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Give Me A Break Before I Break Down

, , , , , | Working | CREDIT: theadorableminion | June 14, 2022

My job is very mentally taxing. I also have my own mental health issues so I try my best to balance, but I just want to help so I get caught up taking more responsibilities than I am actually able to.

A couple of weeks ago, I realized my mental health was in steep decline. I was ignoring the signs to push through, but anyone with mental health issues knows that you can only ignore the signs for so long. I tried to get ahead of a mental crash and talked to my two supervisors to tell them that I needed three days off (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), and as I had the weekend off after the days I requested, I figured that might be enough to get a good rest and reset. I did tell my supervisors why I needed the days (burnout, mental health) and they said they understood and would get back to me.

When they did:

Supervisors: “We can probably give you Wednesday and Thursday, but we can’t give you Friday.”

Me: “Could we do Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, instead, and I can work Friday?”

I’d have my weekend and that should be fine.

Supervisors: “We’ll get back to you.”

I got a text soon after to ask me to help cover other shifts. I obviously couldn’t, so I declined.

They got back to me the next day.

Supervisors: “We can get your shifts covered for Wednesday and Thursday, but not Tuesday, and you have to make up the hours.”

That was the last straw. I just broke. I was asking for a break because I was working too much because it was hard for me to say no. I even called them (they had me on speaker) in tears and explained even further why I needed the days. I had been going through trauma therapy and my mental health had been declining. I told them that I had spoken to my doctor and that my doctor said I was showing signs of burnout and recommended some days off. All they heard was “doctor”.

Supervisors: “We need a doctor’s note.”

Me: “Okay, fine. Good thing I have another appointment.”

I had to work that day just defeated because they couldn’t find anyone to cover my shifts.

I talked to my doctor and he said that he could tell I was in distress. He put me on two weeks of leave immediately.

The supervisors did not look pleased when I handed in my doctor’s note.

That was two weeks ago. I went back to the doctor and he extended my leave for AT LEAST another month — the straw broke the camel’s back and my mental health just went down the drain.

When I gave the supervisors my doctor’s note with four weeks on it, one of them wouldn’t even look at me, and the other just said, “Oh, doctor’s note. Thanks.”

So that’s how I asked for three days off to try to rest and reset and ended up with at least six weeks, with no confirmed return date.

Y’all Seen “Office Space”?

, , , , | Working | June 13, 2022

My boss had several computers sitting around the office that she wanted to get rid of. As the only person in the office who knew how to even run defrag, the task fell to me to yank the hard drives out per my boss’s instructions. 

There was sensitive medical information on them and they needed to be rendered unreadable. Opting for the quick-fix, I bent ALL the SSI connector pins, pulled the power connector pins out with pliers, and snapped off a handful of chips. 

Upon presenting the drives to her, she was still worried someone might read them. I took them outside and bashed them against a concrete wall. She was still not convinced. I returned a third time with a screw-driver driven completely through each drive. Her response:

Boss: “Well…that looks thorough, but I think someone might still be able to read them, let’s keep them, just in case.”

They are, to this day, sitting under her desk.

If You Want To Keep Employees, Train Them

, , , , | Working | June 12, 2022

In my late teens, I took a job as a cook at a restaurant. On my first day, I worked alone with another new gentleman. One of the managers showed us how to cook, plate, and prepare a few things.

Manager: “I won’t be in tomorrow. The other manager will be here, but they will be in the office all day and you are not to disturb them. If you need help, you are to refer to the recipe book.”

Both of us were still pretty clueless about how to do most anything as it was only the second day for both of us. Needless to say, I wasn’t back for a third.

Gonna Pass On Finishing This Shift

, , , , , | Working | June 10, 2022

I go to the restroom one night on my graveyard shift in a national convenience store, and I pass blood. I call the manager.

Manager: “Can you just hang on a bit until I can get there?”

I wait, and she calls back ten minutes later.

Manager: “Can you finish the six hours you have left on shift?”

Me: “Not really. I need to go to the hospital.”

She says she’ll be in soon. I wait again, and another ten minutes later, she calls again. I don’t even give her a chance to speak.

Me: “I’m leaving now; I can barely stand.”

It took less than three minutes before the manager walked in the door.

Man, I was off like a rocket, and just as I walked in the ER door, I passed out.

The reason I was hesitant to leave — other than being young and afraid to lose my job — was that there were no locks on the doors since we were a twenty-four-hour store.

Four transfusions and three weeks later, I got out of the hospital. The first place I went was the store, and I gave my two weeks’ notice, retroactive for three weeks.

Being A Shifty Shift Manager May Result In A Shift In Employment

, , , , , | Working | June 10, 2022

When I was in high school, I worked at a popular warehouse club selling computers on the weekends. I was hired by the store manager via the referral of a friend. I loved computers and they thought I’d make a good salesman, so my job was to stay in the computer department and sell computers — nothing else.

One of the shift managers didn’t like that and started insisting that I needed to go fold clothes for a while — as in, half my d*** shift. I told him that the store manager had instructed me never to leave the technology department, but he insisted. This went on for several weeks.

The store manager showed up one weekend when both the power-tripping shift manager and I were working. The store manager walked up with the shift manager close behind. [Store Manager] slapped a stack of green bar paper down onto a shelf and pointed to some highlighted numbers.

He looked at the shift manager and said:

Store Manager: “Do you see this? This is our average technology sales numbers for the weeks you are on shift. See this number over here? This is our average technology sales numbers for weeks you are not. At this point, it would be more cost-effective for me to simply fire you. What do you think of that solution?”

The guy stammered and stuttered like a toddler caught bullying another kid on the playground. Fortunately, the dude wasn’t fired, but the store manager made it clear that when I was on shift, I was not to leave the technology department unless I was on break or there was a fire in the store. That shift manager never said another word to me.