Not Always Right: The Comic – The Land Of The Free To Be Who You Are

| Los Angeles, CA, USA | Right | July 13, 2015

The Only Book Required Is A Map

| Milwaukee, WI, USA | Right | July 2, 2015

(Employees trade off phone shifts where I work. This was the conversation I overheard from one of my coworkers on the phone with a customer.)

Coworker: “Hello. Thank you for calling [Store]. How can I help you today?”  *pause* “You have a book on hold with us and you need directions? Where are you coming from?”

(There’s a long pause.)

Coworker: “Well, sir, if you’re coming from Texas, the first thing to do is catch a plane.”

(We never did figure out how he got our number, but we did track down his book at a store in Texas.)

Not Quite The Harper Lee Classic

| Vancouver, BC, USA | Right | July 1, 2015

Customer: “Excuse me, do you have ‘How to Kill a Mockingjay?'”

Me: *just stare at her, completely caught off-guard by her question* “Did you want ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ or ‘Mockingjay?'”

Customer: “To Kill a Mockingjay!”

Me: “Are you sure?” *I lead her over to the teen section, knowing she wants The Hunger Games book, Mockingjay*

Customer: “That’s it! Hunger Games!”

Me: *sigh*

(She didn’t end up buying it because it was in hardcover and she’d rather wait until it’s in paperback so I’m sure I’ll be asked for “To Kill a Mockingjay” again!)

Can’t Stay Stationary

| Lincolnshire, England, UK | Working | June 23, 2015

(I am working as a temp in a book shop. I am 17 and it’s my first ever job. The main manager has been off for a while with a broken leg and so it is decided that two deputy managers would co-run the place.)

Manager #1: “Hey, I need you to rearrange the stationary.”

(Minutes later:)

Manager #2: “Why are you doing that? There are books that need to be priced.”

Me: “I was told to do this but I’ll do that first, then.”

Manager #1: “Why are you not doing what I asked you to do?!”

Me: “Oh, [Manager #2] told me to do this first.”

Manager #1: “No, I wanted stationery doing. If I had wanted the books done first I would have told you to do the books!”

Me: “Okay…” *starts redoing the stationery*

Manager #2: “Are you deaf or something? What did I tell you to do?”

Me: “[Manager #1] told me to do this first.”

Manager #2: “Well, I’m telling you to do the books first.”

Me: “I’m just caught in the middle here… I just do what I’m told.”

Manager #2: “And I’m telling you to do the books.”

Me: “Okay, fine.”

Manager #1: *minutes later* “Stationery. Now.”

Me: “[Manager #2] said to do this.”

Manager #1: “Well, I want you to do what I tell you from now on. He didn’t even want to hire you…”

Leaving Them Penniless

| ON, Canada | Working | June 19, 2015

(I am the customer. In Canada, pennies have been phased out. For over two years, businesses have had to round any change to the nearest five cents, so that pennies wouldn’t keep going through circulation. Pennies would obviously still be paid for exactly when paying with debit, credit, or cheques. I make my purchase and the shop owner owes me $5.51)

Owner: “Oh, shoot I’m sorry, hon, I don’t have any pennies to give you.”

Me: “Um, you shouldn’t.”

Owner: “Excuse me?”

Me: “You shouldn’t have pennies… They were phased out over two years ago…”

Owner: “Phased out?”

Me: “Yeah, customers can still pay with pennies if they want, but you aren’t allowed to give them back out. They all have to go back to the bank… ’cause they’re getting rid of pennies.”

Owner: “Oh, yeah?”

Me: “…Yeah.”

Owner: “That’s strange. But now I don’t have a penny to give you.”

Me: “You’re not supposed to give me a penny. Same with if I owed you a penny. I wouldn’t have to give it to you. You’re supposed to round. So if you owed me 53 cents instead of 51, you would have to give me 55 cents back.”

Owner: “Oh, that’s strange.”

Me: “Um, not really.”

Owner: “Weird. I was wondering why I never had any pennies anymore!”

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