Making Friends Over The Wrong Pizza

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(I don’t actually work at the pizza place involved in this story. I am just a part of a weird chain of events that starts with my order being given to someone else, and ends with the receiver of my order calling me.)

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “My husband was just in there, and we got the wrong pizza. We ordered a pepperoni and what we got was an original meat. We live too far away to come and get another one. I was wondering if you could give me a coupon or something.”

Me: “Well, I would, but this is somebody’s house, not [Pizza Chain].”

Caller: “Oh, is this… [My Number], is that you?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Caller: “Well, this must be your order, then.”

Me: “Yeah, they remade our pizza.”

Caller: “Okay, I can’t find their number, then, sorry.”

Me: “No problem.”

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A Bit Tender About The Terminology  

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(I am with my dad and my three siblings and we are going through the drive-thru at a fast food place. We get up to where we can order and my dad begins to order the food. The first thing he orders is chicken nuggets.)

Employee: “Um, we don’t have chicken nuggets; we have chicken tenders.”

Dad: “Uh… okay, we will have that, then.”

(He then ordered iced tea. Instead of asking if he would like it sweet or unsweet, the employee’s response was, “Um, we don’t have iced tea; we have sweet tea, and we have unsweet tea.” At this point, we were all thoroughly aggravated. I half-expected the woman to tell us that there was not sweet tea, but tea with sugar in it. At last, we made it through the line and obtained our food. We have not encountered the woman again, and hopefully will not.)

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The Party Stops Here

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(I’m on the late bus after a long day at work. There are several other people scattered around, all of them looking just as exhausted and ready to get home as I feel. About halfway home, a guy gets onto the bus who seems pretty tweaked out. He is twitching and mumbling to himself. He goes and sits down, and after a minute, reaches over to poke the lady sitting in the row ahead of him.)

Man: “Hey. Hey.”

Woman: *looking tired and a bit uncomfortable* “What?”

Man: “Where you heading?”

Woman: “I’m going home.”

Man: “I’m going to a party.”

(The woman nods and then turns away a bit.)

Man: “Hey. Hey. You want to come? It’s a party, a fun party. It’ll be a fun party.”

Woman: “No, thanks. I’m headed home. My daughter’s waiting for me.”

Man: “Hey. Hey. I was just asking, you know, if you wanted to come to the party. It’ll be a fun party.”

(The woman didn’t respond, but she did start gathering her things. The man tried to ask her to come to the party a couple more times, and then, after a couple of stops, she stood up and headed to get off the bus. The man watched her blankly before he started struggling to his feet. I got up, too, and planted myself in the aisle, preventing him from getting past and just staring down at him. He looked between me and the woman before finally sitting back down and mumbling to himself. I stayed standing for a bit until the doors shut and the bus started moving again. Maybe he really did have to get off at that stop, but I really, really doubt it.)

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Was Not The (T)Reason Most Quit Retail

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(At my mom’s former job, she had a coworker that no one really liked, but the boss thought he could do no wrong. One day, he goes on vacation to his home country and never returns. No one gives it much thought until a few months later, when my mom tells me this:)

Mom: “Remember [Coworker]? We find out what happened to him. He got arrested.”

Me: “Oh, yeah? For what?”

Mom: “Political treason against [Country]. He’s in federal prison.”

(Admittedly, not what I was expecting.)

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The Perfect Man

, , | Right | January 10, 2020

(I work at a 24-hour coffee shop inside a university campus. I’ve seen plenty of people in the morning in which they’re not fully human.)

Me: “Here you go, miss, a large mocha!”

Customer: *stares at the cup*

Me: “Miss?”

Customer: *grabs the cup, raises her head, and stares right through me*

Me: “Uh… are you okay?”

Customer: “I love chocolate. One day, I’ll make a chocolate man, marry him, and then eat him!

Me: “You do that.”

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