A Perfect Picture Of A Bad Attitude

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(I am being trained for a management position in a photography studio, and the manager training me decides to do a session on interviewing potential candidates. We pull up a few applications from online, and I start calling. My first call goes like this:)

Applicant: *sleepily* “Hello?”

Me: “Hello, this is [My Name] from [Studio]. I am looking for [Applicant] to inquire about a position.”

Applicant: “Yeah, that would be me.”

(I’m slightly put off by the tone, but since it is about ten in the morning, I figure maybe they’re still getting ready for the day and are just not themselves yet. So, I launch into a spiel about the job requirements, position, and what we’re looking for in terms of hours and work.)

Applicant: “Yeah, I can’t work earlier than noon because I need my sleep, and I need to be gone by four. I also don’t really like to deal with people, so I want to be the photographer, not the seller people.”

Me: “Um… Well, being the photographer, you would have to engage with the clients, telling them where to stand or sit, and how to pose. And our photographers are also studio sales associates and often sell their own photographs with the client. Is that something you’re willing to do?”

Applicant: *sighs* “Yeah, whatever. When do I start?”

Me: “Well, I’d like to set up an interview with you first. Will today at one o’clock work for you?”

Applicant: “Are you serious? I have to come in, in order to see if I got the job?!”

Me: “That’s how we like to do things.” *starting to get a little frustrated with this applicant, but still willing to give them a shot*

Applicant: “Well, I had plans today, so I’ll call you back about a better time.” *click*

(I just looked at the trainer, a little shocked. The manager shook her head, crossed the name off, and told me to move on to the next one. Three days later, the applicant called back wanting to schedule an interview in fifteen minutes. I was in a session, but my training manager told her the job had been filled. I’m used to demanding clients, especially when it comes to their photographs, but for someone seeking a job, their attitude took me by surprise.)

Wish They’d Remained Unnoticed

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(At this point, the semester is two months in.)

Guy #1: “Hey, man! Anthony!”

Guy #2: “It’s Chris.”

Guy #1: “Chris, right! D*** it. I keep doing that. I didn’t realize you were in this class!”

Guy #2: “You just noticed? I’ve been sitting behind you the entire time.”

Guy #1: “Yeah, but it’s early.”

Guy #2: “Midterm’s next week.”

Guy #1: “I mean, early in the day.”

Guy #2: “It’s 6:30. In the evening.”

Guy #1: “Yeah, so, uh, how’ve you been?”

([Guy #2] changed seats to the other side of the room without another word.)

Bubbles Of Masculinity Are Easily Popped

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(The items I make are appropriate for everyone, but I give descriptive names for all my one-of-a-kind pieces. A guy in his twenties comes into my shop.)

Guy: “These are cool! What’s that on the tag?”

Me: “That’s the item’s name.”

Guy: “Oh, cool! Yeah, I like this.”

(He browses for a minute before reading a tag, then turns to me, bright red.)

Guy: “That’s a girly name! That’s totally girly! D***, you tricked me! I didn’t know they were girly names!”

(As he flees the shop, my partner calls out:)

Partner: “Wait! We also have bubble wrap for your fragile masculinity!”

That Note Is Half-Baked

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(I work in a bakery, and customers often call in to put bread on hold, since we make mostly pastries. One night, my manager picks up the phone, and when he hangs up he’s laughing.)

Manager: “[My Name]! One sesame miche! Thin-sliced! For [Customer]! Also, write his name on the bag, not the bread.”

Me: “Did he specify that?”

Manager: *still laughing* “Yes.”

(I assume the guy is joking, and when he comes in later to pick up the bread I’m prepared to joke with him. However, this customer is very serious, and his eyes are darting back and forth.)

Customer: “It’s edible, right?”

Me: “Yes, sir. I assure you that I did not write on the bread.”

Customer: “You’re sure?”

Me: “Yes, sir. I sliced it myself, wrapped it myself, and wrote the note myself. It’s fine.”

(The customer paid for the bread and left, still looking suspicious. I really want to know if someone has written on his bread before.)

Tea Total Was Less Than The Total

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(I’m lounging between lectures and decide to grab a tea from the local café on campus. As I’m walking out, I take a sip and instantly take the lid off, realising that it is, in fact, just hot water. I go back in.)

Me: “Excuse me. You forgot to include the bag.”

Employee #1: “No, I didn’t. I left it in just enough.”

Me: “Evidently not. There’s no taste whatsoever.”

Employee #1: “Exactly.”

Me: *pauses* “Well, I like my tea a bit stronger than water. So, could I have another bag, please?”

Employee #1: “If you want another bag, you have to buy another tea.”

Me: “But you messed this one up. I’ve literally paid for hot water.”

Employee #1: *repeats herself*

(I see another employee walk behind the counter and just decide to ask her instead.)

Me: “Excuse me. Could I get another teabag, please? This isn’t strong enough.”

Employee #2: “Again!” *shrugs* “Sure.”

(She hands a new one over to me, but [Employee #1] snatches it.)

Employee #2: “What are you doing?”

Employee #1: “You can’t let her have it. Tea is disgusting and stains your teeth. I won’t be responsible for bad dental hygiene. I gave her just enough flavouring to satisfy her addiction. I am not enabling her!”

([Employee #2] and I stare at each other in disbelief. She picks up another teabag and [Employee #1] tries to intercept it. [Employee #2], however, throws it at me and I catch it in my cup.)

Me: “Cheers! Oh, and—” *to [Employee #1]* “—my ‘dental hygiene’ and ‘addiction’ are none of your business, thank you.”

(I left and got on with my day. Two years later, [Employee #1] still works there, but she now only takes out food. She’s no longer allowed to handle drinks.)

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