Wendy Wouldn’t Have Put Up With It

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(I recently dyed my hair a bright copper red. It’s pretty eye-catching, and I regularly get comments about how I work for the wrong chain because I look like the Wendy’s logo. Usually I just laugh, but this guy is something else. Note: I wear a nametag.)

Customer: “Hey, is your name Wendy?”

Me: *laughs a little* “Nope, afraid not.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yup. I’m 100% positive my name is [My Name]. Did you want your sandwich toasted?”

Customer: “Oh. Well, then, you should go work at Wendy’s!”

Me: *courtesy laughing* “I’m pretty happy here, actually. Sorry, was your sandwich toasted?”

(During this exchange, the line behind him is growing longer and longer, and the guy behind him has started tapping his feet.)

Customer: “But you can’t work here. You need to work at Wendy’s!”

Me: “Well, maybe one day. But right now, I work here. I’m sorry, sir, but I need to know if your sandwich is toasted or not.”

Customer: “But your hair is so red!”

(At this point I give up and assume he doesn’t want it toasted.)

Me: “What kind of veggies would you like?”

Customer: “Oh.” *gives list of veggies he wants* “You just look like Wendy. Oh, I wanted that toasted, though.”

(I had, by this point, put on all the vegetables. The worst part was that he came in and did more or less the same thing two more times! The fourth time he came in, I hid in the back and made my coworker deal with him. He still asked where the “Wendy’s girl” was.)

Found The Wrongest Fragrance

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(A female customer approaches my coworker.)

Customer: “Hi, can I please try a sample of [Popular Men’s Fragrance]”

(My coworker sprays the fragrance on a sample card for her.)

Customer: “Oh, I love this fragrance!”

Coworker: “Yeah, it’s lovely and super popular.”

Customer: “It gets me so horny.”

Coworker: “Um… Okay.”

Customer: “My dad wears it.”

Coworker: “…”

Wait For It To Come While I Go

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I work at a higher-end grocery store in New York on the maintenance crew. I am a girl, and my job on maintenance is to basically get into the women’s bathroom every so often and restock supplies and wipe down the counters. Nothing too bad.

I was in there today, waiting to replace toilet paper in an occupied stall. An older woman, at least in her 70s, came out and asked if I needed to get into the stall. I told her yes, and she said she would do it for me, but I told her I would get in when she was finished doing her business.

She walked out of the stall and told me just how much she had to take a dump, in detail, and how she kept walking around the bathroom as she “waited for it to come.” She also told me how much she hated doing this in public. She talked and rambled for around five minutes.

I had absolutely no idea how to respond, but was polite and listened as she was old, no matter how much I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

Time For You To Recruitment Drive The Other Way

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(A customer calls in an order for multiples coffees, nothing unusual. When she gets here, I ring up her order and package any additional pastries she wants. As we are going over the list, she suddenly asks me:)

Customer: “Hey, do you know anyone looking for full-time employment?”

Me: “Um, I’m not sure. Sorry.”

Customer: “The last three people we set interviews with didn’t show, so we’re looking for new people. Can I give you my number?”

(I make a noncommittal comment about how cruddy it is that people don’t show up. We finish the transaction, and she begins to leave, before turning around.)

Customer: “Here. Take my name and number. We’re hiring. Put it on Facebook, or something, and let people know.”

(Not only did she never once tell me WHERE she worked, but she was asking me to help poach employees from the company I currently worked at. Wow.)

When You Found Out That This Job Blows

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(I am at my part-time job during high school. The owners are pretty conservative and religious people.)

Boss: “[My Name], do you have a strong wind?”

Me: “…?”

Boss: “Do you have a strong wind?

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I don’t understand.”

Boss: *sigh* “Can you blow hard?”

Me: “Yes, sir, but [Coworker] plays the tuba in band. She can blow harder.”

(To this day, I can’t remember what he needed us to do that prompted him to ask that question!)

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