Dealing With An Old Bag

| Alpena, MI, USA | Working | November 16, 2014

(I am about 15, and am just starting to get into drawing, so I usually carry some paper around with me on a clipboard. However, the clipboard has just broken, so I am using a thick book as a hard surface to draw on. Without thinking, I take my stack of paper and the book into the bookstore at the mall, and buy a comic book.)

Cashier: “Hey, you can’t bring another book in here!”

Me: “I’m sorry; I forgot I had it with me.”

(I hand her my money. She starts to put my comic book in a bag.)

Me: “That’s okay. I won’t need a bag, thanks.”

(I start to take the comic book out of the bag. She grabs it from me and slams it back into the bag along with my receipt.)

Cashier: “Yes, you DO! Everyone leaves here with a bag! Now TAKE IT!”

A Noticeable Lack Of Warning

| Galveston, TX, USA | Working | November 14, 2014

(I am working two part-time jobs, at a bakery and a bookstore. Then, the owner of the bookstore offers me a full-time position.)

Owner: “Have you let the bakery know you’re leaving yet?”

Me: “Yes, I stopped by there this morning and gave them my two-weeks’ notice.”

Owner: “Oh, good. Well, I was looking at the numbers and I can’t afford to take you on full-time. All I can give you is 36 hours a week and no benefits.”

(Coincidence that she waited to drop that on me until she knew I’d given my notice? Not a chance.)

Been Reading To Him Since Way Before He Was Born

| Seattle, WA, USA | Right | November 5, 2014

Customer: “Can you recommend a book for my son?”

Me: “Sure, how old is he?”

Customer: “Three.”

Me: “Okay. What’s he into?”

Customer: “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in five years.”

Me: “Um, he’s three?”

Customer: “That’s what I said.”

Me: “But… you haven’t seen him in five years?”

Customer: “Yeah, messy divorce. I just moved back to Seattle. I used to read him bedtime stories.”

Me: “How old was he?”

Customer: “You know, like a toddler.”

Me: “I think you’re missing something. He was three when you left, but it’s five years later. Your son is eight now…”

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Big Voicing Your Concerns

| CA, USA | Working | November 4, 2014

(On Friday and Saturday nights, customers tend to flood the store approximately fifteen minutes before closing. This means that, while I usually walk through the store individually giving people warnings, I have to shout a warning announcement in lieu of an intercom system.)

Me: “Lot of people in the store right now, [Coworker]. Should I walk through the store and use my big voice?”

Coworker: “Uh… your big voice?”

Me: “Oh, you haven’t heard it yet! Yeah, I have a very loud voice that I use to give people their ten or five minute warnings. It doesn’t always work, though.”

Coworker: “You can try it. Do whatever you want.”

(Sure enough, I decide to loudly yet politely announce both ten minute warnings and five minute warnings from the register that can be heard throughout the entire store. Right after the five minute warning, all but one customer files out of the store, so I privately ask the customer to leave and remind her of our opening hours the next morning.)

Coworker: *sees how empty the store* “Wow, your voice worked! Normally we can’t get people out until five to ten after closing!”

Me: “Not bad, huh? Though that means it’s only a 50-50 success rate at the moment.”

Coworker: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Last time I tried it, the customers just stared at me like I had two heads and then returned to looking at books. I had to tell them we couldn’t run any more purchases because we had pulled our drawers, and that got them to leave.”

Coworker: “People. I swear.”

That’s A Resignation For The Books

| MA, USA | Working | October 29, 2014

(For eight years I have worked part-time at a bookstore, despite being injured on the job, because I love books so much. I’m not exactly a people person, though. Our latest store manager has had it in for me ever since she showed up, and I’ve been stressed out of my mind for over two years. I take advantage of the departure of the only remaining good manager to put in my two weeks’ notice.)

Store Manager: “Hey, [My Name], is this letter for real?”

Me: “Yes. My last shift will be [date].”

Store Manager: “And the bit here about ‘taking care of my physical and mental health’ – is that for real, or are you just being dramatic?”

Me: “You’ve just made my point for me.”

(I’m a little more broke but a lot more sane now!)

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