resources for everyone being furloughed on [Site associated with our employee records].”

I went home and told my coworker. We both slept in the next day, shopped for snacks, and met up to watch Netflix together. Before we got going, we both got a message from a different manager at our dealership that said, “Back to full-time, starting tomorrow. I don’t know what the h*** they were thinking.”

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The Daddy Of All Good Bosses

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I am stocking a shelf when a woman and the store owner approach me, shouting something incoherently.

Owner: *Looking furious* “Call my daughter a whore again, and you’ll regret ever having a mouth!”

The woman practically turns white and runs for it.

Me: “What was that about?”

Owner: “Never mind. You’re also my daughter if anyone asks.”

Me: “Okay?”

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