Thievery Is On The Cards

, , , | Working | February 20, 2018

(I happen to have a gift card from a bookstore; however, I’m not really sure whether I’ve spent it or not yet, because I’ve had it a long time. Since I need to pick up some things, I just decide to get it checked out in the store.)

Employee: “Hello! Did you find everything okay today?”

Me: “Yeah. Also, can you check how much money is on this gift card for me, please, before you ring me up? I don’t know how much is on here.”

Employee: “Sure.”

(She checks and immediately says it’s empty. After that, she becomes almost hostile, and is adamant on keeping the “empty” gift card.)

Employee: “There’s nothing on it; you should just get rid of it!”

Me: “Um, no, thanks. I’m just going to take it back, please.”

(She hesitated, but gave me the card back, and I bought my things with my own money. When I got home, I tried to see if there was another way to check the card, and there was a number on their website. I called, and the representative told me that there was still $92 on the card. After that, it just seemed like the employee wanted my card for herself. I haven’t been back to that location since.)

It Was Worth The Trip

, , , , , | Hopeless | February 8, 2018

(I have been working at the same bookstore for three years, but I have a terrible memory for faces and names. Customers remember me much more frequently than I remember them. One day, I am very busy and overtaxed when a lady walks up to me.)

Customer: “I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I was in here last year.”

(I don’t remember her at all and cringe inwardly, waiting to hear what her complaint is.)

Customer: “You recommended this travel guide to me, and I had the most lovely vacation! I just wanted to let you know.”

Me: “Oh. Uh, thank you! People never come back and tell me when something was good.”

(She left with another travel book.)

Almost A Recipe For Disaster

, , , | Right | February 8, 2018

(A customer walks up to the register with a cookbook.)

Customer: “Can you please tell me how many recipes are in this cookbook?”

Me: “Um…”

(I look at the book and don’t see a specific number anywhere, so I point to the table of contents.)

Me: “This many.”

Customer: “Okay.” *proceeds to count out the number of recipes in the cookbook*

That’s Not How A Bookstore Works…

, , , , , | Right | January 23, 2018

(I work at a well-known bookstore. This occurs while I am covering someone’s break at customer service.)

Customer: “Hello, I was wondering where your ghost-writer section is.”

Me: “I’m sorry. We don’t have a section of books that were written with ghost-writers, but I can help you find one. What genre are you looking for?”

Customer: “I’m not looking for a book. I’m looking for a ghost-writer.”

(I begin to process that she is asking me for a person.)

Customer: “I’m writing a book and it is too hard, so I thought I’d come here and find someone to write it for me.”

(I have to take a few minutes and explain to her that we don’t write the books, only sell them. I’m not quite sure she gets it. After she leaves, I go back to my coworker and tell him what happened.)

Coworker: “You should have sent her to me. I would’ve charged her $10,000 a chapter!”

An Interesting Case Of A Wandering Case

, , , , | Right | January 10, 2018

(A customer approaches me carrying an iPad in an expensive designer case, neither of which we sell.)

Me: “Hi, how can I help you today?”

Customer: “I found this in a basket. I really like the case, but do I have to buy the computer, too? I just want the case.”

Me: *fighting off a head-desk moment* “Well, we don’t sell iPads or accessories for them. I think that belongs to another customer.

Customer: “Oh, so, should I leave it with you?”

Me: “Yes.”

(Later, I found the owner’s business cards inside the case, called her, and she came back literally in tears, she was so happy. She wanted to thank the person who “turned it in” and tried to buy it.)

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