Their Brain Is Fully Cashed Out

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(I work at the airport where I give the tax back to tourists. They apply if they buy souvenirs, clothing, etc. I always ask if they want the money back in Norwegian kroner in cash, or back to a card. This customer is from the United States.)

Me: “All right, do you want the money back to your debit or credit card, or would you like the money back in Norwegian kroner in cash?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Um… Norwegian cash or back to a credit card?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Card or cash?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(She’s obviously not listening to me, and since I can’t give her money back to the card without sliding it, I decide to give her cash as there’s a line and I don’t have time to wait for her forever.)

Customer: “I wanted this back to the credit card!”

Out Of Line Behavior Is Sadly In Line

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(I’m sick of people cutting in line, and if someone tries to get ahead of me, I will say something to them. I’m standing in line at the airport to get through passport control. There’s only one flight at the time that has to go through here, so everyone is obviously getting on the same flight. There are two girls, about 20 to 25, who decide to try to cut in front of me, instead of getting in the back of the line. There are only about six people behind me. So, of course, I don’t let them cut in front of me, and I say something.)

Me: “You do know that there’s a line, right?”

(It doesn’t look like they counted on someone outing them, and they look taken aback. [Girl #1] also looks irritated.)

Girl #1: “What? Well, we’re all going the same place, so what does it matter?”

Me: “Well, as you said, since we’re all going the same place, what does it matter if you go to the back of the line?”

(I turn away from them.)

Girl #1: “Geez, fine. I’ll let you get ahead of me.”

(I look at them, as if they’re stupid.)

Me: “Yeah, of course. I was here before you and didn’t cut anyone off.”

(They just rolled their eyes, and tried to get behind me. No one would let them cut in front of them, and they ended up having to get in the back of the line. By now, ten more people had arrived to get through passport control, so if they had just gotten in line at once, they would’ve gotten through quicker. Moral of the story? Don’t cut the line.)

Unfiltered Story #96347

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(I was in line to pay for my shopping when a customer in front of me got his card denied)

Customer: “NO. This is not right. I have money on it!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry but it seems as if you don’t have coverage on your card”

Customer: *flips out* “NO, I KNOW I HAVE MONEY ON IT! THIS IS BULLSHIT! I am NEVER coming here again!” *turns around to the other customers in line* “I’M TELLING YOU, NEXT TIME YOU ARE GOING SHOPPING, GO TO THE OTHER STORE DOWN THE STREET! SHIT ASS STORE!”

(He then goes to put away some of the products he were going to buy and come back with just a chocolate)

Customer: “HERE YOU ARE!” *throws some coins at the cashier and leaves*.

That Is NOT The Same Old Yarn

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(The store I work in sells a lot of yarn. We often have multiple batches/shipments of the same colour yarn in our shelves, and we have to double check that both the batch and colour match before we sell it to a customer, to avoid colour differences in the finished product. This happens at the checkout when a customer wants to buy a lot of yarn)

Me: “Now I just have to check the batch numbers real quickly so we are sure you get no colour differences later on.”

Customer: *sighs* “I understand that; we all have our fetishes.”

(I freeze for about half a second from this comment but the rest of the transaction goes as normal. After she leaves:)

Boss: “I really don’t think it means what she think it means.”

Me: “I don’t even want to know.”