Gone In A Keystroke

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When our family took vacations, we asked the neighbor to feed our cat. She was supposed to open the garage, walk inside the laundry room — which was inside the house — refill the food and water, and clean the litter box. Our cat was fine every time. Our house was exactly how we left it.

One day, we were looking for dad’s old military uniform. The garage door was open, so the neighbor could hear us.

She walked up to us and said, “I know where it is!” She lead us into the house, upstairs, and to the office closet. The uniform was on the top shelf.

We never let her have a key again.

It’s Not Therapeutic To Be This Stressed

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I’m working a normal day at the massage studio when something I’ve never experienced happens.

A client is booked for a session at a certain time with a therapist — let’s call the client Mary — and I greet and check them in, and they wait for their session. As they wait, we even buy a gift card for their friend with her card on file and make another appointment for her. Eventually the therapist comes to get her to take her into session, and everything seems fine.

A minute later, Mary comes in, apologizing for being late for her session. I stare at her with a face of a deer in headlights and ask her to repeat her name. Then, panic sets in. Who’s on the therapist’s table?

I run back to find the therapist before they go in, stating Mary is here for her session, and we now have no idea who is in his room. He has to end up going in there basically saying, “Who are you?” since we’ve greeted her under the assumption that her name is Mary [Last Name], for her session.

Turns out, her name is Kari. Very similar in names! Her session is for the same time, with the same therapist but for tomorrow. Scrambling still continues as I realize I bought a gift card for Kari with Mary’s money!

Thankfully, we are able to get the real Mary scheduled for a new session, her card refunded, and each party happy, but after working at this studio for almost two years, and the therapist for over five years, we’ve never had anything like this happen before!

This Patient Is Not A Breath Of Fresh Air

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(I work at a large, multi-specialty medical office. Access to the back office is restricted, so patients are guided to their rooms by me or by another nurse after they check in. After their appointment, there are signs showing the patients the way out, but unsurprisingly, many ignore them and get lost. My coworker finds a woman wandering the halls.)

Coworker: “Were you looking for the exit? Let me show you the way.”

Woman: “No, I… I’m here to see the pulmonologist.”

(It turns out the woman had never actually checked in, and had just followed another patient into the back office when they were called back! My coworkers and I wondered if she thought she was just going to stumble upon the pulmonologist waiting for her in one of the rooms!)

If THAT Is Rude, Wait Until They Read This Site

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(I go clothes shopping with my mother and a family friend. I’ve always been kind of “fashion impaired,” so my mother is in the fitting room with me as a kind of assistant and sapient mirror. All of a sudden, there is a knock on the door. Thinking it must be our friend, I open it, and come face to face with some strange woman.)

Woman: “Oops! Sorry, I didn’t know this was occupied.”

(Fair enough. Thinking nothing else of it, I close the door.)

Woman: “Oh, my God! You just slammed the door in my face! That is the rudest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

(Yes, she really said it was the rudest thing she’d ever seen, so while I’m contemplating how sheltered her life must be, my mom pokes her head out of the booth to speak to the still-ranting woman.)

Woman: “Your daughter slammed the door in my face!”

Mom: “No, sweetie, she didn’t slam the door. It’s the door; it just slams.”

(The woman doesn’t believe my mom. Eventually, Mom just gives up and closes the door.)

Woman: “Now you slammed the door in my face! How rude!

(Eventually she went away. Mom and I had a good laugh, and for the rest of the evening, any slight offense was “the RUDEST thing I’d ever seen in my life!”)

Suspicious Behavior Is Often Suspect

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(I work at a fast food joint that’s connected to a gas station. We open at six in the morning, but the gas station is open 24 hours. At night, there’s only one person in the gas station. Just as my coworkers and I are opening for the day, a few seconds after we unlock the doors and turn the lights on in the lobby, this guy comes in.)

Guy: “I want to speak to your manager.”

(I tell my manager that someone is here and wants to talk to her. She comes over and signs me into the register, but he just stares and doesn’t say anything until she goes in to the back.)

Guy: “Did you just clock in?”

Me: “No, I was just getting logged into the register. What can I get for you today?”

(He looks around nervously and scans the parking lot behind him from the counter. He then mumbles something and leaves. I go and tell my other coworkers about this guy. A little bit later, one of my coworkers is in the back stock room where the back drive-thru window is. She spots him at the window looking inside, studying the stockroom. They stare at each other for a few seconds, but then she freaks out and runs away. We then go tell the people working at the gas station, and they say that he has been here since two am and spent three hours in the bathroom. They say they should have called the cops but didn’t because they thought he was just a dumba**. After the shift change in the gas station, one of the managers over there calls the cops because the guy’s car is still there but no one knows where he is. The cops come, and we tell them what happened, and then I spot him out in the parking lot trying to get in his car. He then goes to the gas station and asks:)

Guy: “So, I guess the cops have my car keys, huh?”

Gas Station Employee: “No, but the cops are on their way.”

(He is standing right by their office, and then he disappears. We’re told to keep an eye out for him if he comes back. It turns out he has gone into the gas station’s office and stockroom and is trying to hide in there! One of the employees spots him in there after a while and goes and tells the cops, who are standing around outside. The guys runs out of the office and into our lobby and he asks us:)

Guy: “Uh, you guys got anyone off that can give me a ride somewhere? I need to get out of here.”

(The cops cornered him. We later found out that the guy was wanted in two different states and was arrested!)

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