Their Business Will Soon (Truck) Stop

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(I am a 26-year-old woman. The majority of vehicles I’ve owned have been trucks, and I’m fairly familiar with service requirements and when they are due. I’ve just bought a brand-new truck, and I know it’s overdue for service but not really by much. This exchange happens at the dealership where I purchased it when I bring it in for service.)

Service Manager: “So, I see here that it is overdue.”

Me: “Yes, I’m aware. It’s not that bad, and the mileage over the recommended oil change is essentially pure highway — long clean running.”

Service Manager: “Regardless, we give these kilometer milestones for a reason.”

Me: “I’m aware of that.”

(Keep in mind the dealership-recommended milestone is significantly lower than the manufacturer milestone, which I know.)

Service Manager: “Well, since you said you were driving it up and down the highway, the brake pads are probably caked with dust. We can do a quick blow-off while the oil change is being done. We can also do a flush on some of the fluid systems while it’s up.”

Me: “Is that covered by my service plan?”

Service Manager: *looks me up and down* “If you need to call your boyfriend or husband or whatever to ask him what to do with his truck, it’s okay. I can wait.”

Me: *shocked and irritated* “Thanks for that, but this is actually my vehicle. I’m okay with you doing those extra things, as long as they are covered by my service plan.”

Service Manager: “Sure, we’ll make it work. You know, when you own trucks, it’s really important to take care of these things on time.”

Me: *getting increasingly more frustrated* “This is actually the third truck I’ve owned; I’m well aware of the service schedule. I work out of town, and it is not always convenient for me to bring it in. So, can you please tell me how long it will be before I can come pick it up?”

Service Manager: “Oh, I figure about four hours.”

Me: *knowing there is no way it should take that long, but done arguing* “Fine. I’ll be back then.”

(I come back four and a half hours later.)

Me: “Hi, I’m here to pick up my truck.”

Receptionist: “Did someone call you?”

Me: “No, but they said it would be done in four hours; I’ve actually given you an extra half hour.”

Receptionist: “I can check, but if no one called I can’t guarantee anything.”

(It turns out they are still not done. I wait another forty-five minutes before being able to take the truck and leave. And, after the very rude behavior of the service manager, he has still charged me for the other items. I am able to get a refund later, but what a pain. Fast forward a year, and the same dealership calls me.)

Receptionist: “Hi, this is [Dealership]. Our system indicates that your vehicle is due for a service. When can I schedule you in?”

Me: “Hello. No, I won’t be using your service department for future appointments.”

Receptionist: “Like, ever again?”

Me: “No. Never. Please remove me from your client list.”

Receptionist: *heavy sigh* “Okay.” *mumbles* “There goes another one…” *click*

(Condescending men are why women are often hesitant in these situations. Give us a little credit, silly boys; trucks are for girls!)

He’s Going Down

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(I’m at a local festival with a coworker, but I barely know anyone and I am not that good at making contacts. My coworker spots a guy she knows and introduces me to him.)

Coworker: “[My Name], this is [Guy].”

Me: “Hi. We’re coworkers.”

Guy: “Oh, really?”

Me: “For now at least. I have a degree, but it’s tough to find a decent job nowadays.”

Guy: “What kind of degree?”

Me: “History.”

Guy: “Then you should have known.”

Me: *surprised by this sudden harshness* “Oh?”

Guy: “Yeah, the statistics, you know…”

(Not a good start. After that it doesn’t get better. The guy tells me he is a software developer, and from that goes to politics. According to him, the government is stealing money through taxes. He also thinks local governments should be abolished since they “never did anything for him.” But the last straw is when the discussion moves to the subject of useful science.)

Me: “Well, it depends on what you call ‘useful.’ I mean, take Darwin for instance. He is always praised for the evolution theory. And no matter how interesting or even right it is, what’s the use in daily life?”

Guy: “It teaches us that one person has better genes than the other.”

Me: “Uh… What?”

Guy: “Yeah. I mean, think of an entire society full of Down Syndrome people; we wouldn’t want that, right?”

(Lucky, my coworker noticed me getting uncomfortable and saved me from the conversation. Turned out she didn’t really like him, either.)

Tow-tally Assuming

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(I’m looking for a tow vehicle, just to pull my horse trailer to shows. I write an email to a used car dealership with my budget and my towing capacity needs, saying I need to seat four and that I either need a cab on a truck or a heavy-duty SUV. I get a reply back saying they have something that would suit my needs. I get there and shake hands with the salesperson, and I’m lead out to a surprisingly small SUV. Before I can even look at it, the salesperson insists I get in, and he turns on the radio.)

Salesperson: “You hear that?! This has an amazing sound system!”

Me: “Okay… I really don’t care about that.”

Salesperson: “And plenty of room for car seats in the back!”

Me: “I don’t have kids.”

(At this point, I walk around and realize the SUV doesn’t have a towing hitch at all.)

Me: “You know I can’t tow with this?”

Salesperson: “Oh, you don’t need that! You need to learn to treat you, not what your husband wants. Here, listen to this sound system.”

(I turned on my heels and left, and ranted to my brother that night. The next day he went to the same dealership with my list and was shown several tow-ready trucks and SUVs. I ended up writing a bad review on their Facebook page and got a call back. The salesperson was initially apologetic on the phone, but then said he knew I wasn’t buying that day until I ran it by my husband. I replied that I wasn’t married, but my brother was, and HIS husband would never control him like that. The salesperson hung up on me.)

Upset That You Gave Her Nothing To Moan About

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(From the ages 14 to 15, I volunteer in the local Oxfam charity bookshop. When this incident takes place, I am working on the till. A lady comes up to pay for some books.)

Me: “Hello, is that all for today?”

Customer: *takes one look at me* “Where are all the older people?” *talking about the older volunteers who work during the week*

Me: “Um, well, this is currently my shift, so I am serving customers today.”

(The lady glared at me as I rung up her books, and grumbled something about the youth of today and insolent, immature children who shouldn’t be allowed to work in respectable shops. As a teenager who is not the stereotypical “youth,” I smiled sweetly at her as she marched out of the shop. Later on, my manager praised me for handling it maturely. I then found out that that lady was the same woman who blamed my mum for starting the war because she is German, despite the fact that my mum was born in 1972.)

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To Solve(nt) This Case

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(I am walking down the path between two separate buildings in our retail when I see some employees from another department spray-painting a wall for a mural we are planning. I decide to use the other path so as not to get any solvents or fumes in my face. Later, I am in my department when my manager asks to see me.)

Manager: “[My Name], [Coworker] said that you were walking on the path when you saw [Employee #1] and [Employee #2]. He said that you went over to the other path several feet away as soon as you saw them. Now, I don’t want to have to write you up, but I’d like to hear your side of the story first.”

Me: *confused* “Why?”

Manager: “Well, [Coworker] believes that you were being offensive by trying to get away from them.”

(Suddenly, it clicks. The employees from the other department are two women wearing hijabs.)

Me: “Oh, no, no! They were spraying solvents for the mural.”

Manager: “Ah. I see. Oh, well, [My Name], you’re not in trouble.”

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