Your Dealing With The Safe Is Not Safe

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(We have to work a late night, so we decide to have some food delivered to our office for our staff.)

Me: *grabbing my purse* “How much do you need towards the food?”

Manager: “No, you paid last time; this time it’s my treat.”

(The next morning, it’s my manager’s day off, and I am supposed to be in charge, but the manager comes in to finish up some projects. I do the daily safe check and find it’s short by $100. I usually do this at the end of the day, but have decided to do it at the beginning.)

Me: “Ah, there’s a problem. I just counted the safe three times and it’s $100 short.”

Manager: *sly grin* “Oh. yeah, I used it to pay for the food last night… is that all right?”

Me: “Uh… no. You know [Security] is coming in today and will probably do an audit.”

Manager: “Well, I don’t have it; I’ll go to the bank after I leave.”

(Another manager and I had to empty our wallets to make up the missing money. If I hadn’t caught it, there would have been a chance of the other manager and I being fired and charged with theft. We made the first manager pay us back.)

It’s Suite To Say “I Told You So”

, , , | Working | September 16, 2017

(We have a new manager hired and she’s very nice, but seems naive. Our hotel has a standard room, and a few suites that have refrigerators and microwaves. I notice that we are oversold on these suites.)

Me: “Why are we oversold? We were okay!”

Manager: “I know, but then the family in [Suite] said their remodeling isn’t done, so they need another day.”

Me: “So, you extended them?!”

Manager: “Well, yeah.”

Me: “What are we going to do about the people who have booked the suite?! They’ll be furious if they have no place to go! They’re from a wedding group!”

Manager: “Calm down; I’ll just give them two standard rooms. They should be happy with getting two rooms for the price of one! We’ll just explain to them exactly what happened.”

Me: *muttering* “You clearly don’t know how people are…”

Manager: “Don’t be so negative; they’ll be perfectly alright!”

(When the wedding group comes in, my manager explains to them what has happened and what they are going to get instead. Needless to say, they are absolutely FURIOUS that their suite isn’t available anymore and demand their money back. After some arguing, they get their rooms comped.)

Manager: “…well, I didn’t know they’d be so angry!”

Me: *head-desk*

Trying To Daylight Save You From This Sob Story

, , , | Working | September 14, 2017

(I have just started a new job and have worked a couple of shifts. Unfortunately, at the same time, before I can even sign the contract, my sister-in-law, who has terminal cancer, is advised to begin palliative care, and asks her immediate family for help and support. It means I can’t commit to great blocks of time at work while I’m on-call to help her and my brother, so I have to refuse the job offer. On top of this, it has just switched to daylight savings, so the day I know about it, an hour before my next shift begins, I have to let my manager know. It’s 7:30 am, but everybody thinks it’s 6:30 because of daylight savings. I decide to spare my manager the sob story.)

Manager: *sleepily* “Hello?”

Me: “Hi [Manager], it’s [My Name]. Listen, I’ve had a look at the contract and worked a couple of shifts and decided the work just isn’t for me, though I thank you very much for the opportunity. Because of personal circumstances, I’d prefer not to work my shift today, but I realise this is very short notice, so if you really need me, I’m happy t—”

Manager: “You woke me up at 6:30 to tell me you quit?”

Me: “Well, I wanted to make sure you knew as soon as I did, and it’s—”

Manager: “Look, you made a commitment, and you need to come into work today.”

Me: “Yep! Like I said, I know this is short notice, and I’m really sorry because this was such a great—”

Manager: “It’s SIX THIRTY, [My Name]. Why did you think you could wake me up at 6:30?”

Me: “It’s 7:30, [Manager]. Daylight savings just—”

Manager: *exasperated* “Just get into work. Make sure you bring in your details so we can pay you for today.”

(I went into work. Nobody was there until an hour later. We opened late.)

If They Hate You, It’s In Their DNA

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(I take a job in a home for the developmentally disabled as a habilitation tech, someone who helps the residents with daily living. I am filling in a chart at the nurse’s station while my supervisor, with whom I don’t really get along, stands nearby. A resident bounds out of the TV room and goes up to my supervisor, who isn’t doing anything.)

Resident: “Hey, [Supervisor], would you tell me what DNA is? We just saw it on TV and none of us knew what it was.”

Supervisor: “I can’t tell you. You aren’t smart enough to understand.”

(I stare at my chart, appalled at the insulting response, until my supervisor leaves and goes into an office. When I look up, the resident is looking at me, much subdued.)

Resident: “[My Name], could you tell me what DNA is?”

Me: “Well, did you know that your body is made of tiny cells?”

Resident: “Yeah, I understand that.”

Me: “Inside each of those cells, there is something like a tiny book that has instructions about how to make you. It tells your body to make your eyes brown, your hair brown, and how tall you should be. Those instructions in every cell are called DNA.”

Resident: *now smiling* “Thanks for explaining it.”

(As the resident walks away, I look back to where my supervisor had gone. She is standing in the doorway glaring at me. I look back down at my chart without a word.)

Resident: *in a clear, bright voice to the others in the TV room* “[My Name] is much smarter than [Supervisor]! She told me what DNA is!”

(I know I cringed. My supervisor moved into openly hating me after that. I quit not long after. The home closed a few years later.)

Social Notworking

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(One of my coworkers was recently let go for defamatory public statements she made about our company on her very public social media account. We have a social media policy in which we agree not to discuss our workplace or coworkers in a negative way via social media. To take this further, after my coworker is fired, our supervisors come around and require us to add them on social media, so they can “monitor” for breaches of policy. I am uncomfortable with this, as I am a VERY private person and only have a social media account in order for out-of-state relatives to be able to keep up with my kids, as both of my parents and all my siblings live in different states.)

Boss: “I need you to review the social media policy again, and re-sign that you agree to the terms. You will also need to add me on [Popular Social Media Site].”

Me: “I completely agree with the social media policy, and I never discuss my work or my coworkers on social media. However, I am not comfortable with adding you to my social media. It has photos and posts about my children, and I have not worked here or known you long enough to give you access to my private life.”

Boss: “If you don’t add me, then we will consider it an act of insubordination, and you will be subject to further action, up to and including termination.”

Me: “You are free to do whatever you feel is necessary; however, I would like to point out that should you terminate my employment you would be opening [Company] up to a lawsuit.”

Boss: “It is perfectly legal for us to monitor our employees’ social media accounts and take action based on posts that may negatively affect our business!”

Me: “It is legal for you to monitor your employees’ public social media posts. It’s even legal to monitor our company computers and read messages and posts that may have been made from them, as that’s considered company property, and we have no reasonable expectation of privacy. However, it is not legal in this state to force your employees to give up their own right to privacy as a condition of employment. Given that we have two lawyers on staff, I’m very surprised that this was considered a legal and ethical idea. I’m not adding you to [Social Media].”

Boss: *goes white* “…you know, [My Name], I believe that you aren’t posting anything bad about [Company]. I think signing this is enough. You don’t have to add me.”

(It turned out, it was my supervisor’s idea and it was never vetted by the legal team! As soon as they heard about it, he was written up, and no one had to add their respective bosses!)

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