Knows Where You Can Shove That Mozzarella Stick

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(I’ve just started working in the kitchen of a bingo hall as a food runner, and one of the chefs is eating a mozzarella stick, as it’s quiet. Just as she’s finishing her last mouthful, a senior member of staff comes in.)

Manager: “I hope you paid for that.”

Chef #1: *whilst eating* “Paid for what?”

(The manager turns to the other chef, looking for affirmation.)

Manager: “[Chef #2]?”

Chef #2: “She told me not to say anything.”

(The manager turns to me.)

Manager: “[My Name], remember you’re on probation and I can fire you.”

Me: “I saw nothing. Unless I need it for blackmail.”

Manager: “Okay.”

(He then grabbed a slice of bacon out of the warming tray and started eating it as he left.)

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Red Vs Blue

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(I am working in a bingo parlour.)

Customer: “I would like a marker pen, please.”

Me: “What colour? Red, or blue?”

Customer: “It doesn’t matter.”

(I give them a blue marker pen.)

Customer: “I would rather have a red one.”

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(I work at a bingo hall every Friday, meaning I have to deal with lots of people. I’m the pop person, so I sold chips and candy etc. On this particular day I had gone to soccer practice straight after school and then to the hall right after practice, so I was tired. I had accidentally dealt the wrong change to one of the younger newer players.)

Player: “Hey pop girl. You gave me the wrong change!”

Me: “I’m sorry, thank you for telling me”

(I gave him too much money)

Player: “See. This is why I don’t let kids handle MY money. They always get wrong.”

( I was ready to punch him.)