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Soda-rn Entitled!

, , , , | Right | June 13, 2022

I am closing the theater at night when my floor staff and I walk upstairs from the manager’s office. We see a stranger in the concessions stand. As we approach him, I let him know he is not allowed in staff areas and that he has to be wearing a mask.

As I ask him to leave a restricted area, he gets irate that we are not open and able to give him his refill. Mind you, we locked our doors almost two hours ago, so the last films are already quite a ways in, and we have already cleaned our soda towers (taken the nozzles off and cleaned them).

I am not sure how he got into our concessions stand, but he seemingly had no trouble putting the soda nozzle back on. He goes out through our employee door saying we should be working so he can get his refill. Then, he goes into the men’s restroom before going back to his film.

My general manager is not there to ask him to leave the building but lets me know later that I can refuse refill service to the man if I see him again. I absolutely will let him know service is not being offered to him, as well.

Bottom line, the customer is not always right nor do they have any authority to go into employee spaces. And when we are closed, we do not have any responsibility to assist them.

We Think Her Brain Might Be Frozen

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Electronic-Pie-6645 | June 13, 2022

About ten years ago, I am walking down the food aisle of my place of employment: a pharmacy with a corner store attached.

I see this lady leaning forward into the shelves. She is looking behind soup cans and then behind boxed goods. Having worked retail for many years, I recognize this search pattern: the “I had my keys in my hand and put them down to grab an item” maneuver.

I saunter over and hit her with my prerecorded:

Me: “Can I help you?”

Unexpectedly, she looks up at me and then stands up.

Customer: “Yes! Where are your bags of ice?”

I’m dumbstruck for a moment, but then my brain hops back on track. I walk her over to the freezer and open the glass door that has cruelly hidden the bags of ice beyond it.

She stands there for a second, blank-faced and looking at me, not the freezer. I then glide my hand through space as if she has just won a new car on a game show, gesturing down to the ice bags.

Then, her bulb flickers on.

Customer: “Oh! Thank you! I would have never found them.”

Well… at least she admits it.

Honestly… That Seems Fair

, , , , | Working | June 10, 2022

My brother used to have a full-sized teepee he lived in on my parents’ large corner block. He rang a pizza place to get some food delivered, but he had to explain to them not to deliver it to the house but to drive around the corner and deliver it to the teepee.

They weren’t so sure about this. However, forty-five minutes later, the driver arrived. We asked him to come in, but he was petrified that we were a cult or something and wouldn’t set foot inside.

He took the money and a tip and virtually ran in the pitch black back to his car without tripping over anything.

Model Behavior, Part 2

, , , , | Right | June 10, 2022

Usually, customers don’t like to talk to me as I have “resting b**** face,” but today a little old lady walked up and slapped a velour sweatshirt and matching pants on my belt.

Me: “Would you like the hangers?”

Customer: “I saw these on a young girl and she looked like a model. They’ll make me look like a model! You’d look like a model wearing them, too!”

I nodded along and repeated my question, speaking louder and pulling my mask away from my mouth in case it was muffling my voice too much.

Customer: “You just have to buy these and look like a model in them!”

I finally leaned forward to ask a third time if she needed the hangers, and she pulled the clothes off and tossed the hangers down the belt.

I rang them up and balled them into a bag and nodded as she started to wander off without her “model making” sweatsuit.

Yes, I did chase her down to give her the bag.

Model Behavior

No Soup For You! Part 6

, , | Healthy | June 10, 2022

I work as a door screener in my small town’s hospital. The hospital is small, too, and doesn’t even have vending machines, let alone a public cafeteria. From the entrance, you either take a right to enter the Emergency Department or take a left to reach the outpatient laboratory for blood tests.

One day, a man comes in needing to fill out some paperwork. He is dressed in business casual clothing and has a stylish messenger bag. I direct him to the doctor’s offices and see him as he exits a few minutes later.

After he turns the corner out of sight, he turns around and jogs back to the front door. He fishes around in his bag for something and then produces…

A plastic container full of soup.

Man: “Is there a microwave I can use to heat this up?”

After a moment’s stunned silence, I stammer out that we don’t have any easily accessible and he nods, puts his soup away, and heads off again.

I still wonder what sort of person would think that a hospital would heat up some random person’s soup for them, in a global health crisis, no less!

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